The Real Reason Why Sujit Choudhry is Able to Uncover the Disharmony in the Current Political Environment

Emerging from the Oxford University Press, Sujit Choudhry, Professor and internationally distinguished academic,  (, whose knowledge targets a variety of concerns in the newly energized field of comparative constitutional law. He writes in the book, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?” which will soon be issued to the public.

The piece is Professor Sujit Choudhry’s discourse on numerous features of the prevailing political atmosphere, in which he presents samples concerning the media, pointing to the decline of constitutional government.

Professor Choudhry illuminates a crucial focal point which entails studying the presidential term limit. In the United States and around the globe, this restricts a candidate to a sum of two terms as commander-in-chief. He continues on communicating that a dictator would plan to infringe on this democratic rule – endeavoring to spend more time in office. This move is glaring and such pursuits will invariably bring about adversaries and their supporters in droves who will expose the ruse.

Choudhry returns to where we started and closes by proposing that the court systems call out autocracy as they see it happen. This ensures that the people have their voice heard.

As a Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and an establishing administrator of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry has been globally recognized for his far-reaching experience in the field comparative constitutional law. The Center endeavors to assemble information in the application of creating democratic constitutions. Constitutional authorities across the globe engage in research inquiries that contribute data for governing choices that are extended to those being underserved. Numerous Colleges, institutions, and multilateral groups participate these studies, including three global collaborative research projects Choudhry co-leads.

Choudhry has also held a legal consultant role for more than twenty years. He has expertise in facilitating public discourse assemblies with civil society organizations and other stakeholders. Sujit Choudhry has been a confidant to foreign officials who were drafting constitutions in their own nations, counting Yemen, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, and Libya to name a few, check  He joins an extensive investigation program with a comprehensive process as an aide to constitutional structuring.

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Proteostasis Under Attack By Sahm Adrangi For Drug Breakthrough Statements

Sahm Adrangi is always on the lookout for companies that are worthwhile investments in various markets, including the medical market. That being said, Sahm is also wary of companies that are potentially problematic and when he finds one, he lets everyone know. Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi’s investment management firm, recently released a review of the biotech company, Proteostasis. This review is not the good kind, as Sahm Adrangi calls into question whether or not this company is fabricating their medical results.

Proteostasis recently made an announcement that they have created a new drug that can combat cystic fibrosis, claiming this drug can greatly improve lung performance for those afflicted with the illness. Sahm Adrangi is no stranger to taking on biotech companies, having combated some of the biggest in the world without hesitation, and Proteostasis is no different. The data that has been put forth by Protestais has been analyzed by Kerrisdale Capital, and much of it is not promising in regards to their new “breakthrough” drug.

The testing that this biotech company has done is not yet complete, especially since their first run using the drug only comprised of four different patients. This is hardly a big enough sample size to determine whether or not a drug is effective for people. For Proteostasis to make these claims so prematurely, the data for the effectiveness of their drug is actually skewed. For all Proteostasis knows, their drug acted as a placebo for their patients.

Sahm Adrangi is concerned that this company’s claims have actually been falsified because of the pressure against them for creating a product that is successful. Not only is their data largely incomplete and devoid of test results, but Proteostasis stands to lose the majority of their company value should this drug not work out. With all of the problems looking into this biotech company, Sahm is warning people of their claims and investors to stay clear. Since Kerrisdale’s report released, Proteostasis’s company stock value has decreased by 16 percent, amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

Why A Lot of People Disagree With Sheriff Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio took a very hard-line approach when he made the decision to combat illegal immigration. Him and his officers searched long and hard for illegal aliens.

Many people feel that Sheriff Arpaio’s search for illegal aliens was unethical because it had underlying implications of racial profiling. It just so happened that him and his subordinates were pulling over Hispanic-looking motorists in the hopes of finding “illegals,” which gave the impression of racial profiling.

Some people feel that illegal aliens should be left alone and allowed to stay here if they choose. People who feel this way tend to see people with opposing views as intolerant and uncompassionate. They are empathetic toward the struggles of illegal immigrants.

It is very sensible to be concerned about the struggles of illegal immigrants because many of them have really gone through a lot in their lives. In America, most people take for granted the fact that they are living in a relatively peaceful, mostly non-violent country.

Why A Lot Of People Agree With Sheriff Arpaio

There are large swathes of people who agree with the actions of Sheriff Arpaio, including Donald Trump.

The people who agree with him simply feel that illegal immigrants should not be here because they did not come here through sanctioned means, and they are not supposed to be here. Illegal immigrants are breaking the rules by being present in the United States, and people should not be breaking the rules. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The rules are in place to keep order in society, and you cannot have a society that works and is able to properly provide for its citizens when untold amounts of undocumented people are coming in.

The order of our country is in place to ensure that everyone gets the resources and opportunities that they need. Having illegals flood the country is detrimental to this system. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Also, there is a very dark side to the world of undocumented immigration that is heavily connected to human trafficking, drugs, gang violence and general crime.

