Alexei Beltyukov, The Visionary Behind Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov has learned a lot about persistence in life and working hard to tackle challenges, and now he’s helping young people learn the same with a program called Solvy. Solvy is designed to show high school students how to solve complex math problems and to track their learning progress.

Teachers can use Solvy to send math assignments home with students who then must figure out how to solve them. Solvy doesn’t just want students to come up with the right answer, but to write out and show how they got to the answer they did. Solvy provides feedback and guidance to help students identify problem areas.

Prior to helping start Solvy, Alexei Beltyukov took a long path from the career he started to becoming a successful businessman. He originally was a physician and practiced back when the Soviet Union was still in control of Russia.

But unlike in the US and many other countries, his profession didn’t make a lot of money in Russia. He decided he needed to work another job to try and pay the bills, so he tried several endeavors such as teaching and working as a pharmacy salesman. He would later enroll at INSEAD University’s business school where he completed his bachelor’s in business. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Beltyukov first became a consultant for a private equity firm that leased out railroad cars, and then he joined a business run by a major Russian mogul in 2004. Beltyukov had to find ways to turn several companies the businessman owned into profitable enterprises, and it took some work to do but eventually he was able to transform those companies into valuable assets.

Alexei Beltyukov was given autonomy to run a business of his own in 2008, and that’s when he started Mechanicus, an auto repair shop. One year later he started New Gas Technologies, an oil and petroleum refinery company.

Beltyukov has run a very profitable company with New Gas Technologies, and he decided to build on that by founding A-Ventures and Endemic Capital, two venture capital supply companies. Beltyukov is also an advisor to the Russian government through the Skolkovo Foundation.

A Look At The Impressive Career Of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a renowned entrepreneur. He is the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. The former company owned, run and distributed NFL Football, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NBC radio Networks, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, March Madness, CBS News and many music and talk shows. Norman has broad experience in radio syndication.

He launched PodcastOne towards the end of 2012. The entity became a distributor and producer of audio on-demand programming. Presently, the entity’s renowned brands and personalities include Dr. Drew, Laura Ingraham, Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Steve Austin, TheChive and Chris Jericho. The others are Freakonomics, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Pen Jillette, plus WNYC’s Radiolab and more than 200 popular podcasts. In 2009, Norman celebrated his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame besides receiving the Giants of Broadcasting Award, which was presented to him by the Library of American Broadcasting.

His idea for PodcastOne started when he saw Kit Gray working on other people’s podcasts from his apartment. It is here that Norman saw it viable to work with Kit in coming up with their own production. By virtue of the company being small, Norman is involved in most of the entity’s undertaking such as ad sales and talent acquisition. However, his assistant keeps him informed. He posits that success of any idea is dependent on the implementation of the same.

Norman contends that the rate of content consumption is high. To this end, it is easy to determine whether a podcast will be a conduit to success. Norman wakes up early in the morning and is the last to leave office. The entrepreneur has managed to grow his business by virtue of staying busy, engaged and excited. Instead of reading books, Pattiz prefers to listen to them. His greatest heroes were Steve Ross, Dan Miller and Bill Paley. Norman posits that although they have all passed, he remains thankful that they imparted irreplaceable knowledge on him. This information was originally reported on Ideamensch as outlined in this link

About Norman Pattiz

Norman is a respected leader in the broadcasting industry. PodcastOne Sales is one of the businesses that he has launched in the recent years. The entity is a leader in marketing and selling podcast nationally. Norman has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the US. Both President Clinton and President Bush appointed him to the board during their respective tenures in office. Norman executed his mandate of launching broadcast services, both Arabic television and radio services to all the countries in Middle East. He is one of the members of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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George Soros Is Not Backing Down Despite Trump’s Shock Win

Just a week after the shock win of Donald Trump, top democrats in the United States were uniting again on to discuss their approach to tackle Trump. The most prominent of these gatherings is held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in Washington. This closed-door meeting is attended by major liberals groups, labor unions, left-wing activists and a number of active politicians. Known as the Democracy Alliance donor club, the club is the brainchild of billionaire George Soros, who actively seeks to fight any Republican leader who is a threat to freedom of speech, in America.

The club was formed in 2004 when George Soros felt that George Bush had nefarious agenda on Politico that would put Americans at risk. Therefore, he established DA Club by pouring millions of dollars in campaigns to support John Kerry as a president. When the bid failed, George and his associates decided to establish a functional society that would unite America’s top liberals on against the right-wing and extremist elements in the society. The main objective of the Democracy Alliance is to pull top American leaders towards the left in order to safeguard America’s notion of freedom and land of opportunity.

