Bob Reina: Set Yourself Free

So often in life, people feel trapped at their jobs. They feel like they are stuck at their desk and there is not a single thing they can do to change the situation. They are unhappy, miserable, and sad, but they don’t know a way out. They have tried talking to their boss, and they have looked for solutions, but they have had a very difficult time coming up with any solutions or fixes to the problems. They feel like they are stuck at this job and this misery for the rest of their lives. They don’t feel like they have a choice or a way out in this scenario. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed, so what are they supposed to do?


They need to start looking for solutions and they need to stop feeling sorry for themselves. That is how real change happens for them. When they stop giving in to those feelings and they start to really challenge themselves and push themselves, they find out they do have choices in their life. They don’t have to just stick to the same old 9-5 desk job where there is no creativity attached to it. They are a creative person, and they deserve to show the world what they can accomplish and what they can do with their lives.


It is why Bob Reina started up Talk Fusion for the believers and for the dreamers. He knows they are out there and he knows they want to do a little bit more. Once they snap out of that funk and once they push themselves to do even more with their lives, they will see how Talk Fusion can transform their lives to be better than ever. That is what Bob Reina wants for all of his customers. He wants them to get the most bang for their buck with Talk Fusion.


This way, they have no excuses and they can’t put the blame on anyone else. All they need to do is look at Bob Reina and see what he has done with Talk Fusion and how he has started up the company. He has started it from the ground up and now it has won two awards and it is loved by all of its customers. This is a man that used to work in law enforcement and decided to take his career in another direction. He is living proof that your job can change and it’s not a bad thing.  Learn more:


Sussex Health Care Welcomes Amanda Morgan-Taylor As Its New CEO

Amanda Morgan-Taylor was recently appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Health Care. She joined up with the healthcare group in January of this year but started working ahead of time to get herself familiarized with everything that Sussex does. She has been busy, already, getting to know the senior management team and has been looking to assign someone to the role of Director of Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement. Amanda brings with her more than three decades of experience in the social care and healthcare sectors and has worked in the independent and public areas of the industry.

According to, Amanda Morgan-Taylor started out as a Mental Health Nurse early on in her career and went on to serve in senior leadership positions, services management roles, and as a quality development director. She has a lot of experience with the council/provider relationship aspect of healthcare and has worked with different health organizations to ensure that they have met the highest standards and that they built a strong, working relationship with stakeholders to gain their trust. Amanda is excited to be a part Sussex Health Care and has already been developing ties with the staff, the management team, and has been learning about the services that the organization offers. Sussex Health Care is also happy to have her on-board and has let the public know that she will soon be paying a visit to all services and homes and is enthusiastic about meeting residents.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

In 2002, the Health Quality Service accredited Sussex Health Care, and by 2003 the organization received the funding it needed in People standard to get it really moving. In 2005, it became the sole independent care home provider in the United Kingdom to receive dual accreditation. Sussex Health Care recognizes that being healthy has much more to do with living a full and complete life rather than just being free of illness. The organization encourages its residents to take part in leisure activities and to pursue interests or rekindle old ones, which will stimulate the mind and keep residents living a full and happy life.

Sussex Health Care works hard to be a leader in its industry and is guided by a management team with years of experience in the health care industry. Each and every resident or patient of the organization is treated with the highest respect, and their individual needs are taken into consideration when building a health plan that will work for them.

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How World Leaders Stand Up To Sujit Choudhry

Few of us have tried to defy our world leaders. It’s easy to speak behind the backs of those that gain political power. We have to consider what it’s like to speak to these individuals face-to-face. A lot changes when you have actual dialogue with real people and to allow them to express themselves clearly. This is the process Sujit Choudhry believes in most.

Professor Choudhry began his professional career as a passionate student seeking a law degree and a world platform that would make him recognized by the political world. This professional hasn’t fallen short of his personal dream. Mr. Choudhry is a leader in constitutional law who has the ability to hold world leaders to what they say.

Working On The Grounds Of Transition

Transition brings every nation, whether established or emerging, into a better connection with our ideals of democracy. There are challenges each nation faces. The focus of this generation is about living up to the standard of democracy that our planet will embrace. Sujit Choudhry is holding to this progress and showing more potential then his peers.

