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Avanca CMO Gives NewsWatch an Enthusiastic Review During a Recent Interview

In a recent interview with NewsWatch Natalie Van Wijkvliet the Chief Marketing Officer of Avanca discussed how Newswatch aided the company in successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign to develop a Windows 10 PC that would fit in your pocket. She stated the team from NewsWatch was great, the support was good and she was pleased with the interviewer. Van Wijkvliet went on to say that she believed using NewsWatch was a key reason the crowdfunding campaign was successful.

NewsWatch was hired by Avanca To produce and broadcast a one minute segment promoting their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the goal of reaching $10,000 in 30 days. The segment aired on the NewsWatch national television broadcast and NewsWatch’s online channels. The crowdsourcing campaign was an overwhelming success far exceeding the initial goal of $10,000 ending with more than $450,000.

NewsWatch provides news about technology, Health, travel, entertainment for consumers. Newswatch TV He shall weekly on the Ion Television Network and has bimonthly episodes that appear on the AMC Network with host Andrew Tropeano. The news watch series recently celebrated 1000 episodes having begun production in 1990.

During that time NewsWatch has included more than 10,000 individual stories on a wide variety of topics such as public policy issues, automotive news, legal issues, medical breakthroughs, entertainment, finance, charities, new products and celebrity news, and if any other many other subjects.

Over the past 25 years, NewsWatch has proven to be one of the most highly successful independently produced news magazines to appear on TV reaching more than 700 million people. With 25 years of experience and each episode reaching an estimated 96 million homes, NewsWatch is a key destination for many entertainers and other top celebrities looking to have a discussion on the latest issues as well as to lend their voice to causes they support.

The Greatness of The Academy of Art University

Are you generally interested in fashion? Are you generally interested in liberal arts? There area a number of schools that you can attend to get the knowledge that’s needed to be a success in this industry. The Academy of Art University just so happens to be one of the absolute best. This particular institution is located in beautiful San Francisco, California. Many of the students that come here actually leave with more than an education. These former students leave with a purpose in life. Academy of Art University has also produced talent that have worked on huge Hollywood hits. Some of the movies included are “Sully,” “Get Out,” “Big Hero 6” and many more.

Fashion design is also huge at this specific university, and it has a phenomenal fashion design program. This fashion design program has been able to build a resume of success over time. Some of the past graduates of this program has presented their fashion collections at the affluent New York Fashion Week. That’s right! Academy of Art University has strutted itself across the country to New York City. On September 9, 2017, the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion made its 21 appearance at this spectacular event. Yes, this is 21 times in a row for AAU. The school produced and displayed 10 fashion collections that includes two menswear lines, five womenswear lines and two collaborations.

The amount of painstaking labor that has gone into these projects are staggering. These extraordinary students has taken a wide variety of classes as well as taken numerous in-depth internships along the way. In the end, New York Fashion Week will only give you 15 minutes of runway time. The Academy of Art University has well-represented itself again, but who knows what the future will hold in the years to come.


José Henrique Borghi’s Journey in the Advertising Industry

José Henrique Borghi has an experience in advertising career surpassing 25 years. He is considered to be one of the most creative and strategic entrepreneurs in Brazil as he has created some of the most awarded campaigns. Jose started his advertising career at Standard Ogilvy in the year 1998. Along the years, he has worked other major advertising agencies before starting his agency. Some of the companies that he has worked with include FCB, Talent, and Leo Burnett. The exposure was precious as it helped him to gain relevant knowledge concerning the industry.

José Henrique Borghi started his Ad agency in the year 2002 known as BorghiErh, which became one of the best Brazilian advertising companies at the time. In 2006, Jose signed a contract to merge with Global Lowe to form Borghi Lowe. The company restructured in 2015 to create the Mullen Lowe Group which had branches in the United States and Uruguay. He is now the CCO and co-CEO of the Brazilian branch Mullen Lowe Brasil. He is also considered as one of the most influential advertisers in the region. The company is accredited for having worked with some of the most prominent and influential companies including Mitsubishi, Fiat, Unilever, Procter Delta Airlines, etc. and with his assistance, these companies have been able to maneuver in the Brazilian industry with ease.

His interest to be an advertiser started when he was still in junior high school. This is after his sister asked him to watch a performance with him at the Castro Neves Theater. The presentation involved the display of commercial Vts that were later awarded in Cannes. This experience sparked Jose’s interest in the industry. He enjoys running during most of his free times as it has taught him to have persistence even during the adverse times. He does not believe in luck, but in hard work and determination to succeed in life and learn more about Borghi.

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