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Jeff Herman: Standing for the Sexually Abused

Jeff Herman is an American lawyer based in Florida who has been rallying along with other celebrities like Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers to put pressure on the Congress. They wanted the representatives to vote for the passing of the Child Victims Act, turning it into law. They have been continually appealing to the representatives at the Congress, saying that if it were not passed, many children would continue becoming victims of sexual abuse. The number of sexually abused children in American is continually rising, and according to the concerned groups and organizations, the only way to stop the predators is for the government to act. However, with the status of the law in the country, it seems like the government does not give the act a priority.

People who have been rallying to have the law passed have been saying that by pressuring the Congress, the representatives would no longer have any choice but to do what the public wants. In New York City, the public has banded together to form a group that would support those who have been victims of sexual abuse, and at the same time, they would also join the groups who will put additional pressure to the Congress. The group, named “New Yorkers against Hidden Predators,” has already recruited Jeff Herman to become one of their members. The group managed to acquire thousands of new members after it was launched, and they are positive that the instant growth of the group would be beneficial for the success of their cause. Their primary objective is the eradication of the culture of sex and abuse, and they believe that their objective would come to fruition once the Child Victims Act has been approved.

Jeff Herman continues his crusade against the predators who keep on abusing the children. His reputation as a great lawyer is known all throughout the United States, and he has already assisted thousands of people who need legal help, especially those who have experienced being a victim of sexual abuse. For Jeff Herman, his passion for helping the victims of sexual abuse is becoming stronger every time he sees that justice is being served to those who need it.

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