Transforming an Online Educational Platform

According to, Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian-born entrepreneur and active philanthropist. Alexei founded the Endemic Capital in 2013 to provide angel financing for startup companies in Russia.

Beltyukov graduated with Master’s degree in Business Administration from the INSEAD University in 1997. Alexei Beltyukov has founded numerous companies including Endermic capital, A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and Solvy. He was named the chief operating officer of Solvy in February 2015.

Solvy is an online educational platform that provides users with the necessary tools to solve real life problems. When not in the office, Alexei Beltyukov is actively involved in philanthropic activities including the initiation of the Russian Alumni scholarship program at INSEAD.

Alexei Beltyukov Launches the SOLVY Platform

Alexei recently launched his latest innovation, an online Math homework platform for Problem Solving. The SOLVY is an entirely free online math homework system that links schools, students, and teachers. With SOLVY, students are able to access math problems recommended by their teachers. Teachers can as well assign exercises for their students based on their academic levels. They can get feedback on any challenges the students face and give adequate clarifications.

The Benefits of SOLVY

Solving homework problems with SOLVY helps teachers save a lot of time by providing real-world learning contexts to an online learning classroom. The system can be accessed from various devices including tablets, iPhones, and laptops. Students can use different graphical tools to solve their work while teachers can view students’ work and make corrections where applicable. SOLVY is also available for solving Algebra among other math topics.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Philanthropy

Alexei is a committed philanthropist and has established various organizations that aim to assist Russians interested in starting their businesses or attending business schools. A-Ventures Ltd, for example, helps struggling startup companies to get a financial boost. He also formed the Russian Alumni Scholarship program of INSEAD. The scheme offers financial support to poor Russians admitted at the INSEAD University.

Alexei also partners with the Russian government through the Skonkovo Foundation where he serves as the vice president. The foundation provides grants to Russian technology based startup firms and entrepreneurs across the nation.


Handy’s executive services becomes a hot startup

Handy is a website and mobile app for booking home visits by handymen and cleaners. The company recently raised $50 million through a funding that was led by Fidelity Investments. The firm is basically known as Handy Technologies Inc. It is based in New York and had a record of 1 million bookings through its online platforms in 2015. The company boasts that users can get cleaning services in a time less than a minute. The company has raised a total of $110 million raised. It is spending a lot to raise its brand through ads and entry subway cars in New York City.

The company CEO Oisin Hanran stated in a recent press release that the company chose Fidelity to assist in raising of their funds since it needs all the help the company provides. The company has scaled its three year business due to excellence in its founders.

There are lots of reasons why has managed to beat its competition and stay ahead of other brands. When the company first started, it was able to fulfill a request in typically five days. The orders increased and the company had to scale up in terms of freelancers. Every city that the company entered, it made sure that it created a cool network of home-based service professions that would quickly respond to customer needs and queries. The company has managed to build a large network with a strong positive effect.

Handy’s CEO has frequently stated that building the strong networking effect is not as easy as it seems. All the marketplaces that Handy have entered have had a new set of problems. The company has however solved these problems by focusing on customer needs and satisfaction. Customers have joined the company due to the readily available services. The company has managed to stay at the top due to a consistent customer demand.

Handy is today the best and easiest way to keep your home in order. The company was initially founded as Handybook, it started as a practical solution to problems of finding effective professionals in common household services. Handy has connected to individuals and professionals with that offer top quality services. Professionals that work with Handy receive are first pre-screened before they start working with the company. The company has a seamless 60-booking process, a secure payment method and most of all 100% money back guarantee. Everything about Handy is easy, smooth and quick.


Adam Goldenberg is LA’s Most Successful Young CEO

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most important young CEOs in the Los Angeles area. Some may be surprised to hear him referred to as young. But, he is still in his 30’s. The reason some may view him as older than that is the fact that he had success with his first business so early. He has been in the game since he was 16 and has had 3 companies that experienced a lot of success under his astute leadership.

His Greatest Asset is Employees

Goldenberg attributes his success to a couple different things. The most important thing is his hiring practices at Goldenberg has always had a knack for hiring a quality staff of employees regardless of what kind of company he was running at the time. This is because he focuses less on experience and more on the passion that the person puts into their day to day work. Goldenberg thinks that these are great employees because those are things that you cannot teach.


The young CEO is also a fan of metrics. Some business leaders shy away from stats regarding their ideas or products because they let their ego get in the way of good decision making on This is a huge mistake and Goldenberg recognizes that. He takes any statistic or number that he gets very seriously. He is not afraid to discontinue a marketing plan or take a product off of his website just because he liked the idea a lot in the first place.

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Early Start

Goldenberg got a lot of quality experience at a very young age. This is because his first company, a gaming network called Gamer’s Alliance, was a huge success. He sold the company in 1999 to Intermix Media. He ran Intermix after they purchased his original company.

Goldenberg ran Intermix until 2004 when he headed up the internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. This company raised over $500 million in just its first year in existence. He ran the company until starting JustFab, his latest business venture, in 2012.

JustFab is the parent company of Fabletics. It is a subscription fashion and clothing business. Goldenberg recognized this business model on Bloomberg as something that had seen success in other industries. He thought that he could transfer this success to clothing and he did that partnered with Fabletics celebrity owner, Kate Hudson. The company started as an e-commerce site but is looking to open over 100 storefronts in the next 3 to 5 years. This looks to be just another great leadership job by Goldenberg.

Helane Morrison Has Long and Varied Career in Finance

When you talk about Helane Morrison you have to bring up that she has fought to keep the playing field fair in the financial sector for over 3 decades. She has worked to protect individuals being sued by the SEC. She has also made great efforts when regulating the compliance of people working in finance in the Pacific Northwest. She has even worked for the market to help it become trusted and valued by the general public again. There is not faction of the financial world that Morrison does not understand down to the letter. She has the education and experience on her resume to help just anyone see that.

She started out with a great education. Helane has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago. After that, she got her J.D. at UC Berkley. After her education, Morrison began work as a defense lawyer in the 80s and early 90s defending people that were being sued by the SEC for regulatory concerns. She was a tireless worker and developed a deep understanding of SEC regulations.

This led to her being hired as a Director of Administration for the SEC office in San Francisco. This office was the headquarters for the SEC in all of California and the 5 other states in the Pacific Northwest. She had a deep dedication compliance and worked through many tumultuous times in her region. The final period of her employment with SEC was deeply affected by the market collapse in 2007. This collapse was caused by the downfall of the housing market. Many bankers were at fault for this collapse due to their predatory lending practices when it came to giving mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

Morrison saw people losing faith in investment professionals because of the housing market collapse. She wanted to reverse this train of thought amongst the general public. This led her to transitioning to work for the company where she works today, Hall Capital Partners LLC. She started working for Hall Capital in 2007 and today sits as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for the investment group.

Her long history of fighting to keep the market regulated lets her clients know that she can be trusted when it comes to their investments. This is why Hall Capital hired her. She also chose to work for Hall Capital because of its reputation amongst those that are often more overlooked in the financial world. Hall Capital Partners is a completely female-run investment firm. It is also one of the most successful investment companies in the State of California.