New Designers Join The Athleisure Crowd

The designers that are jumping into athleisure are coming up every day. Fabletics and Kate Hudson started the trend, and she made sure that all women had comfortable clothes to wear anywhere they wanted to go. Women are about town every day trying to get things done, and they also want to get to the gym before or after they get their kids at school. Fabletics is extremely important that all women have better clothes to wear, and that is why athleisure is so important.

The athleisure that people use will help them get ready for the day every day without any real fuss at all. A woman can throw on her sports bra, and she can toss on tights that will work with all the things they want to wear. The new designer Olivier Rousteing is making his own athleisure clothes, and he is joining the crowd to help women be casual and still wear his clothes. The basis of his new line is something that is very sleek and simple. He wants women to wear his clothes everywhere, and he wants them to feel like they have picked the perfect clothes for all occasions.
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The women who wear athleisure every day need to change in and out of their clothes easily, and they need something they can wear to the gym. Athleisure clothes will work well at the gym, but they also work on the street. Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she had to get her kids to school and head right to the gym. She was too busy to mess around with her clothes, and she started her own clothing line, Fabletics based on how she would have gotten dressed every morning.

The athleisure clothes of Fabletics that women wear will help them look amazing because they always fit well, and they also can wear these clothes with simple accessories that look really sexy. There are some fun ways for women to look and feel great when they wear athleisure, and they will feel like they have gotten out of the clothes that are far too complicated for them to wear daily. Source:

Eric Pulier Helps People Get In Touch With Like Minded People

Eric Pulier has a really impressive resume that includes exploits that have included the X Prize and other exploits that have helped him be in the middle of innovation around the world. He is trying to make the world a better place, and one of the best things he has ever done is help people with their own issues. The most important issue he has ever addressed is kids with terminal illnesses.

Starbright World was the social network that he made for kids who were going through chronic and terminal illnesses. He wanted these kids to be able to talk to other kids who felt the same way, and he wanted them to be able to learn that they are not alone. It was very hard for these kids to feel comfortable in their own skin before the age of the Internet, and Eric Pulier was one of the first people to address this issue.

He made up Starbright World as a social network that was only for the kids who had these illnesses. They could talk to other kids who were just like them, and these kids could do all this on a private network. They were protected, and Eric Pulier worked with the families of these kids to give them private invitations to the network. It was one of the best things that happened to these families, and it helped the kids get over things like depression and loneliness because they finally knew other people who were like them.

Eric has made his whole life about helping people, and he is going to make sure that all people who need help are going to get it. He is working in innovation today because he wants to help make sure that everyone in the world has access to things that are going to make their lives better. This is a very basic way of helping people who need it, and it is a basic human right to feel comfortable learning or talking to people who are like minded. Eric Pulier brings the world together by helping the less fortunate.

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Billionaire Koch Advice To American Colleges And Universities

Charles Koch is a Wichita-born man who currently resides in New York, United States. Koch is also a well-known contributor who contributes his personal money and time for the wellbeing of the citizens. Charles was nurtured by Robinson Mary, and Fred Koch, who was the sole owner of Koch Industries. Mr. Koch controls the particular undertakings of Koch industries together with his blood brother David Koch, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Charles Koch is among the most influential people in America with a net worth of $42.7 billion dollars as at 2016 rankings. Koch is also a Bachelor of Arts degree holder. Sir Koch is a donor who promotes justice reforms, education, and healthy political activities. He is the principal executive officer of Koch Industries, an industry that mostly deals with building materials, oil refineries, and fertilizer products.

Lately, Charles Koch has also been involving himself in politics. In a recent liberation made by the Koch brothers, they won’t use their money to stop the real trend of Donald Trump in the political onset. For more than 20 years, Mr. Charles has been successful in his businesses and enterprises, a scenario that has been triggered by his good association with his staff.

According to, Koch made liberation with Michael Bloomberg, who works as the New York City Mayor. Koch’s primary concern was the way American Universities and Colleges conduct their businesses.

For the past years, colleges board and administration has been offering advice to the graduating students to help them cope with the outside business environment. This year, Michael Bloomberg and Koch believe that the information should be given to college administrators, who Koch believes offers advice to students, advice that ends up being controversial to their progress.