The vision we see inside ourselves is the same power that leads nations to draft constitutions. Sujit is a master in the legal process of comparative constitutional law (  When North Africa was ready to become democratic, Sujit was called in to show it the path. The same holds true with the Middle East and the innovation in democratic solutions he brought.

We’re Almost There. …

The work of Sujit Choudhry inspires many professionals. Sujit has this power because of his work. It shows us how close we are. We are completing our understanding of democracy and getting the entire world to meet those standards. This professional is recognized in such a profound way that he’s able to expose world leaders and reveal their corruption.  Read more about the professor, check

The future we strive for is now outlined in the heart of professor Choudhry. This transformation will come with challenges, however, and our greatest obstacles are those we put before ourselves. Mr. Choudhry has already opened up the way, and nations are taking their journey. This process may see an entire democratic world come together.

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James Larkin, the son that rose to great heights

James Larkin was born and raised by parents of Irish descent; James Larkin and Mary Ann McNulty. England had just been blessed by a labor savior and leader, but nobody knew about this. Not even the very parents that raised him to be who he came to be.

Love is one of the most important things in life because it not only shapes us but also makes us better people.

James Larkin had just started feeling that socialism was for him, but he had not done much. However, the day when he got married to Elizabeth changed his life entirely.

Elizabeth Brown was James Larkin’s lovely wife. She is among the few people that kept Larkin in check. James needed a lot of guidance because, despite the fact that he was courageous and bold, he was also arrogant. Elizabeth offered him, counsel.

However, she was not always supportive of what Jim Larkin did. Their disagreement began when Jim led the Dublin Lockout. This strike was one of the world’s greatest strikes. Its significance is in the period it took and the number of workers it involved. This had never been witnessed in Dublin.

Why Elizabeth was against it was because of the consequences of the strike. It hit down the economy of the country because too many public and private workers left their duties to demonstrate. James Larkin could not listen to Elizabeth’s plea to quit the fight.

Why Larkin could not do as Elizabeth willed was because he understood the pain that workers were going through and she didn’t. He had been in their shoes when he was underpaid and even fired because of being unskilled.

His fight was going to be an eternal one and only death would end it. In actuality, death is the only thing that made James Larkin put down his tools and rest.

Of the years that he fought for the rights of workers, none was ever wasted on pity to the employers. James Larkin thought of them as heartless people, and although his movements were peaceful demonstrations, he met a lot of resistance and criticism from both the media and some politicians.


Stemming From One Arizona Sheriff

Conflicts At The Border And At Home

The American nation is undergoing a number of changes. The U.S. society is challenged as the dynamic of its population brings to question a number of issues regarding immigration, U.S. identity and the resources the nation has to develop with.

It would be a fallacy to suggest that the United States wasn’t developed by the help of immigrants world-wide.

This notion is being forwarded by the expertise of both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These individuals are writers going do in history for revolutionizing how law enforcement is held accountable within the States. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and

The major development in their case occurred after they were arrested in their homes through fraudulent charges.

Threats And Violence In The American Nation

The extraction of these two American journalists, from their own homes, is an image of the threats of violence within the nation. The work ahead for society begins with hearing the voice of victims across the country.

Mike and Jim are our first victims with a strong voice and a clear message. The case they endured brought about a legal compensation of over $3 million.

The money is used by an agency that’s leading legislation reform and addressing conflicts of violence in the country and at public borders. This non-profit is called the Frontera Fund. A new dynamic for American society is what it brings together and with a financial backing on the work of equal rights.

The Moving Political Ties

The moving political ties are going beyond the rhetoric of political leaders. Leaders in the U.S. nations are beginning to resemble both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These two voices are standing after a long confrontation with law enforcement. This confrontation is being put into the spotlight of American media. The world is now watching with open eyes.

The power of the press couldn’t be more clearer and suggestive. The work that brings the United States into an integrated culture will be the work of men like Jim and Mike. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The troubles they endured should never be a standard in American society. Their voices are now being heard, and there’s a tremendous change in Arizona as a result.

