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Peter Briger From Goldman Sachs To Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, joined Fortress Investment Group in March of 2002 as part of the Management Committee. He is responsible for the area of Credit and Real Estate business, and after being a member of the board of directors for close to 3 years (from November 2006), in August 2009, Briger was elected Co-Chairman at Fortress.Briger’s academic track record consists of an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. degree from Princeton University, which he received in 1986. Prior to working at Fortress, Peter Briger had a long stint at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for 15 years, having different roles throughout the years. He managed to build his wealth on his knowledge of trading assets that no one wants, specializing in distressed debt.

He co-founded the Special Situations Group at Goldman Sachs in 1997, the group often being credited for being a primary driver of the firm’s revenue in the past decade.Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs and after a few business ventures he joined Fortress in 2002. He is credited with playing a role in helping Fortress Investment Group go public. In 2007 the firm got listed on the New York Stock Exchange with an impressive IPO. While the financial crisis from 2008-2010 is still forcing banks to change their business role models (through regulatory changes), Peter Briger still sees opportunity to profit in the financial sector from distressed assets.In first quarter of the year, the team ran by Peter Briger managed to raise $4.7 billion for a new fund. He continues to be successful in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Banks are being forced to sell risky assets (or non-performing ones) due to regulatory demands, which give Fortress and Briger the opportunity to scoop them up at a low price.Besides his executive role at Fortress, he is also a member of various organizations and is actively engaging in philanthropy. Besides helping different causes, such as helping provide quality education and alleviate poverty, Briger invested over $600 million in order to help conserve and maintain Central Park in New York. His professional record gained him respect, and shows that he is an important and valuable player in the financial industry. He is part of Forbes 400 top business professionals in the world, and while his work at Goldman Sachs was successful, it was with Fortress where he became a billionaire.



Guilherme Paulus’ Journey From Scratch To A Billionaire

Guilherme Paulus is one of the Latin America’s greatest entrepreneurs. He has a chain of tour companies throughout Brazil known as CVC Brasil Operado e Agencia de Viagens S.A. Paulus also owns the renowned nationwide hotels with the name GJP Hotels and Resorts. Thousands of customers have been consumers of Guilherme’s products and services since he established his companies.

The stories behind great entrepreneurs such as Guilherme Paulus start from far. Guilherme began as an IBM employee after school. He later joined Casa Faro travel agency as an employee. His dream though was to own a travel company. Soon, an opportunity presented itself when he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiara who was a Brazilian politician. Carlos offered to partner with Paulus to form a travel agency hence the birth of CVC. After four years, the two entrepreneurs split ways.


Beginning from Sao Paulus, Brazil, Guilherme Paulus built his own travel agency business. He suffered many setbacks that made him almost give up, but with his vision in mind, he continued to push for victory. The connections he made in the industry are the key thing that made his ideas come to fruition. CVC has not only influenced Brazil but also has it crossed over to other nations. CVC is currently among the biggest ship operator companies globally.

As a billionaire, Guilherme Paulus joined the Forbes billionaires list in 2013. By then he was worth more than $1 billion. Governments internationally have recognized him as one of the entrepreneurs that have significantly turned around the economy in countries such as Mexico, France, and the United States.

In one of the interviews, Guilherme Paulus shares some of his success tips as an entrepreneur. He says that he is always optimistic despite any setback that comes his way. Guilherme organizes his daily activities skillfully by developing a weekly schedule to guide him. Guilherme’s activities mainly include working closely with his hotels which enlightens him more as he interacts with the staff and the customers.

Guilherme has a great interest in golf, and he plans to make it well-liked in his country. He also encourages his people to visit high standard hotels to experience extraordinary services offered.

Ted Bauman’s Research on the Growth of Economy and Effects of Rising Wages

Ted Bauman commands the popularity as one of the biggest financial advisors and investors around the United States and the world at large. He is the executive editor of Alpha Stock Alerts and The Bauman Plan B Club. He started working at the company in 2013 September. His main expertise is privacy, asset protection, international migrations, and investment strategies. He also writes in Daily Newsletters and Sovereign Investor Daily.

