Is Bitcoin Good For 2018? Paul Mampilly Says ‘No’

Paul Mampilly, a former Managing Director for one of Wall Street’s top hedge funds offers a lot of investment advice through his newsletters and articles at Banyan Hill Publishing, and one area he talks about there is cryptocurrency. He said in one article that he wasn’t fully aware of just what a phenomena Bitcoin would become in 2017, but while it had a great uptick this year, it’s something he says investors should avoid now. What Mampilly says is that Bitcoin is becoming popular, but so much so that its overall value is going to be hurt in the long run. It’s reached a certain level that has made it overpriced and as a result, it’s become like a bubble the same way that the housing market was in 2008.

Paul Mampilly is usually correct when he makes a prediction in the stock market. He foresaw both the dot-com crash and the housing crisis in his time, and he also decided to buy Facebook and Netflix stocks before they soared and became big companies. He got his degree in economics and finance back in 1991 after graduating from Montclair State University, and then he took a job as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank. After serving tenures at Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and a private Swiss bank, Mampilly founded Capuchin Consulting and later took a job as Managing Director for Kinetics International Fund. Here he made so much money for investors that Barron’s featured the hedge fund as one of the top ones on Wall Street, and the firm’s assets under management grew from $6 billion to $25 billion in months. Two years after joining Kinetics International Fund, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation’s award for investing $50 million in profitable stocks during the recession and making $88 million.

Paul Mampilly stayed on Wall Street until a couple years ago when he decided his job really wasn’t helping average Americans invest the way it should. He had plenty of experience and market inside knowledge, but he wanted to share it with people in a way that was more accessible than most regular publications provided. So he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and started writing about big stocks and how people could buy them with no brokers in “Profits Unlimited.” Most people who read this newsletter were skeptical at first, but upon seeing that his advice really was true, Paul Mampilly gained 60,000 subscribers in just one month after releasing it.

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Sujit Choudhry Is In High Demand As A Public Speaker

Sujit Choudhry is known for his expertise on the United States Constitution. He is spent a great deal of time researching the subject and has endured the criticism that comes from having an intellectual opinion. Choudhry notes that the United States Constitution is a very unique document that has evolved over the lifespan of the country. He has used the United States Constitution as an example when speaking to leaders of other nations on how to implement a working form of government.

The Ukraine is a nation and that has been working towards a democratic operating system for quite some time. The country moved forward from communism, but has yet to settle into an effective mode of operation.

Sujit Choudhry was offered an opportunity to attend a seminar to discuss the difficulties that are going on in the Ukraine. The event attracted scholars from all over the world. They were all experts on constitutional law and political strategy. The group attempted to sit down and hash out a common objective that could be presented to the leaders of the country. Choudhry wanted to assist the current leadership with developing a working system that its people would accept.

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The citizens of the Ukraine did not seem to believe that its leaders were capable of producing a working constitution for the nation. The country is still struggling with many primary issues. The Ukraine government leaders cannot seem to agree on a proper method of action.

Sujit Choudhry has spent his entire career as a professor of constitutional law. He taught the subject at New York University and the University of Toronto. Choudhry also spent time as the Dean of the University of California at Berkeley. Sujit has an extensive educational background that includes degrees from the University of Harvard and the University of Oxford. Related article on

He is proud of the time he spent serving his country as a law clerk for Antonio Lamer, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.  For update on his recent timeline activities, hit

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Sujit Choudhry is a requested speaker on the subject of constitution and political law. He has been invited to speak on the topic by different nations around the world. Choudhry comes to his events prepared to get involved in stimulating debate. The open forum is intended to provoke positive thought and give leaders of developing nations a different perspective on how to build working constitutions.  Check

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Dr. Chris Villanueva: The Inspiring CEO of MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental, a practice management network, was created to help dentists network with each other. It was formed to bridge the gap between corporate dentists and sole practitioners. It aims to help the dentists provide better service to their patients.