To conclude, Koch also confirmed that universities have been avoiding the services of dynamic speakers in their graduations. This scenario has hindered effective learning and open debates in the universities, hence lower performances of graduates in their new jobs.

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John Goullet The IT Developer

John Goullet is a 54-year-old man specialized in Information Technology and Services. He resides in the Great New York City having graduated from Ursinus College in 1983.He serves as the Principal and Chairman of DIVERSANT, LLC.

John founded Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994 where he served as its Chief Executive Officer. Before founding his IT staffing company in 1994, He worked as a computer consultant than as an IT Staffing Account Executive. He focused his Info Technologies on understanding the corporate climate as well as the IT staffing needs of his Matching personality and work.

The scenario made it possible for it to grow to $30million in five years earning it the number eight spot on Inc., Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing private firms in the US. In 2010 together with Gene, they merged Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC. John is currently DIVERSANTS’s Principal where he is continuing his passion for developing new ways of meeting challenges facing the evolving IT market.

DIVERSANT is currently the largest African-American-owned IT staffing and solutions firm in the US. It specializes in providing IT talent on a contract, contingent, and permanent basis to meet the needs of the Fortune 500 and the mid-market clients in the industries.

DIVERSANT is a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise provider which is dedicated to the promotion of diversity in the supply chain and throughout the workplace. It is made possible through respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior and professional development.

DIVERSANT is showing direction other Minority-owned Business Enterprises where they share their experiences and best practices so that they also prosper. These professional affiliations help the other companies to climb as they climb. They also carry out giving back to society programs like the great Program for Acceleration in Careers for Engineering Monmouth. It involves the professionals giving out their time to work with local minority high school students to help prepare them for technical careers. There are also other programs like Harlem Business Alliance and many others.

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Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners are Doing Big Things

The hedge fund business continues to grow in the amount of investors that are available to provide funding to prospective startup businesses. The phenomenon has created a whole new industry of sellers that need to be qualified by the buyers that can relate to them. Dynamic Search Partners is in the right position to match investment ideas with real capital and backing.

Keith Mann, Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners has been making things happen between investors and startup businesses since before 2001. Mr. Mann knows the startup recruitment industry well. Mr. Mann first began his career in management with Dynamic Search Partners and through his recruiting efforts he has been able to rise fast within the company.

The financial investment business has become a business of opportunity, rather than chance as a result of Mr. Mann’s efforts. Mr. Mann has and is currently seeking only the best ideas and talent that could be matched accordingly with the investors within Dynamic Search Partners hedge fund portfolio. Most often Mann is involved with the selection process that startups go through in order to receive funding.

By putting together strategic partnerships that are all mutually beneficial to all parties Dynamic Search Partners has been a positive influence on the investment banking industry. Dynamic Search Partners is an emerging firm that startups should definitely consider working with.

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Analyst James Dondero Proves His Expertise After Investing In The Emerging Markets

James Dondero is an American investor who has been in the banking sector for more than eight years. Investor Dondero is a top-notch investor who offers advisory services to clients at an international level. Dondero has managed a stay in the financial markets for more than 20 years, a situation that has added him lots of skills in business management and entrepreneurship.

Investor Jim is currently serving as the principal of Highland Capital Management, a firm that offers credit services to financial institutions and high net worth individuals at a global level. James Dondero hit the limelight of his career after taking home the hedge fund awards. In his line of career, Dondero has also worked with other financial companies such as the Life Subsidiary.

As the principal and head officer of Highland Capital Management, he supervises undertakings such as equity funds investments, operational of mutual funds, and management of business accounts. In his era as the president of HCM, James has expanded the business and establishing other selling points at an international level.

James Dondero is also an experienced and a qualified manager. He is a graduate with majors in Finance and Commerce, a factor that has triggered his success in the financial markets. Market strategist Dondero established himself as a financial analyst in 1984 when he signed a commercial agreement with Morgan Company, where he worked as a trainer. He also helped in the establishment of front offices that are commonly used in investment banks.

Highland Capital Management is one of the well-established privately held financial institutions in America. This company offers quality assurance services and financial consultation services to customers all over the world. Highland Capital Management has been investing in the healthcare equity funds for some years, a project that has been successful.