The American society is being lifted to a new view of the world around them. This view gives us a better glimpse of ourselves. The education comes about through the dynamic work of Larkin, Lacey and what they blieve in.

Ara Chackerian Makes a Major Impact in Healthcare Delivery

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Being financially well off gives him the ability and the desire to invest in the work of others. Currently, he is the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. This company invests in healthcare companies that are in their early stages of development. As such, Chackerian likes to envision himself as being a force that will help reshape the American healthcare system. His experience in building healthcare companies dates back more than 20 years.

Ara Chackerian also co-founded a number of companies including TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, and BMC Diagnostics. As a result, he has held high executive positions at all the companies named above. On the philanthropic side of things, Ara Chackerian and his family remain committed to giving back. They understand the value of having access to the education and opportunities in life that can lead to success. Over the past ten years, the Chackerian family has founded and supported a number of non-profits concerned with education and youth development.


Great accomplishments have come from Ara Chackerian’s ideas. For example, he and his business partner explored the thought of assisting healthcare by building out-patient radiology centers. As such, they spent over 10 years constructing a network of California centers that now provide radiology services.


Most philanthropists, like Chackerian, have something in common: they prefer to not overly publicize their giving. Many also have personal connections to the causes in which they choose to donate to. The idea for founding TMS Health Solutions emerged when Chackerian and his business partner decided to extend their healthcare success by creating more diagnostic radiology centers for patients who struggle with mental health. To do that, they spent several years building up such centers in northern California. These centers now provide outpatient psychiatric care and help patients overcome their struggles. For more details about this visit Ideamensch.


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The Global Constitutional Analyst, Sujit Choudhry

At a workshop held in Kiev on July 20th, Ukraine’s best analyzers of the constitution and researchers came together to talk about the leadership of their country. The poor governance noted was due to poor electing process, disunity among the top leaders, unreliable parties, and irresponsibility. The panel constituted Sujit and many other great people of influence in Ukraine. With reference to case studies and topical articles, he noted that the decisions made by the transitional democracies were key and therefore ought to collect options from policies with evidence to support the reforming process of the constitution.

Choudhry holds a degree in law from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He served as a law clerk to Canada’s Supreme Court under Antonio. Sujit Choudhry is the Heyman professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley law school where he serves as the dean. He was previously the Goetz Professor of law at New York University and the Chairperson of Scholl at Toronto University. Sujit’s capacity to overlook constitutions for over 20 years has given him an international platform to practice his skills and to help countries come up with reliable constitutions. He played a big role in giving guidelines on how to make the constitution in various countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, South Africa and Sri Lanka. He has spoken to over 24 countries. He is also a member of UN in the mediation sector and consultancy to the World Bank. Check this for a related article.

Helping Countries Through His Center for Constitutional Transitions.

The “Center for constitution Transitions” is directed by Sujit. It has worked with over fifty experts of over 25 countries in conjunction with NGO’s, Think Tanks and a network of global organizations. They compile information collected from the constitution and other sources such as from a network of well-known researchers who give reliant information from a certain topic with clear evidence and instances to those needing it. Professor Choudhry’s research mainly consists of politics and the constitution which he uses the design to control the shift from conflict to peaceful politics. More on  He has written over ninety articles, book chapters, reports and working papers. He is currently leading three collaborative global research project.  For his social media page, follow him on his page.

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Aloha Construction Offers Home Repair Services Throughout Northern Illinois

Aloha Construction is a well-known construction company that’s based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois, but they also have an office in Bloomington. However, their services are available over a very broad area. In fact, they can even travel to customers in certain regions of Wisconsin.

They are very experienced in the construction industry, and their customers have been satisfied with their service. The company is certified by the Better Business Bureau, and they offer a warranty. If you are interested in hiring them, it’s easy to get in touch with them.

Their Services:

There are a mumerous services that the company provides. Here are some examples of their most well-known services:

Replacing A Roof:

Replacing a roof is a complex task, and it’s important that you choose the right company to do it. Aloha Construction is one of the best companies to choose for a roof replacement. They can replace your roof quickly even if it’s steep.

Repairing Shingles And Eliminating Water Damage:

Aloha Construction can repair water damage and replace damaged shingles. You can choose from a wide range of different types of shingles to install.