Some people who agree with Sheriff Arpaio argue that in liberal political jurisdictions where illegal aliens are protected from deportation, the local governments and politicians make too much of an effort to protect illegal aliens who have broken the law and done violent crimes. As a result, when illegal aliens do violent crimes and break the law, justice is not properly served.

Sheriff Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, have been at odds with Sheriff Arpaio for over a decade. It is hard to believe that it has been over ten years since Arpaio tried to arrest the two publishers.

Lacey and Larkin repeatedly published negative news about Arpaio in their publications. This greatly annoyed the Sheriff. For a while, Arpaio sat still, waiting for an excuse to try to get them into trouble.

Finally, the sheriff’s ship came in one day when he realized that he could get the two men into trouble over the fact that his home address was mentioned in one of their publications.

Clay Siegal, Seattle Genetics, and the Future of Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegal is the founder, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Seattle-based pharmaceutical research company Seattle Genetics. Since its founding in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been involved in the development of an immunotherapy medication used for the destruction of cancer cells found in Hodgkin lymphoma. The medication is named Adcetris and its purpose is to target the foreign cancer cell and destroy it from the inside. This will eliminate the cell, preventing it from spreading within the individual’s body and the reproduction of other cancerous cells that would follow. Another medication that is currently being researched is known only as number 33A. Little is known about the drug’s compound formula but what has been established is the drug will be used to treat acute myeloid leukemia. 22ME is a drug that will be used to battle bladder and urothelial cancers and LIV1 is slated to combat breast cancer. Clay Siegal hopes to prove that his company is not aimed to develop one or two key drugs and sell his formula to the highest bidder. Rather his intent is to continue to invest in his employees and his research methods to create medication formulas that could potentially save the lives of thousands of people.

Clay Siegal received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University. Prior to his co-founding of Seattle Genetics, Siegal was employed with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research company as well as with National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health. He currently serves on the board for Alder Biopharmaceuticals as well. His approach to the industry has not been one of the traditional biopharmaceutical research and development firm. Siegal intends on continuing his agenda as a top research facility and add another two-hundred employee to his current nine-hundred employee roster.

Seattle Genetics mission is in the development of antibody-drug conjugates(ADC). This treatment regiment is designed for the medication to target the cancer cell in question and destroy it before it has the chance to multiply through the infection of other healthy cells within the body. The targeted approach of just the cancer cell itself is intended to eliminate the negative effects that other treatment regiments such as chemotherapy have on the body’s internal systems. This cutting-edge approach to cancer treatment is paving the way for future research and development but the high cost associated with these research methods limits their availability to the public.

An Interview with Clay Hutson Depicts his Successful Career in the Music Industry

Without a doubt succeeding in music comes with its own challenges. As such, the industry of music has been portrayed as the most challenging in its own ways. This is because it is ont big world that carries a couple of dreams ; dreams every talented musician aspires to achieve. Nevertheless , with a few guidelines, every aspiring musician can achieve their dreams. Clay Hutson is one successful executive who has managed to cement his name in the ever transitioning industry.



Hutson has vastly excelled in the music industry thanks to his passion for assisting artists throughout their career. All too often, his roles have been linked to developing a smooth career path for talented individuals who would like to grow their music careers. As such, Clay Hutson has managed to ensure that the audiences receive better service delivery every time a performer goes to the stage. He also makes sure that his artists enjoy their performances even if they are meant to entertain other people. What is more, Clay Hutson has been depicted as the talented mentor who dedicates his entire days and nights to growing others’ careers.

Mr. Hutson owns a business established to provide services for not only musicians but also event organizers. Prior to venturing into the music industry , he pursued theatre design. That is how he earned a name as a certified sound engineer ready to help musicians and other performers to encroach the industry of music. Now after school, Clay Hutson managed to secure employment opportunities from different companies. First off, he worked as a project manager then later on worked as a team leader for companies that produced music and designed concerts. Most notably is the fact that his duties revolved around handling rockstars.



While in those companies, Clay Hutson managed to secure tenures that favored his career growth. Aside from that, he was now in a position to dispense competent services because he honed his skills to the ivy league level. From that moment , Clay Hutson decided to launch his company. The company provides unparalleled services for diffferent talented artists across Holywood. Some of the services include stage and sound management. Until now, Clay Hutson has managed to work with the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock as well as the famous Pink!


Moreover, Clay has successfully completed various managerial tasks in the industry. This set him apart from conventional sound engineers. Learn more:

Todd Lubar, born an entrepreneur

In the two decades that he has worked in finance, Todd Lubar has witnessed the challenges that people face in their quest to get a loan approved especially if the credit is meant for a housing project. Owing to his passion for helping the community, he decided to come up with a program that would help people achieve their dreams by reducing the barriers that stood in their way of getting loans and mortgages. This brought forth the birth of TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar is a graduate of the University of Syracuse with a degree in Speech Communication. He began his career working at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation for a few years and later joined the Legacy Financial Group where he worked for several years. You can visit his page

During his tenure at Legacy, Todd Lubar saw to the growth of the firm until it became a production entity of more hundreds of millions of dollars in the annual loan capacity. He later left Legacy and joined the Charter Funding which is one of United States’ largest private mortgage companies. All these experiences paved the way for him to establish his real estate mortgage firm.

