The Achievements of PodcastOne under Norman Pattiz

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of the brand lift studies of the network and its impact. The research was done by Edison Research which is a leading research group. Comprehensive result studies were done before and after the campaigns on 5 main consumer brands with different services and products. According to Norman Pattiz, the studies were done at the last half of 2016 whereby it showed very impressive results ( Over 60% of the listeners of PodcastOne could look for a certain grocery brand following the campaign, a 7% high from the period of pre-study.

There was an increase of 47% of the unaided product awareness of listeners at the time of the post-study period on the financial services product. For the automotive aftermarket product went up by 37% and the garden and lawn product by 24%. Over a third of the listeners gave a favorable opinion on the automobile aftermarket product after the campaign. This was an increase from the 18% at the pre-study period. The listeners also gave a very likely consideration about the garden and lawn product which was 22% compared to the 16% of the pre-study period.

There was an increase of 60% about a particular campaign message for the automobile aftermarket product following the campaign. A casual dining restaurant got an increase of 67% at the time of the pre-study period. It was confirmed by Edison Research that it has conducted three studies so as to arrive to the final result. The conclusion of the research was that the audience of PodcastOne was receptive to many different brand messages and was interested in considering the mentioned products. According to Norman Pattiz, the brand offers brand impact more than the traditional advertising formats.

With more than 40 years of experience, Norman Pattiz is a known figure in the mass media and radio broadcasting industry. He is the founder of Westwood One which is now the biggest radio network in the United States. Under his leadership, Westwood One has been able to distribute, manage and own numerous radio networks and programs which include CNN Radio, NBC Radio Networks, NFL Football, CBS News, March Madness, The Super Bowl, summer and Winter Olympics, The Mutual Broadcasting System and NCAA Basketball among others. Norman Pattiz is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Courtside Entertainment Group which creates and distributes quality programs.


Jim Larkin and his Success in Activism

James Larkin will be remembered for being one of the fearless leaders in history. Though he was born in Liverpool, his parents were Irish, and he later found himself in the Irish Trade Union Movement agitating for good pay and rights for workers. He was second, in the family of six./

One would wonder why this fearless leader was born in Liverpool, England. Well, it should be remembered that most of the Irish families were forced to leave the country due to to the industrial revolution that took place to push for significant hunger. So his father was one person who faced those circumstances and moved to Liverpool, England where Jim Larkin was born.

His father would struggle for many years to support his family because he was earning a meager income. He died at an early age just like many during those times. At the time of passing away, Jim was just eleven years old.

He was taken to where his father was working as an apprentice but was only earning 30cents a week. It was an engineering firm, but Jim Larkin did not work for long and went to look for other jobs. He worked as a butcher assistant, a French polisher, a paperhanger and as a Docker worker.

When he was working as a docker in England, he was injured and stayed out of work for months. It is during this time that Jim Larkin did a lot of reading and was attracted to socialism. He recovered and went back to work at sixteen years of age.

At this time Larkin was adventurous too, and Larkin tried to stow on a steamer but was discovered and was ordered to work in the engine room. One day after being exhausted he was ordered to relieve a firefighter in the engine room, but because he was tired, he refused. He was later chained in the engine room and spent a night there which is a night he has never forgotten.

Jim Larkin married on September in 1903 to Elizabeth Brown. It was when he involved himself with trade unions and struggles of labor. His association with trade union started in 1907 and continued without ceasing. During the period between 1913 and 1914, it was the worst time for labor unions and the members.

There was the culmination of unrest during the lockout. The whole country and primarily the Dublin city faced disturbance because of disputes involving labor. The same year there was unemployment of over twenty-five thousand workers.

There was the closure of the port of Dublin for the crossing of channel shipping that was from October to December.

There was a lot of rioting and a lot of conflicts between the police occurred. Many people including the police were injured. Also, two workers died as they were being treated. There was disagreement between the two parties the unrest ended in 1914.

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