Whitney Wolfe Changes What Social Media Looks Like

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is an app developer that is all about business. She knows if there is a small amount of women that are able to do what she does, and this is why she takes her job so seriously..Whitney is turning up the heat and providing people with different perspective on social media. More people are now seeing Whitney Wolfe as the innovator that is making her own world in social media apps.


She has proven herself to be a social media guru that knows a lot about different aspects of app development world. She may not be someone like Mark Zuckerberg that knows a lot about developing apps from the standpoint of a programmer, but she is in tune with what people want. This makes her even more valuable as a CEO for Bumble.

Wolfe has a clear cut idea of what is going on in the technology world. She is someone that has a ton of experience with marketing to potentially anyone that may be using her platform. She is clearly a people’s person.

The New Zealand Herald called her the $1 Billion Queen of the dating app world. She is the working on being the Queen of Social Media altogether. It is her goal to make more people take a look at what Bumble as more than a dating app. In fact, many people that find Bumble discover it largely because they were using Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz. It is the networking and friendship building app that also happens to connect singles. Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF and Bumble Dating.

The Bumble business has as many as 85% women for the staff. This makes it one of the biggest employees of women in the app development community. That is why so many people are checking out what Whitney Wolfe is talking about next. They know that she is doing something amazing when it comes to innovation. She even took to creating Bumble Bee Hives (rooms to Bumble singles) to let matches from Bumble meet up in a safe environment and connect.

Whitney Wolfe is someone that is not waiting for the world to lead her. She is leading the world. Her mindset is geared towards becoming someone that can totally transform the world of social media by changing user perspectives. More people look to her to create social media change with Bumble.

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Susan McGalla Identifies A New Way To Get Women Into Leadership Positions In Business

Just about everyone knows it is a struggle for women to reach the very highest ranks in any large corporation. Men dominate these roles even though the statistics plainly show that female leaders makes companies more profitable as they are better able to see things in new ways and be more innovative in their approaches. She started out at an entry position at American Eagle Outfitters and by the time she left this company she was the president, for example. Today she is an executive for the Pittsburg Steelers where she is in charge of their business strategy and creative development as a vice president

Susan McGalla says it is hard for women to get through the glass ceiling like she has. She says that past efforts haven’t really accomplished a lot in changing this state of affairs. What she thinks could change this is executive sponsorship of women who show promise as business leaders. Her idea is that women who are focused on advancing in their careers should identify an executive of their company who will serve as her sponsor. The sponsor will help this woman grow professionally as well as help create opportunities for them to attain higher positions of authority.

What Susan McGalla envisions is sponsors who will advocate for the female leader they are helping. They will recommend they are assigned to projects they will bring their strengths to and be given opportunities to show their leadership. She says that these sponsors would be given incentives to do their best as supporters of women leaders.

Ara Chackerian; A Healthcare Innovator Shares His Take on Healthcare Startups

Healthcare is one of the largest service sectors in the world. For that reason, many healthcare startups are coming up with strategies of offering better services to patients and key players in the healthcare sector. Most of the startups specialize in developing devices and digital systems that improve service delivery in the healthcare industry. Ara Chackerian is one of the key players in healthcare innovations. He specializes in healthcare technologies. He has founded several firms that specialize in diagnostic imaging services.




Over the years, Ara Chackerian has worked hard to see that he makes a difference in the healthcare sector through innovations. Through innovations, healthcare service delivery will get better. Robotics, digital imaging, AI, data processing, digital record keeping and advanced diagnostics are some of the inventions making healthcare sector better. Ara has also come up with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is a potential innovative mental health treatment. All these innovations are employed in healthcare firms to make operations easy like treatment, recordkeeping, and diagnosis. You can visit their website arachackerian.com





In 2017, 79 NYC healthcare startups raised $703 million in venture capital funding. Many factors enabled the startups to raise such an amount. Access to capital, support from local and state governments and proximity to leading universities are some of the factors that ensured that the startups raised such funds. Ara Chackerian knows that it is not easy for startups to raise funds. At the initial stage, healthcare startups experience negative cash flow which can affect their growth. Therefore, startups should come up with devices and technologies that will offer solutions to the healthcare sector. With that, they will avoid delays in IPOs as well as cash flow hiccups.



For a healthcare startup to bring exceptional innovations to the market, they need innovative teams. The teams should focus on championing innovations and selling the innovations in the market to ensure that investors who back them get some returns. Successful healthcare innovators such as Ara Chackerian are confident that startups of today will grow significantly if they offer cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions to the market. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Risk Taking By Vijay Eswaran

Living life in the present is one of the best ways to live. In doing so, we open up to take the daily opportunities that are provided to us. Often we miss the presented opportunities, by playing safe. Playing safe is a result of the preconceived information that cannot be ascertained to be true.

Vijay Eswaran’s presents to us a unique way to go about life. By learning the fundamental principles that dictate how the world is run we are up to live life as is required. We are not likely to live to our utmost when we want to go against such set guidelines that could make a simple living which we get to do the opposite.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Born to parents of Indian origin in Penang, Malaysia his family was educated and modest. Vijay was involved in odd jobs despite his family background, to raise the fee for his education in London and Illinois for higher education in accounting and management. After studies, he has worked as an information systems engineer in south-east Asia and America.

Executive chairman and founder of QI group of companies which is a conglomerate international whose headquarters are in Hong Kong. The company has its operations I more than 30 countries around the world.

Vijay Eswaran during the 1998 financial crisis in Asia, saw him start a direct sells network in the Philippines which made a combination of direct sells and an e-commerce revolution. QNET was a leader in twelve months in Philippines and growth into the massive Asian market, due to its vast rise expansion to Africa was subsequent. He has partnered with the English premier league giants Manchester city football club.

Vijay Eswaran is the training network events, v-convention, and motivational speaker since he has seen the creation of multinational from scratch to a multinational and his experience is invaluable. He does speak on major platforms such as the world economic forum. His participation has seen him receive awards like ASEAN business advisory council and lifetime achievement award for global entrepreneurship in 2016.

Those willing to take the highest risks in life, ready to get out of the comfort zone and do what the majority are not willing to engage in due to fear to make the difference in their lives. As with a new day, a unique opportunity is given, and those willing to give it a try will reap the benefit. Change is inevitable, and if we do not change, we will become extinct.

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