MB2 was formed by Dr. Chris Villanueva. He knew the problems faced by other practice management networks and tried to overcome them through MB2. He has worked both as a corporate dentist and sole practitioner, so he was able to use his experience and contacts to bring dentists from both types of practices together, and Dr. Chris Villanueva’s lacrosse camp.

MB2 Dental focuses on improving the work environment for dentists and making their work easier. As dentists have different specialties and skills, networking with other dentists help them treat their patients in a more informed manner. Networking also helps dentists who might not be able to afford some treatments by providing them with the required funds. This leads to improvement in the patient’s experience which makes them more loyal to their dentists. As the reputation of the dentists among the customers improve, the credibility of MB2 dentists also soar. The members of the practice management network are completely autonomous, which makes the network a proper community of dentists. MB2 also organizes bi-yearly retreats for its members to different parts of the world for activities like rafting and hiking.

The satisfaction of patients is top-priority for MB2 Dental. Through networking of dentists, MB2 aims to improve the operations of individual dentists so that they can better serve their patients. As MB2 Dental is owned by the dentists themselves, instead of some private corporation, the people managing it and the members involved in its operations are all aware of the pressing issues of their field.

The primary goal of MB2 Dental is not increasing financial profits, but rather creating a better environment for dentists to work in. MB2 is driven towards improving service provision to patients which will organically provide sustained growth in the long-term, and

Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental, is a propagator of the doctor-focused practice model. He was born in Ohio and obtained his higher education from the University of Florida. He is extremely passionate about improving the dental profession, and his work through MB2 Dental has created a strong network of dentists in the country. He enjoys mentoring and educating new dentists about the different career options in dentistry. His understanding of the business side of the profession has helped doctors maintain their autonomy in clinics, and read full article.

George Soros One of the Wealthiest Philanthropists and Businessmen in the United States

George Soros is well-known for his philanthropic initiatives and has been in the news for all his various business, humanitarian, and political endeavors. Recently, George Soros came into the limelight once again as he transferred a massive sum of $18 Billion to his non-profit organization, the Open Society Foundations. It made the Open Society Foundations, one of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the world, right after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Open Society Foundations is a network of charity organizations from the world over that are working to advance the causes that George Soros believes in such as eradication of poverty, rehabilitation of the marginalized communities, women empowerment, encouraging equality and protesting against the injustice in the society.

George Soros is known to support the Democratic causes openly and sustains the Democrats in any which way he can. In the last Presidential election as well, George Soros funded the election of Hillary Clinton, a Democratic Presidential Candidate. It is estimated that he financed the election campaign of Hillary Clinton with funds of over $30 million, and pledged to support more as needed. He was disappointed when Donald Trump won the Presidential election but wasn’t discouraged at all as he continued to advance the philanthropic and democratic endeavors he feels firm for and has been supporting for a long time. George Soros is one of the few political contributors in the world that has spoken for the LGBTQ communities, and the victims of the drug abuse, which he feels are the marginalized section of communities that can be empowered with support and appropriate measures of rehabilitation.

George Soros has ensured over the years that he channels his wealth appropriately and efficiently to support the underprivileged section of the society and provide that the people, who need help, get it. Even though many in the political corridors feel that the wealth of George Soros is being used unwisely, there is little evidence to support that argument. His support for Black Lives Matter or the Antifa movements has been criticized by many, but it hasn’t stopped him from doing what he feels is right. He has also pledged to give away a massive sum of $500 million to support the businesses of refugees and immigrants in the United States. George Soros says that the cases of racism and injustice have been increasing in the United States in the past few years, and it is the responsibility of the people in power and with influence to take measures and raise their voice against such atrocities.

George Soros is amongst the most successful hedge funders of all time and his company, Soros Management, is amongst the most successful hedge funding companies in the world. His political giving has been under scrutiny, especially after he made $1 billion by shorting the GBP in Great Britain, which led the sharp decline of the financial market in the United Kingdom. George Soros believes that his economic wealth and foresight due to the years of experience in the politics put him in the position to do things to help build a better tomorrow.

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