Years later, when Donald Trump became a Republican nominee, George Soros became active again by investing millions of dollars to support Hillary Clinton in her bid for presidency. While it is true that efforts from George Soros and other liberals have failed once more, the recent conference on suggests that George is not going to rest until he has propelled the DA club and similar organizations to form a cohesive defense against the onslaught of the right-wing agenda. The contribution and unrelenting commitment of George Soros seems justifiable because he and his family were victims of the holocaust and Nazism in the former communist states in Europe. Perhaps, George does not want to see any American experience what he underwent.

It is also true that some members of the prestigious DA Club want reassessment of the strategy. They point to the fact that focus on minorities and women in the recent campaign did not stop Donald Trump from winning. Besides, the exit polls also suggest that campaigns in support of climate change and role of money in the politics did not stop a Republican win. Therefore, the order of the day is to devise policies that will also attract the white working class.

In responding to the reassessment request, long-time friend of Soros and president of Democracy Alliance, Gara LaMarche made it clear that members are likely not to see a major shift in policies. However, he acknowledged that members do need to address important issues because Democrats lost an election that they were not supposed to lose. May be, it is time to channel funds to state legislative policy battles where Republicans won big time. Despite the eventual outcome of the DA Club meeting and future agenda, it is clear that the meeting can have a major impact on post-election era as it is attended by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

InnovaCare Health Thrives Further Under The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

The healthcare industry has experienced a lot of transformation over the years and many of the changes people enjoy today are as a result of the great support the government has been offering. Programs like Medicare opened up new opportunities for private companies and allowed the government to work on uplifting the quality of the services it offers to its people. Managing the healthcare needs of many people is a process that takes a lot of planning and great ideas and that is what many of these private companies have been offering.

A good example is InnovaCare Health, which has been offering unique managed healthcare services to the residents of Puerto Rico and neighboring regions. InnovaCare Health has been in the business for over one decade and starting 2012, the company experienced many changes that led to the introduction of better ways of handling the several problems that are presented by clients.

They came up with better ways of managing the Medicare Advantage program and today, the company manages over 280, 000 users of the program. One of the factors that led to this great shift is having professionals who are experienced enough to handle the many challenges the company was facing initially. Almost every office was given a new person to manage affairs and with these changes, InnovaCare Health was able to rebrand and to come up with unique methods of serving customers in various categories. View the company profile in LinkedIn.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, is one of the individuals who joined the company in the period starting 2012, when many changes were happening in the various sections of the company. He is a clinical medicine expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years and with the experience he has gathered, he wrote several journals and articles addressing some of the issues that bar progress in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto worked with companies like MedPartners and Aveta Inc before he moved to join InnovaCare Health. His skills were also relied upon by the government during missions that were meant to offer solutions to the entire healthcare system in the country.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has been serving as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer, is also a professional whose presence at the company came as a benefit to its development. She boasts of over 20 years working with different companies and her ideas led to the re-design of the service delivery system of InnovaCare Health.


The 19th Austin Business Journal’s annual Williamson County Growth Summit was recently held and this time things were different. Rather than focusing on the city itself, the transportation challenges faced by the region were discussed. The panel consisted of several people including Mike Heiligenstein the executive director of Central Texas regional Mobility Authority, Leandre Johns, the director of Uber technologies Inc. Texas External affairs and RideScout LLC founder; Joseph Kosper.



The role of technology in the transportation sector particularly in Austin area was greatly acknowledged in this summit. However, despite this great contribution, Heiligenstein noted that the Austin area needs to grow its transportation capacity. He said that the area needs more roads that are smarter to meet the ever growing needs in the transportation sector. Johns also emphasized this matter saying that commuters in the area needed first and last mile solutions such as ride sharing services of Uber to get people to public transit. This will go a long way in easing congestion.



Last year, it was noted that the congestion in Austin area is bond to increase which necessitates the need for technological solutions. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is the body entrusted by the government to improve transport in the Williamson and Travis counties. It is made up of seven members with the governor appointing the chairman. Commissioner courts in Travis and Williamson counties appoint three members each. Under the leadership of Heiligenstein, CTRMA has developed several solutions to congestion.



For example, it has built roads such as the 183A Toll road in Cedar Park and Leander which led to massive reduction in congestion. There is also the 290 Toll Road between Austin and Manor. This tripled the road capacity of the existent roads leading to a further reduction in congestion. CTRMA further noted that the congestion is caused by stopping of drivers as a result of minor breakdowns in the vehicles. To reduce instances of stranded motorists, it got into a partnership with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning organization to facilitate a Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program. HERO assists such motorist.



One of the reasons behind the success of CTRMA is the great leadership of Heiligenstein. He has been in CTRMA since its inception in 2002 and therefore has extensive experience with the body. He is also the president of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and a member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He is also involved with other groups that deal with transportation problems in the area.