Gutter Maintenance:

In addition to repairing a broken gutter or replacing gutters, the company can clean your gutters. This will ensure that water never pools up on your roof or near your house.

Door And Window Maintenance And Replacement:

If you want to replace your doors and windows, Aloha Construction is the company to choose. They are able to repair or replace any type of window or door. In addition, they ensure that water doesn’t leak in from the windowsill.

How Do You Get In Touch With Aloha Construction?

You can get in touch with Aloha Construction by telephone or email. Call (847)540-7711 to contact them by phone or email [email protected]

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Mike Baur Announces A New Executive To The Swiss Startup Factory’s Board Of Directors

The Swiss Startup Factory, an entrepreneur firm who connects investors with entrepreneurs and their startups and is one of the largest in Switzerland has just announced a new member to their executive board. Chairman Mike Baur and CEO Max Meister announced that Antonio Gasser would become the SSUF’s Chief Marketing Officer due to his resume in media and public relations. Gasser had recently founded and currently manages Swiss Startup Media GmbH, and as CMO of the SSUF will be in charge of its new marketing strategies, branding, partnerships and affiliations. Baur and Meister are delighted that he’s joined the team because he has great knowledge of companies that the SSUF looks to attract, and his work ethic and visions have aligned with what the SSUF’s mission is.


Mike Baur entered the startup accelerator world in 2014. Prior to that he was making a big paycheck in banking, but he decided it was time to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air in a changing Switzerland corporate landscape. Baur had actually gone into the banking career the way that aspiring young Swiss men did back when banks were seen as the ultimate pillars of Switzerland. As a 16-year old intern, he received not only extensive on the job training, but also was given a road map of what he would need to do from then until retirement. Baur progressed in banking right on schedule, and even when he was still only in his 20s he was already advising and manging the assets of some of the nation’s wealthiest. By 2009 he was doing so well as head of Clariden Leu Bank’s credit division it seemed all was going to lead to his planned retirement, but in the years after the 2008 recession Baur started noticing he could no longer help people the way he used to be able too and there was too many banking regulations. So he left Clariden Leu and delved completely into startup investing.


Mike Baur met up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and through partnerships with Goldback Group, Helvetia and Red Bull Media they’ve been able to fund their programs and show investors a working model. Investors know that they are funding startups that have undergone vetting and are taken through testing to get ready, and startups are given the mentoring and tools they need to get going. The SSUF basically runs a 3-month training program during which all attendees will undergo activities that will test their thinking limits and ascertain whether they can thrive in a world of competitors. Once they’ve completed the program, office space and a foundation to build their company on is provided.


Eric Leftkofsky and His Many Successes

Eric Leftkofsky is the co-founder of the company Tempus. Tempus is a company that specializes in data-enabled precision medicine. Eric also co-founded Groupon, but Tempus has a personal meaning to him due to his wifes condition.

Erics wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is when he found out about the mess that is data collection and digital technology. There was so much data about patients and their treatments, but there was no effective way to gather that information and put it to use. Now in steps Tempus. They waned to revolutionize the way that cancer care was delivered. And while they have discovered ways to analyze a patients clinical and molecular data, it didn’t come easy. Problems are bound to happen when you are talking about such a huge project, and initially there was a few of them. Ensuring that this information was affordable and accessible was problematic from the start. Plus, making sure that this sensitive information about patients was stored. Luckily, these hurdles were solved with Tempus creating its own software to ensure that a physicians notes could be transformed into structured data. Other procedures, such as human genome sequencing, used to be expensive, and unattainable by the average working person. Fortunately, companies like Tempus are helping drive the price down from the $100 million it was in 2003 to the $5000 it is today, plus it is expected to continue to lower. Tempus continues to make strides in the data-enabled precision medicine field, and hopes to help doctors pair patients with treatment more accurately.

Leftkofsky was born in Southfield, Michigan in 1969. He attended, and graduated from the University of Michigan before partaking in the dot-com revolution. Tempus headquarters is located in Chicago, which is where he spends most of his time. He has held several teaching positions over the years at different business and management schools, and now teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.