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Book A Flight To The Fagali’I Airport And Come Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches Of Apia

Are you looking to explore a new set of beaches this season or planning for an upcoming season? How about beaches filled with amazing Samoan people with their own little likeable mannerism unlike anything you’ve ever experienced? Apia is the city to visit with the entire family for an exciting experience to take back home to share.

About Apia
Located on the central north coast of Upolu. It is the biggest city in Samoa and is its capital. Consists of just over 36,500 people. Home to the late great explorer and author, Robert Louis Stevenson according to His home has now been converted into a museum. The city is popular for its surfing, snorkeling, local food tasting, lava fields, blow holes, jungle trails and beautiful beaches.

Beaches of Apia
Apia consists of four amazing beaches: Lefaga Beach – a beautiful beach of clear, clean and warm water with an amazing scenery. Located about 35 minutes from Apia and one of tourists’ favorite beaches to visit; Tafa Tafa Beach – a great beach to have a party. Very safe for kids and the elderly; Salamumu Beach – crystal clear water, white sand and entails many interesting fishes. Private beach, quiet and much fishing is done here. Vaiala Beach – clean, comfortable, but more for adults as there are many cases of undercurrents in the water.

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Activities at the beaches
Beaches are known to include tons of fun experiences for visitors. But, besides picnicking, beach volleyball, and playing frisbee, what are some other activities enjoyed by families at Apia beaches? Well, let’s take to the water. Surfing is a common one. Snorkeling is another. Fishing is one. Boating and kayaking are two others. How about having a birthday party or a celebration of life? The Samoan community of people would be more than happy to help you experience excitement in style.

About Samoan Culture
A sociopolitical culture. Things are known to be done together. There are three aspects to a Samoan culture: faith, family and music. Dancing (siva), celebrations, craft making and cooking are monumental to the culture and are practice continuously according to As a visitor, you are treated exceptionally well. Your enjoyment is ensured. The traditions of the Samoan culture is extensive and as a visitor of Apia and surrounding areas you are in for getting a real taste of how the Samoan community lives.

Book a flight to the Fagali’I Airport today and come experience fun times in Apia and surrounding areas.