Understanding Human Nature is Key to Financial Success

VTA says financial planning can be equated to the game of rugby. In our day to day activities we come across people who are unsure of what they want in life. If we acknowledge it or not this people play a very key role in our financial transactions.

Picture a scenario where you are a player but your team mates are unsure of what team or side to join. Playing all by yourself will reduce your chances of succeeding. It would be easier if you convince the other players to join you and help in scoring. This undecided people who we encounter every day might be the key to unlocking financial success.

It is human nature to find fault in everything and everyone. Even when we are not aware we find ourselves hating and criticizing others. The truth of the matter is criticism will achieve nothing, trying to strong arm people to subscribe to our ways of thinking does not work either. Responding aggressively to provocation is also human nature. When a people are cornered they go on the offensive and respond aggressively. If you want to win people to your side be positive and accommodating otherwise you will be alone and facing a lot of pressure from those you belittled. In order to attain financial liberation and success it is important to acknowledge that: everyone likes to think they are right, they have high intellectual intellect than others, people have an immense ego and that nobody likes to admit liability. The answer to the aforementioned defects is simple, treat others the way you would like to treated and take a keen interest in their lives.

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Being a publications company it uses online mail delivery as its mode of business operations. It was founded in 2012 by Mrs. Geraldine Roberts who is the only share holder. As per England’s company laws it file’s its annual tax returns. Its accounts have been duly examined and a future date set for the next round of accounts audit set in 31st December 2016.  See their full story on Endole.co.uk, or the VTA Publications about us page.

CEO Bob Reina offers Talk Fusion Free Trial

If you are an avid user of the internet then you know how much the platform has changed the way we go about our lives. Business, above all, has taken advantage of the platform in order to start reeling in customers in a new way. Living in the age of unbridled information we have customers constantly looking for some sort of product at all hours of the day, 24/7. That is where Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina came into play with his video marketing company. The goal in today’s internet age is to be able to get customers interested before they fall in line with a different company.

Talk Fusion was established way back in 2007 as a video marketing platform that utilized email in order to attach to potential customers. Since being established in ’07 we have seen Talk Fusion expand to function in over 140 countries worldwide while ranking as the 8th largest video content provider on the entire planet — beating out companies like Yahoo, CBS, and AOL.

The 30 day free trial program is aimed at bringing potential customers into the fold for how to bring video marketing to the next level. Users of the 30 day free trial will gain access to a whole virtual library of resources that will alleviate concerns and educated clients on how to spread their message and build their brand in ways that will fundamentally change their company forever. CEO Bob Reina stands behind what he is offering, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring”. he goes on to talk about how important it is that their company reach the hands of as many clients as possible.

Talk Fusion is on a meteoric rise in an industry that seems content to grow exponentially. We can’t wait to see where Reina pulls Talk Fusion going forward after a successful 9 year start.

Learn more about Bob Reina here

Amazon Is Launching Its Own Fashion Clothing Lines Under In-House Brands

Amazon has taken over the world, or at least they say they have. Thanks to Amazon and the toy company that makes LEGO building blocks the face of retail has changed dramatically. Amazon is considered the largest online retailer in the world, and the company isn’t satisfied with that title. The executives at Amazon want to take over the fashion business and they aren’t wasting anytime doing that. Expansion is the key word in Amazon headquarters, and company executives believe in-house fashion brands will fuel that expansion. The online giant has developed an in-house clothing and shoe line. Amazon has more than 1,800 different fashion products online that have been branded with names amazon trademarked.

Some of the brands that Amazon is using include Franklin & Freeman, James &Erin, Society New York, North Eleven, Lark & Ro and Scout + Ro. Those names are used on women’s clothing and bags, children’s clothing and men’s tailored wear.

Amazon has been dabbling in the fashion clothing business for the last ten years, but the response hasn’t been great, according to a recent post by Quartz.com. Amazon blames their partnerships with other brands for the slow sales, and that is the main reason the company is developing its own styles and brand names. But companies like the online fashion house, JustFab on youtube, isn’t bothered by Amazon’s attempt to capture the fashion market. JustFab has developed a consumer following that enjoys having a personal shopper help them pick the fashion that suits them.