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Securus Technologies, Inc. Completes Transaction to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies announced that it had signed a stock agreement for the purchase of Jpay Company. For the company, nothing thrills them more than their expansion through inorganic and organic growth. Jpay is one of the leading technology companies based in the United States. As a matter o fact, the company has worked to develop high-end capabilities in this region. Securus Technologies offers technology solutions to businesses and government facilities to foster investigation and public safety. Its primary duty is to protect the correctional facilities through technology and innovation. For this reason, they have worked hard to have this chance given to them in a manner that is not parallel in this industry.


Jpay is the only company that introduced the digitized payments in the correctional market. For this reason, it remains the leader in these payment systems. Moreover, it also offers the correctional space with the educational and entertainment applications. For this reason, it also operates in more than 33 facilities in the United States and other parts of North America. According to Securus Technologies, this is the transactions that will thrust the company to attaining organic growth. It is also estimated that it will become one of the fastest growing companies serving the inmate facilities in the United States. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the company is expected to get better service delivery through this acquisition. As a matter of urgency, the company has developed high-end capabilities that have worked to sustain its educational facility in the country.


For a long time, Securus Technologies has admired the services offered by Jpay Company. Therefore, this acquisition came at the most opportune moment when the company had the right benefit to purchasing Jpay. The two companies will unite in the closest bond of all through acquisition and merger. Therefore, they will form a common force for good.



U.S Money Reserve’s Website Draws Positive Attention

U.S. Money Reserve rebuilt their website, and now it hosts new and more features. The site’s address is The new face of their website reflects their high status in the precious metals industry while the added new features depict the firm’s core values of commitment and trust to a superior customer service. Among the striking new designs is an impressive new photo gallery of the brand’s distinguished leaders, Philip N. Diehl who is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve, former U.S. Mint Director as well as a new coin picture gallery.

This new site came up as a result of educating the consumers on the advantages of owning a bullion and upgrading the experience of acquiring precious metals with gold coins.


The Vice President of Brand and Creative at U.S Money Reserve Ryan Buchanan said that they now have a fully-responsive site that allows them to generate quality content, interact with their clients, and offer the world’s best precious metals via their secure online platform. Mr. Buchanan led the full upgrade of the site including several new features aimed at educating their customers and making acquiring bullion easier.


Their online store offers competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion. They also sell PCGS certified coins for their precious metals buyers. Consumers can register for a free gold information kit or visit U.S Money Reserve’s Knowledge Center for more information on coin grading, purchasing, and minting.


With the new feature known as the Client-Connect Advantage, customers can easily communicate with the site’s team to inquire for more information on purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, and select offline releases. U.S. Money Reserve’s also hosts a Buyback Guarantee that is valid for a month for certified coin orders. U.S Money Reserve has also partnered with one of the fastest shipping mediums in the industry known as the Gold Standard IRA.


About U.S. Money Reserve

It’s one of United States biggest private distributors of government-issued bullions which include silver, platinum, and gold products. The firm was founded in 2001 and has grown into of the largest international private distributors of foreign and U.S government-issued platinum, silver, and gold legal tender products. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on U.S. Money Reserve to trade their assets with physical precious metals.


U.S. Money Reserve team of experts includes numismatic and coin research professionals who are trained to fetch for products that have the highest profit potential for precious metals purchasers. U.S. Money Reserve provides unmatched customer service with the intent of establishing a long-term relationship with their consumers. Austin, Texas is home to U.S. Money Reserve.

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How Todd Lubar’s work experience shaped him to become a successful man.

Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TLD Global Ventures, LLC and still serves as the Senior VP at Legendary investments. His success has been attributed to his vast work experience and his firm education. As from 1977 to 1987, Lubar was a student in Washington DC at Sidwell Friends School. Later, he joined The Peddie School Hightstown for his high school studies and then joined Syracuse University where he was able to graduate with a degree in Speech Communication.

After graduating, Todd was confident that he was ready for the job market and he did not hesitate when he got his first job as from 1995. He was employed in Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He worked with the firm for nearly four years learning new things every day and sharpening his knowledge from the experience he had.

He later joined Legacy Financial group and while in Legacy, he assisted in growing the Maryland office to become a production unit. He continued gaining experience while in Legacy Financial group and in 2005, he accepted and moved forward to become the VP with Charter Funding Organization. The organization was located on the outskirts of Arizona, but this did not make Todd refuse the position.

He served as the company’s VP for two years before significant changes were experienced and this made him go back to his focus on obtaining money mortgage with Priority of Financial services.

Throughout Todd’s career, his focus was always on mortgage banking. When there were changes while he was working in Carter Funding organization, he decided to venture and get involved in other lines of businesses such as recycling industries, commercial demolition industry, and the real estate sector. While in the real estate industry, he was able to develop healthy relationships with individuals who had the experience in building trade.

With all these experiences from one business line to another, he was in a position of understanding what is needed for a business to run and how one could excel in any business environment. With this in mind, when he opened his firm, TDL global ventures, LLC, he had all the knowledge any business investor is expected to have. With his company, he has helped people who have been overlooked by other lending institutions.

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