In addition to his expertise, Mr. Dondero chairs other financial institutions such as Banknote America and Cornerstone Health Department. HCM has highly trained personnel who works for the total wellbeing of the clients. Recently, James Dondero has been investing in emerging markets such as the real estate’s industry and the healthcare equities.

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About Class Dojo – Class Dojo

Bringing teachers and parents together are what we do best. Since September 2015, we’ve been helping parents connect with their child’s classroom. Class Dojo is an innovative new application that allows schools to share special moments with parents and teachers alike. From school assemblies to holiday fiestas, you will never will never have to say you missed it!

Bring on the Happiness
One of the main reasons teachers, students and parents love Class Dojo is because of the positive environment it fosters. By encouraging students with positive reinforcement, students are delighted to show off their abilities and accomplishments via photos and videos.

Providing parents and students with both positive feedback and little reminders of what needs to be tweaked also score big points across the board. For example, instead of sending a note home, teachers are able to address the problem in a non-threatening manner.  That’s why the “Needs Work” category is so fantastic. It’s an easy way for teachers to get their message across in a way that is productive.

Staying connected with your child’s teacher as never been easier. Communication is the key to success. Class Dojo helps to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools across the USA. This revolutionary platform allows busy parents to stay in touch with teachers only further reinforcing a positive learning environment.

Digital technology is here to stay, ans as such, Class Dojo is dedicated to staying current with all of the latest updates. From funny icons to video-making capability, Class Dojo aims to please. Sharing moments via Class Dojo just got easier. All students need to do is update their current version. Then, they will see a camera and smiley face in the message area.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Class Dojo takes the fuss out of otherwise tricky situations. For example:

Forgot that signed permssion slip in the car? No problem! Parents are able take a picture and send it directly to the teacher.
Not able to go on the field trip? you’ll never miss a moment with Class Dojo. Teachers and students are able to make a video and upload instantly.

Keeping children engage and creating community unity is what Class Dojo is all about.  All you need to do is hit send.





Venezuela Faces Continued Dire Economic Crisis

While much of the world has felt the impact of the drop in oil prices, one country that is struggling more than most is Venezuela. According to an article written by CBC News (, Venezuela is facing a major crisis and is at risk of unraveling completely.
The country has faced many issues over the past few years including the oil decline, a major drought, and political turmoil to name a few says Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The country’s economy is now showing signs of cracking. Over the past year inflation has grown over 700 percent and the GDP has declined by more than 10 percent. This has made it practically impossible for the average consumer to purchase every day basic goods and services.

To help control the crisis, the country has taken some drastic steps to reduce the impact of the current economic situation. The country has begun to eliminate some services in the country, which they no longer consider necessary added Gonzalez. For example, citizens of Venezuela are no longer able to access cable television and the rations of water and energy have been reduced. This has obviously come with a lot of backlash and many people in Venezuela are very angry and frustrated as living conditions in the country seem to continue to worsen.

Bending the Rules With Doe Deere

Is it right that women have to follow a set of “rules” that defines the way they look and dress? In the past, women often felt hemmed in by fashion dictates that came from magazines and fashion houses. Today, however, women are much more free to do as they please, yet some of the old rules still hover around.

Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a rule breaker who likes to create her own style dictates. In her view, women should be able to make their own style choices without worrying about the rules. With her colorful style, she’s a rule breaker without parallel. Here are a few of the rules she likes to toy with.

1. Don’t Combine Patterns.
This is an unusual look, and the danger is in looking a little too wild and crazy with too many patterns going on. For Deere, coordination is the key.

2. Don’t Play Up Both The Eyes and Lips With Color.
The key here is to use color with finesses. Deere likes to use subtle shades of blue and grey together in the eye shadow, and then play up the lips with a bold red or burgundy matte lipstick. Done carefully, this can be a beautiful look.

3. Don’t Wear Too Many Colors Together.
With Deere’s eye for color, there’s no question she loves to put a lot of wild colors together. Again, her key is in coordinating the tones, so they aren’t just a wild mismatch. Done artfully, a splendid Unicorn-ish combination of colors can be wonderfully fun.

Hard and fast rules don’t work in today’s world, which is why fashion pioneers like Doe Deere need to have a say.

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