The Los Angeles-based JustFab asks consumers to fill out a brief survey about their fashion preferences on Instagram and then the company offers them unique clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags that fit those preferences. JustFab works directly with the manufacturers, so there are no middlemen involved in JustFab transactions. Even though Amazon is offering their own brands, there is still an off-the-rack mentality that doesn’t fit today’s online shoppers. JustFab offers timely fashions that are designed for each consumer, and that makes the company stand-out in the crazy world of fashion.

Wen By Chaz: Amazing Product Review By Emily McClure

Any quality product takes very little time in the market before it is discovered by the consumers. Once it’s good qualities are experienced by the customers, they do not hesitate from sharing about it to those they know. One such product is the Allure supported Wen Cleansing Conditioner. It has the power to transform thin hair and make it look luscious. After using it one is assured to have TV-worthy hair. Most women all over have testified to it being a magic bottle with the ability of making their hair look all gorgeous and voluminous.

WEN products have made a name for itself in the beauty world. The products are all inclusive with the ability of working as not just a shampoo but also a conditioner and a styling treatment. This is a big plus for anyone who is into hair. One such person is Emily McClure who decided to check the product out and confirm the many remarks that have been made about the product. The brand products are designed to work well on all hair types dependant on the specific formulas used. She, for instance used the Fig version as recommended and did a blog post of her experience of the product on the Bustle website www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. This particular product gives the hair moisture, shine and the required bounce.

Emily used the product for a period of one week. She recommends that one uses the product everyday to ensure maximum enjoyment of the same. She writes that the product made her hair look fabulous and had an extra shine. People close to her also noticed the difference and made a compliment about her hair after she had used WEN. The product recommends the amount one ought to use depending on the length of one’s hair. Emily acknowledges the fact that on Day one of washing her hair with the product, her hair felt thicker already and no hair strands fell off when she shampooed the hair!

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Slyce Makes A New Partner In Footwear

News In Slyce’s Newest Business Relations

In case you have not heard the latest news in Slyce’s business relationships with major retailers, this article will catch you up some. Recently, there was an article published on NASDAQ’s website that was written by Market Wired about the new developments that make Slyce more convenient for consumers to get their shopping done without conducting lengthy online searches. Online shopping is traditionally a more convenient way to find products that you want to purchase. However, the process of locating the exact items that you want to purchase can be a lengthy endeavor. Slyce has somewhat bridged the gap between retailers and consumers by developing one of the most reliable visual search platforms on the market.

Partnering With A Major Footwear Retailer

Shoe Carnival is a major footwear retailer, and they have decided to join in on the visual search experience by partnering with Slyce. The new relationship was announced in October of 2015, but they just officially started offering Shoe Carnival’s product line quite recently. Shoe Carnival has 400 locations around the United States that offer quality shoes at affordable prices. They offering all types of shoes, including dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes. They also cater to all demographics, including women, children and men. It is easy to see that this partnership will give Slyce’s users a much larger market place where they can find more products.

The most fascinating thing about visual search is how convenient it is making shopping for any product that you might want to buy. The catalogue of products that Slyce is offering to consumers is immense in its scope and size. Their catalogue offers everything from home improvement needs to clothing essentials. This allows Slyce to create value in the online shopping world with any demographic.

The application that Slyce has developed is incredibly easy to use. It is a free application that you can download on your smart phone. When you have Slyce in the palm of your hand, the world is your shopping mall.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Any person who is dealing with damaged reputation should contact a reliable reputation management firm immediately. Having a ruined reputation can have many devastating consequences. That’s what happened when Melissa Click found herself in trouble with the law and her job.


Melissa is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, and had a good reputation. But one incident turned things around and she almost lost her job. Also, her reputation was in great jeopardy because a video showing her inappropriate behavior, went viral.

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