Fabletics’ Advancements In The Activewear Market

Fabletics is an activewear brand that started as an internet-based business in 2013. Over the years, it has expanded to include retail stores in different locations. The Kate Hudson brand as popularly known, will in the next three to five years open 75-100 stores. Shoppers in the stores will have a chance to try on apparel in person and have a closer look at the product. The retail store staffs will also try to recruit buyers in the subscription services. Co-founder, Adam Goldenberg acknowledges that many people like the membership program and the overall services of Fabletics. The parent company, Just Fab Inc. is upgrading customer service system and FAQ section of Fabletics on Instagram. The move will ensure customers get to understand how the program works.

The Fabletics president of retail Gregg Throgmartin remarked that people not only shop online but also in the stores. He said some customers love shopping online and offline. Fabletics plans on opening a store at the Mall of America as an addition to the five locations opened last summer. Gregg commented that the location of the stores is based on the online data and competitive factors. He added that half of the stores’ purchases are made by members while the other half is made by non-members and shoppers who become members at the stores. Fabletics store at South Park Mall focuses on bright colors and patterns at a lower price point compared to other rival retail stores. The store focuses on women wear, but menswear is also available. It is the eighth store, and it showcases new merchandise every month.

Fabletics is concerned about fashion and also fitness. Its mission is to inspire people to be active no matter where they are and what they are doing. It was co-founded by entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the activewear market. JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs joined hands with a fashion tastemaker, Kate Hudson to start the athleisure brands that has gained a lot of popularity on popsugar.com. It has a VIP member subscription service where new members get their first purchase starting from $25. The members get a chance to shop every month for $45.95 though they can opt to skip shopping that month by 5th of every month. Members enjoy free shipping and discounts on purchases.

By January 2015, the brand had shipped 1Million orders and is targeting to make $250M online sales in 2016. It launched men’s fashion line (FL2) in 2015 and is popular in men accessories and apparel. Fabletics plan to expand into swimwear and dresses. The trendy and affordable clothing are available in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, France and Spain. Kate who motivates women to be active and to stay healthy shares her favorite outfits every month.



ClassDojo Receives an Honorary Award

Recently, ClassDojo was honored as the winner of the Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards. This award recognizes the most disruptive and innovative designs solutions that aim at solving emerging problems in today’s world of business. According to the judging panel, the selection of the finalists was not an easy task since more than 1700 submissions were presented in 11 categories and in 41 countries. The judging panel was made up of world class best designs minds and this clearly justifies the quality of selection made.


What Contributed to ClassDojo’s Win?


ClassDojo was honored for school story and class story; a simple method for students, parents and teachers to communicate as well as share great classroom moments. These stories are easily accessible on any latest technological platforms and so they can be seen and read on any desktop or mobile device. They are composed of instant updated stream of videos and photos thus creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. According to teachers and parents, this communication platform has enabled them become more of a team in the checking of progress of their students than ever before. Additionally, the instant ability to send pictures from class creates more hours for constructive conversations at home.


According to Monica Harvancik who is a designer at ClassDojo, the plan of school story and class story was inventively created to make connection seamless as possible. Additionally, Class Dojo is just the beginning of other great applications to enable students, teachers and parents create extraordinary classrooms.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is aimed at fostering empowerment and creating a good connection between teachers, students and parents. Established in 2011 in San Francisco, ClassDojo is an amazing classroom communication app that assists students create social-emotional skills as well as share their classroom moments through messages, photos and videos of learning sessions. Currently, more than 2 in 3 schools within the United States have joined ClassDojo. Additionally, it has also become popular to more than 180 countries and this is a clear indication that this app is a great one.


ClassDojo is one of the simplest ways to ground up change since this application makes it easy for parents and teachers to keep track of their students learning sessions. Additionally, students are able to be kept alert and on task and therefore it aims at improving their performance. The connection between teachers, parents and students aims at creating a community that fully supports all learning processes.


Securus Technologies Is Committed To Providing The Latest Advancements In Inmate Communications

The fact that the penal system is badly damaged and almost too distorted to repair, isn’t a secret.  But lawmakers are trying to come up with solutions to reduce the inmate population, and to change some of the laws that put people behind bars that should be in treatment centers. It takes years to effect the kind of change that the correctional system needs, but in the meantime, Securus Technologies is providing communication and other services that are making life behind bars a little more tolerable.



The Securus ConnectUs technology is giving inmates and their families a chance to see and speak to each other without the hassle of using the regular prison telephone system. The Securus ConnectUs System also makes filing paperwork faster and easier. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application system is being used by correctional facilities all over the country, and the feedback has been excellent.



Securus Technologies services more than 3,400 law enforcement and corrections agencies all over the United States. More than 1,200,000 inmates benefit from the services and programs that Securus Technologies offers its corrections facilities. Some of those services are, incident management reporting, public investigations and information, biometric analysis, and communication and information management.