As the current president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar rationalizes processes that assist in the embellishment of his client’s business endeavors under his supervision and coaching. Check out Medium to know more.

His years of know-how in entrepreneurship make him the right person to offer these services. Todd began showing his entrepreneurial abilities at a very young age when he would rather sell chocolate and lemonade drinks or clear snow from the sidewalks of his neighborhood at a pay than spend time playing with his peers. Todd Lubar has not slowed down from that time as he has been involved in a series of industries including entertainment, real estate, and mortgage banking.

Currently, Todd Lubar is working on developing a process that will allow his business to run efficiently without having to be directly involved to enable his research on other ventures and eventually establish other businesses. Todd Lubar is a senior director at the Legacy Financial group where he previously worked.

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Jeff Herman: Standing for the Sexually Abused

Jeff Herman is an American lawyer based in Florida who has been rallying along with other celebrities like Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers to put pressure on the Congress. They wanted the representatives to vote for the passing of the Child Victims Act, turning it into law. They have been continually appealing to the representatives at the Congress, saying that if it were not passed, many children would continue becoming victims of sexual abuse. The number of sexually abused children in American is continually rising, and according to the concerned groups and organizations, the only way to stop the predators is for the government to act. However, with the status of the law in the country, it seems like the government does not give the act a priority.

People who have been rallying to have the law passed have been saying that by pressuring the Congress, the representatives would no longer have any choice but to do what the public wants. In New York City, the public has banded together to form a group that would support those who have been victims of sexual abuse, and at the same time, they would also join the groups who will put additional pressure to the Congress. The group, named “New Yorkers against Hidden Predators,” has already recruited Jeff Herman to become one of their members. The group managed to acquire thousands of new members after it was launched, and they are positive that the instant growth of the group would be beneficial for the success of their cause. Their primary objective is the eradication of the culture of sex and abuse, and they believe that their objective would come to fruition once the Child Victims Act has been approved.

Jeff Herman continues his crusade against the predators who keep on abusing the children. His reputation as a great lawyer is known all throughout the United States, and he has already assisted thousands of people who need legal help, especially those who have experienced being a victim of sexual abuse. For Jeff Herman, his passion for helping the victims of sexual abuse is becoming stronger every time he sees that justice is being served to those who need it.

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Lacey and Larkin: Trump and Arpaio share ideological similarities

If there are people who are disgusted by the Arpaio pardon, then it has to be two journalists from Arizona known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Joe Arpaio is the immediate former sheriff of the county of Maricopa. The 85 years old Joe tried to vie for the seat again last year but was defeated. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

He has served for 24 years as the sheriff. His pardon came as a shock to people who love human rights initiatives since he is one sheriff who committed atrocities to the people of Maricopa County. Joe Arpaio was given a person from prosecution by the president on the issues that touched on his performance as the sheriff.

Lacey and Larkin just like any other person who loves the equal treatment of all people were disgusted that the[resident of the united states had decided to pardon a rogue character like Joe Arpaio who has tens of cases of human rights violations against him.

Arpaio used his position in power to commit actions which amounted to violations of human rights. He treated the migrants into the county with contempt.

He did not recognize them as equal human beings who deserve to be treated well. He made the process of pushing them so lethal that people even lost their lives in the process. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Lacey and Larkin are committed to making sure that he does not get away with the actions he took while he was the sheriff they have sworn to start a fresh push to have Joe Arpaio taken back to the courts for prosecution., there is substantial information that implicates him with the things that happened in the state.

It is sad that he was allowed to walk free yet many victims of his actions are still grieving. The action to pardon him is an injustice to the thousands of migrants who were tortured by Arpaio.

Arpaio actions need to be punished, but it seems that won’t happen anytime soon as long as Trump is the president. He is ready to shield Arpaio who supported him in the last elections.

Both Trump and Arpaio have one thing in common; they hate migrants with passion. This seems like the common ground which has brought them together. Trump sees nothing wrong with the actions committed by Arpaio.

He believes such mistreatment was the right decision to be taken against immigrants. According to Michael Lacey, it is a tragedy that the United States has a president who does not have respect for human rights. His actions show a leader who is taking us back to the dark ages of reckless human rights violation.

Lacey and Larkin have been arrested by Joe Arpaio and put behind bars for one night for publishing a story that touched on the conduct of Joe Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin spent many years exposing the illegal activities he was involved in.

They even once did an investigative work that showed that he owned real estate property worth $700,000. This was too much for a sheriff who was getting just $78,000 per year.