New Brunswick Hotel Loan Enters Default

In the mid-2000s, many different developers took advantage of public funding available to developers willing to redevelop casino sites located across the State of New Jersey. The loans for the most part were made through the Improvement Authority, a designated organization that provided affordable debt to both profit and non-profit organizations.

While many of these loans were paid back successfully, or are on track to be paid back, one loan now appears to be in trouble. In 2005, a $20 million loan was made to the New Brunswick Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that targeted the redevelopment of a site to build The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center located in New Brunswick, NJ.

The hotel ended up being finished and opening on time, but the timing could not have been worse. It originally opened in 2007, just in time for the national economic downturn that had a significant affect on the hotel and conference industry. Since it has opened, the hotel has not done well and has not been able to attract the major conferences that it once sought.

The owners of the hotel even recently reported that they had to tap into reserve liquidity in order to make basic capital improvements and repairs, such as new mattresses and the replacement of carpets.



A Look at the World of Investment Banking

Investment banking deals with huge investments in the financial and capital markets. It involves the creation of capital for individuals, governments and companies. It allows people to save and invest their money in profitable projects. This earns such investors a chance to generate more capital.

Investment bankers help clients to manage their investment portfolios. These refer to securities that one has invested in indirectly. They offer well informed advice to all clients including the best options for investing their money. They assist corporate clients to acquire properties and make good decisions concerning mergers and acquisitions. Many top banks have been in operation for years and hence have acquired enough experience in this industry.

How Investment Banks Operate

Investment banks assist clients in their corporate restructuring strategies aimed at increasing their value and improving operational efficiency. Investment banking is a tough and tricky field to penetrate. This is because there is a lot of cut-throat competition in the industry. With time, many banks collapse and only the highly efficient and innovative ones survive.

To ensure survival, it is vital to hire the right human resource for the job. They need to be highly skilled, educated and efficient. They should also be quick decision makers and have the required market and industry experience to stay on top of their game. Other helpful skills include research, observation and great interpersonal skills.

Many investment banks research about different trading activities, equity and sales. They are able to match sellers with potential buyers.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a proficient investment banker working and residing in Miami, Florida. Currently in his fifty’s, Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking industry for many years. He founded his own company called Lustgarten, Martin and serves as its CEO. He loves vintage items and collecting beautiful things that please him. He is also a good juggler and trades in vintage watches.

Lustgarten has vast experience in the field of investment banking. He advises people who intend to enter this highly competitive market to follow many different companies on social media sites. Personally, Lustgarten follows market cycles closely and is careful with the risks he takes. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with news and other events.

Sam Tabar’s Journey To Corporate Success

Sam Tabar is a lawyer and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He has been working in the law industry for some years, and he is also very good in financial management. He went to the best schools in the country, and he has a lot of experience in what he does.

Thumbtack shows how Sam Tabar travels from one country to the other, mostly due to employments. In some of the countries, he faces communication problems due to the fact that he is an English native, and the local community doesn’t understand it. Due to this fact, Sam was forced to learn several languages to cope. His recent activity was in Hong Kong, and he had to learn Japanese in order to survive in the new country.

Last year, Sam Tabar was given an opportunity to work as the Chief Operating Officer for a company known as FullCycle Energy Fund. While working at this position, Sam Tabar will be responsible for the institutions fund management strategy as PRNewsWire outlines. While he was joining the company to take up the new position, Sam said that he was very excited to take up the new role. He was also looking forward to meeting and partner with the top management of the company and together work hard to make sure that the world moves away from using high-cost gas, polluting fuels and then settle for the low cost and fuels that are friendly to the environment.

Although he is a qualified lawyer who has a lot of knowledge, Sam Tabar has spent most of his entire career overseeing budget strategies for the financial institutions. Before getting his new appointment, Tabar was the Head of Capital Strategy in Merrill Lynch, the company that was previous known as Bank of America. While working here, Sam Tabar was responsible for providing hedge fund managers with the required introductions to the investors. He had to consult on the operations department while he coordinated the back and front teams in the office.

This company is considered to be the biggest independent fund in the Asian Pacific. While holding this position, Sam Tabar was in charge of all the facets of the international marketing efforts. He worked hard and earned himself the respect he enjoyed today while holding major positions in big companies.  Check out Sam Tabar on GoFundMe for a better idea of his charitable side.