His studies on the rising wages effects

During the last year’s financial quarter, many different media houses have put up some reports indicating the growth rate of the American economy, which was very rapid. They indicated that the United States gross product rose by a rate of over 2.3 percent. Many economic forecasts have also indicated that different companies’ revenue may significantly go up by the next few months. The fantastic news has greatly improved the confidence of many clients, which has led to the increment of prices to millions of properties, including values of various countless investments.

Ted Bauman’s recent report

Despite the reports, these wages have always remained stagnant. Since 2017, the available number of jobs increased, but many companies have had a significant decrease in terms of wages which took effect from 2018 February. With Ted Bauman’s expertise, he has examined and come up with factors influencing wages. He has also determined that when the wages are increased, they can bring tremendous improvements in demands, boost the employees’ motivation leading to optimization of productivity. It can also maximize the competition to influence the economy growth.

Current unemployment rate

According to ted Bauman’s report, since 2017, the rate of unemployment has significantly gone down in America. During July of 2018, the country’s unemployment rate was ranging from 3.9 percent. That means with the current report, job seekers may not more than the available jobs. Ted Bauman also indicates that citizens might also experience consistent growth in the economy if many firms raise their wages. Ted Bauman has always had successful achievements in whatever he does, which has brought significant contributions in his prosperity.



Sheldon Lavin’s Journey to the Top

Sheldon Lavin has a well-decorated profile in the food and banking sector due to the massive success he has attained overtime in the areas. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is an international multibillion-dollar food processing and meat packaging company. They have expanded throughout the world and currently supply to more than 65stores in 17 countries. The company’s commitment to sustainable food production and use of cutting-edge technology has seen them win over many more territories.

Sheldon Lavin has been a critical pillar in the success of OSI Group. Equipped with great managerial abilities and experience, he was able to make sound decisions that propelled the company to greater heights. Lavin specializes in financial operations as well as managerial ones to ensure the firm maintains proper food supply chains. To ensure this, he has to understand the minute details of every factor. Issues such as technological advances, consumer preference, and availability of resources can prove very crucial. To succeed in rounding up all this information Sheldon Lavin uses a team of highly experienced individuals to conduct his research. With this delegation, it becomes easier to gather correct data for use.

After attaining his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Lavin started his consultancy firm. He worked in the finance consultancy field for over 15 years under his company Sheldon Lavin & Associates, Inc. It is during this period that Otto & Sons (Now OSI Group) came searching for financial consultancy. He continued in his consultancy capacity until 1975 when more financing for further expansion was required that he was made a partner. In the following years, the other two partners retired leaving the leadership of the OSI Group with Lavin. He seized this opportunity to apply his knowledge to grow the firm further.

Currently, OSI Group is one of the biggest food processors with over 20,000 employees worldwide. It was ranked by Forbes the 58th largest private company in 2016 with a net worth of $6.1billion. Due to the efforts put in by the company’s way of operation to produce sustainably they have received several accolades. Sheldon Lavin has also has had his fair share of awards for his work. One notable award was in 2015 when he was awarded by RSM US LLP the Lifetime Achievement Award. All through he continues to be considered a guru in his business management and mentors others where possible.

Stream Energy: The Generous Company

In August of 2017 residents of Houston, Texas were confronted by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane swept through the area bringing unimaginable levels of rainfall. The heavy rain caused many areas to become flooded. Many unfortunate people lost their lives and their homes. One of the first companies in the region that stepped up first to assist in funding for the rebuilding of the shattered community was Stream Energy. Corporate philanthropy is at the very core of the culture in the company. Employees and the executives of the company have all put an effort to give back to the community. Stream Energy has given back to the community for several years but they recently started a new charity called “Stream Cares”. The advantages for Stream are they can give back to the community and they will earn greater respect and recognition from the public and potential clients.

It is common that when a company does a charitable act, they make sure to broadcast it, so the public is fully aware. This can benefit a company in recessions, when revenues may drop, or they must lay off some of the staff. Many people have an image of greedy corporations who only care about profit margins. In truth, corporate America is very generous and corporations across the US gave over $19 billion in total to various charities in 2016.