Securus also provides emergency response and inmate self-service, as well as monitoring products and services. But one of the best services offered by Securus is their visual visitation calls. Inmates are able to visit with their families just like people do when they use the FaceTime feature on their cell phone. Securus provides a local number for the inmate to call, and that number can be used for just a call or a visual call.

Finding New York Offices For Rent Is Easy With Shared Office Spaces


There is one thing that is often glossed over when it comes to discussion on jobs. While a lot of people talk about the kind of money that is made, there is something that is often ignored. This is the meaning of the work they do. A lot of people don’t see a lot of people don’t see meaning in the work they do with traditional jobs. This is much different with shared working spaces. The advantages of co-working spaces go far beyond the ability to control the time that one works in. The person is also able to do the type of work that he wants.

One place making work more meaningful is Workville NYC shared office space. A lot of people find meaning in their jobs which make them look forward to putting in more hours. As a result, they are willing to work more hours of the day. Given their belief in what they are doing, they will put their whole heart on their projects. In the culture of people pursuing their goals, there is more likely to be a peaceful environment. This helps people focus more on the work they are doing so that they get the tasks done for the day

One of the reasons that people find their work meaningful in shared office spaces is that they have a greater ability to choose the type of work that they want. Shared office spaces give people a much greater ability to choose their work than a degree in the field of their choice. They are also able to gain the experience needed while making some extra money. This is one thrilling aspect of choosing their own work. When people see that the very thing they want to do is making them money, it will make them very proud and excited.

One good thing about doing the desired type of work is that people are less likely to lose a job that they love. When they are pursuing their dreams, they are a lot less likely to lose the job of their dreams as opposed to the person that is just trying to get by. This is one of the reasons why shared office spaces are very innovative for workers.

US Money Reserve’s Creative Team Excels with Infomercials

As the Videographer Awards celebrated 20 years, it honored the US Money Reserve with four awards for their excellent work in creating infomercials. A 28 and a half minute infomercial titled “Testimonial Show” received acclaim as it won the Award of Excellence for TV/Commercials/Products and another for Creativity (TV)/Cinematography.

According to an article on PR Newswire, The CEO of USMR, Angela Koch said that it was an honor for the international recognition that the awards shone on their creative efforts. She said, “The talent of our media, marketing, and production teams is inspiring and excellent at bringing the core of our business to life through the participation of our incredibly loyal customers.”

Creativity all Through

The AMCP administers and judges the Videographer Awards with the Award for Excellence, which is the top one given to creative works. Such a win for the creative team at the US Money Reserve is a pat on the back that highlights the exceptional work put in the writing, producing, shooting, and editing of the shows. Another spot by the USMR titled, Pearl Harbor Show won in the two other distinctions, which are the Award of Distinction and the Honorable Mention.

The US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve is a reputable distributor of precious metals issued by the US government. Precious metals have been a safe investment choice for many people, and that has made the USMR a trusted partner for many investors.

Gold has been an attractive alternative when searching for a way to preserve wealth. However, deciding on the best way to invest precious metals requires expert knowledge, and that is what the USMR has been providing since its inception in 2001.

According to a company profile on Facebook, the US Money Reserve has put together a team of highly trained numismatic experts and coin research professionals that analyze the highest earning products for investment.

At present, the USMR is under the leadership of President Philip N. Diehl who is a former Director of the US Mint, meaning he brings his experience of working with US tender coins, a privilege that no other gold company in the world enjoys.

Keith Mann Offers Support To NYPD

Keith Mann, one of the successful entrepreneurs of New York has offered his support to the NYPD. There have been a lot of attacks and protests when it comes to the police force. A lot of controversy has been going around cops and how they are doing their job. However, Keith Mann is someone who looks at things from a more reasonable stance. For this reason, he is offering his support for the police officers. He does understand that the officers put their necks on the line. His own family is also in law enforcement. Keith Mann’s uncle works in Staten Island as a detective.

Keith Mann has dons a lot of things to show that he supports the PD. He has for instance sent some lunches to the cops. He has also made sure that he has sent more to the precinct so that these actions will go noticed. He does believe that the officers deserve their gratitude for their services. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of attacks on the policemen. Those who are in support of the police force have also been faced with attacks as well. These acts of violence have caught Keith’s attention. He is worried about the repercussions of going after the police department because of tense emotions.

Among the efforts in order to support the police, there have been rallies done in the favor of police. This has been done amidst all of the violence towards supporters of the police force. There are even more rallies being held for the police in response to the acts of violence towards the supporters. Keith Mann is one of the people that are looking for ways to support the police. Keith shows a lot of wisdom in the way that he supports the police. He knows that they have families and friends. For the most part, cops are just doing their job.