How Dick DeVos is Inspiring Lives Through his Philanthropy

There has been an emerging trend in recent times whereby those belonging to wealth families are funding charitable causes using huge amounts of money. They are doing this in different ways. The expansive Walton family for instance has founded one big foundation, through which they give their money. On the other hand, the Buffet and Koch families give their money through several foundations. The DeVos family from West Michigan has joined the trend and is playing an important role in enriching lives through the various generous causes that it funds. The family’s foundation for success was laid by its patriarch, Mr. Richard DeVos through the formation of Amway in 1959. With wealth generated from the corporation, he founded the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, which has helped transform the lives of many people in the state. 

Dick DeVos Philanthropy

He is the face of the family and its most prominent member. With his wife Betsy, they established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 to help kick start community projects. The foundation has special emphasis on communal health, capacities, community revitalizations and educational matters especially the improvement of school choices. In the past, it has granted endowments to initiatives such as Potter’s House, a Christian organization, which manages an elementary and secondary school in the state, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, which offers aviation programs. The foundation also heavily donates to the Education Freedom Fund, which supports children from low income families to join private schools.

Important Notes about Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard and Helen DeVos, born in October 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The serial entrepreneur has been involved in a number of ventures during his corporate career. He is acknowledged as being the most transformative president of consumer commodities supply firm Amway, which he headed for 10 years. From his tentative years, he had a penchant for commercial transactions and was involved in Amway’s activities from a tender age.

Besides Amway, Dick DeVos has been involved in other ventures. His family’s acquisition of Orlando Magic, which participates in the National Basketball Association, elevated him to the position of president and CEO of the franchise. DeVos also founded Windquest Group, which is a private venture administration company with diverse interests in technology and manufacturing among others. Besides that, DeVos is involved in the Republican Party’s affairs and also sails competitively.

New Cleansing System Delivers Great Results


More women than you might think are bothered with fine, limp hair that they have enormous difficulty controlling. Those women have probably tried a wide variety of hair products that promised to control their hair and nourish their hair. However, one product that is getting a lot of positive buzz is the Wen hair By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner System. This is a popular product that is featured on info-commercials and on a popular shopping channel. A recent article on Bustle discussed the woman’s results. The young woman had a few interesting things to say about the Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioning System.

The Fine Limp Hair Test

The woman claims that she has fine, limp hair that is totally out of control. One day her hair is a frizzy mess. The next day, her hair is a greasy and uncontrollable mess. The woman claims that she had to test the product out for herself and judge the results. There are several different formulations. She decided to try the fig version that is suppose to be best suited for her hair type. The article follows the woman over her 7 day journey. The woman goes about her daily routine and and styles her hair on a daily basis. She noticed that her hair condition improved over the WEN hair 7 day test. Certainly, those positive findings are good news for anyone with fine, limp hair.

Wen by Chaz

WEN was developed by Chaz Dean. He is a Hollywood based professional hair stylist. His list of clients includes well-known celebrities that are very pleased with the Wen by by Chaz hair care system. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner will help to reduce the number of hair care products required for fabulous hair.


Kevin Seawright Spearheading An Employment Project For Newark Youth

Kevin Seawright has taken it upon himself to ensure that Newark Community Economic Development Corporation successfully creates sufficient jobs for the youths this coming summer. The employment project is being developed in collaboration with NewarkWorks, famous personalities and business and charity organizations in the city. The employment project is popularly known as the Summer Youth Employment Plan, and it will secure six weeks of job opportunities that will be payable in this year’s summer for the Newark local youth. This project also aims to equip student residents in Newark with necessary work experience. This project will also give participating students better graduation grades and make them easily flexible in the employment market as they graduate. This Kevin Seawright project will also come along with on-the-job training, youth empowerment lectures, financial management and literacy lessons, and life preparation programs.

Since the project is in its initiation year, those youths who want to benefit from the opportunities will have to apply online. According to Kevin Seawright, the online application will give more students the liberty to apply. This will give the project the success it is seeking to achieve by catering for students from all walks of life. Since the online application channels were opened on Monday, over 350 youth from all over the Newark area have been able to send in their applications. Kevin Seawright has his hopes high that they will be able to beat their applications target in less than the originally planned three weeks. The project targets to create over 3,500 employment opportunities for the Newark youths. Kevin Seawright says that as the program moved forward the number of employment opportunities offered to the youth will also be increased. He also extended his regards to their supporting partners Santander Bank and TD Bank, who have pledged to offer financial management and literacy services to the participants.

Kevin Seawright is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the organization that is driving the employment project, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright has a rich career, and he has been able to work in several influential positions in various firms and organizations. He has worked at Departments of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer in Maryland. This position gave his control over a $50 million worth of public funds.