Stream Energy has a very easy-to-follow business model. They pay their employees to build a network of satisfied and loyal clients and can offer a myriad of services and products. It is possible that associates that perform well in sales can earn commissions. It is often the associates who pick a charitable cause that they are passionate about. Among all the members of Stream Energy, they all feel strongly about homelessness. Every year Stream partners with Hope supply company and they feed over a thousand homeless children and take them to have a fun day at a water park. Supplies and money are also donated for the cause.

Impressionable Facts about Adam Milstein

A native of Israel, Adam Milstein has established an empire for himself through his works of philanthropy and investment. He is a leader that is fully committed to uniting the Israelites, and he believes that peace is a fundamental requirement for both economic and individual development in life. He moved to the United States together with his wife and children in 1981 and later enrolled for his masters from UCLA. He has established his career in the country, and he has always been dedicated to bringing out the best in all his ventures. He does not settle for less, and he is unstoppable when it comes to achieving his targets.

As an investor, Adam Milstein has shown people how they could acquire maximum profits in their ventures by bringing ideas to life and committing themselves towards making their firms the best. He is the current managing partner of Harger Pacific properties, and he has employed the use of the skills he gained in business administration to lead the firm towards achieving the best. Additionally, the renowned investor and philanthropist has established a great name for himself through the many achievements he has brought in the field of investment. He is a strong believer in the impact of hard work, and he strives to put the best effort towards meeting his targets. Through the perseverance, Adam Milstein has shown towards his career, he has seen a vast number of people strive to emulate him and follow his entrepreneurial and philanthropic steps.

In his philanthropic activities, Adam Milstein has not only contributed huge funds for the benefit of other people but also for the development of other people’s careers as well as for the upgrade of their living standards. He is a leader that has always striven to be a light to other people, and he believes that perseverance and forming partnerships can play a great role in fuelling growth in the economic status of a country. He has over the past years been actively involved in combatting anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activities in both universities and colleges as well as homesteads of the people of Israel origin.


The success of InnovaCare is due to the exemplary leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is found in North America where it has been offering the best services in the island of Puerto Rico. North America is known when it comes to the competition in the sector of healthcare. Many organizations provide competitive services and to achieve success with your company you have to be outstanding and ready to work hard to outshine the others. That is what InnovaCare has done. Since the company started, it has been providing the best services because the primary goal is to serve customers diligently. The leaders behind the success of the company always try their best to keep improving on the services. Through their dedication, the company has achieved a series of accomplishments. Customers have flocked because they have realized that is the only place they can get standardized services. The success of the company is also attributed to the best leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who have been working to see the company achieve its goals. You can visit





Learn about Rick Shinto




Richard Shinto who is known by many as Rick is currently leading InnovaCare Health as the President. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the same company. Rick has acquired a lot of knowledge in the management of companies because he has been doing the business in several organizations. He has occupied top jobs in various companies, and that is why he can manage a large firm like InnovaCare. He has been a CEO in different companies, and that is why he has acquired the knowledge and skills to run companies. Rick worked at Aveta where he was in the management team. He also later became the president of the company as well as the CEO. He then moved to PMC Medicare Choice where he became the CEO. The experience has taught him a lot when it comes to management. You can visit Businesswire for more.


It is through the leadership in various companies that Rick Shinto has become respected by leaders and even his juniors. He uses the experience he has acquired in the previous jobs to take a company to the next level. Since he joined InnovCare, he has done a lot to the company, and he has enabled it to become successful. Rick believes in working as a team and having a clear vision and the right communication. Those are the values he has been using in his leadership.


He works with Penelope Kokkinides and together they have managed to help InnovaCare to be where it is today. Penelope Kokkinides is also a leader with a wealth of experience.


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Michael Lacey is a famous mathematician

Although many people know Michael Lacey because of his expertise in mathematics, he is also involved in other activities. Michael Lacey is a great writer and a philanthropist who has helped many in society to achieve great success.

Even during his high school days, Michael Lacey knew what he wanted to do in life. His love for mathematics enabled him to achieve great success and get a chance to study in prestigious institutions like Texas University and Illinois. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

He pursued his Ph.D. degree with the help of Walter Phillip. His thesis was dealing with Banach spaces. He also solved other issues in his thesis. He solved the law of iterated logarithm when he was doing his thesis.

Michael Lacey started his journey in his career when he finished doing his Ph.D. Since then; he has worked in several institutions where he has contributed in the field of mathematics. He has worked at Chapel Hill, North Carolina University and Bloomington holding various positions.

After serving at these institutions, he had acquired the experience to continue working. He went to serve as the associate professor at Georgia Institute which is in Atlanta. Here he was working on tenure which ended in 1998.

He was now employed as the full-time associate professor in the same university. It is a position that he held for several years before he was promoted to become a full professor. He showed outstanding performance, and that is why he was trusted and promoted.

Throughout his career, Michael Lacey has worked for several organizations and held different positions. That is how he has acquired the skills and knowledge he has today. His experience in the field of mathematics is unmatched.

He has got the opportunity to work with several distinguished professors and has also won accolades. Michael Lacey has continued to help others to achieve because he believes in changing the lives of others.

Michael Lacey is not only a distinguished mathematician, but he is also a writer and orator. He has been invited into several universities where he gives talks on mathematics. He has also been invited on various international forums.

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Avanca CMO Gives NewsWatch an Enthusiastic Review During a Recent Interview

In a recent interview with NewsWatch Natalie Van Wijkvliet the Chief Marketing Officer of Avanca discussed how Newswatch aided the company in successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign to develop a Windows 10 PC that would fit in your pocket. She stated the team from NewsWatch was great, the support was good and she was pleased with the interviewer. Van Wijkvliet went on to say that she believed using NewsWatch was a key reason the crowdfunding campaign was successful.

NewsWatch was hired by Avanca To produce and broadcast a one minute segment promoting their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the goal of reaching $10,000 in 30 days. The segment aired on the NewsWatch national television broadcast and NewsWatch’s online channels. The crowdsourcing campaign was an overwhelming success far exceeding the initial goal of $10,000 ending with more than $450,000.

NewsWatch provides news about technology, Health, travel, entertainment for consumers. Newswatch TV He shall weekly on the Ion Television Network and has bimonthly episodes that appear on the AMC Network with host Andrew Tropeano. The news watch series recently celebrated 1000 episodes having begun production in 1990.

During that time NewsWatch has included more than 10,000 individual stories on a wide variety of topics such as public policy issues, automotive news, legal issues, medical breakthroughs, entertainment, finance, charities, new products and celebrity news, and if any other many other subjects.

Over the past 25 years, NewsWatch has proven to be one of the most highly successful independently produced news magazines to appear on TV reaching more than 700 million people. With 25 years of experience and each episode reaching an estimated 96 million homes, NewsWatch is a key destination for many entertainers and other top celebrities looking to have a discussion on the latest issues as well as to lend their voice to causes they support.

Richard Dwayne Blair Creates Personalized Investment Plans For His Clients

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial advisor at Wealth Solutions. Before that, he was a successful investor, and he now dedicates his time to the education of his clients in the financial aspects of life. He provides his clients with the advice they need to make good investments and take control of their financial futures. He is passionate about teaching people about investing and how to grow a portfolio. He also believes that it is essential to build a relationship with the client and not just handle their investments. He maintains that it is this relationship which allows the client and the advisor to be a team.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a three-step program to develop a good investment strategy for a client. The first step consists of creating a map of the client’s finances. He performs an analysis of every financial aspect of the client’s life, including how much they make in a year, how much they are willing to invest, how much risk they are willing to take with their investments, what their financial goals are, and what their yearly budget plan looks like how much money they allocate to what areas of life. This analysis allows Richard Dwayne Blair to get a good look at the client and learn a lot about them. It also allows Blair to form that relationship he considers so important.

Step to is to actually craft the investment strategy. This is done by taking all the information that Blair has gathered about eh client’s finances and creating a custom-made strategy for the client. This strategy is based on the client’s personal finances and is likely not going to be useful to anyone but the client.

The last step is to implement the tailor-made strategy. Blair puts the strategy into motion and begins investing the client’s capital in the market, or in anything the strategy found fit to invest in. From that point forward, Blair follows the strategy for each client and adjusts according to the market in order to maximize earnings and minimize any possible losses. The goal is for the client to always be making money and understand how investing works so that they can take control of their own financial future.

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