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Should I Use Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean on My Fine Hair?

Hair of every shape and size comes with its own set of unique problems and obstacles to hurdle for your best hair, and fine hair is, of course, no exception. Discovering the correct combination of products to leave your hair looking healthy and shiny instead of greasy and flat is sometimes an uphill battle, but thankfully beauty bloggers like Emily McClure spend their time testing products so that you don’t have to!
Ms. McClure put Cleansing Conditioner from WEN hair by Chaz Dean to the test in her week-long trial of the product to see if it lived up to its claims or if it fell flat.

For those of you who are not aware of what cleansing conditioner is or what it does, it is a product that takes the place of several other hair products. It’s a five-in-one and it takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler, which sounds heavenly even for those of us without fine hair!

At first, Emily was a little skeptical in regards to the Sephora endorsed product living up to its claims. The amount of product required for use seemed excessive to her; and when she awoke the next morning, she felt as if her hair was a bit greasy.

But by the end of the week and with a change in routine, she found that enjoyed the product and even ended up receiving compliments from her friends on how shiny and healthy her hair was looking. Cleansing Conditioner from Wen hair by Chaz Dean, she determined, worked best as part of a morning beauty routine rather than as part of a nighttime showering routine.

For those of you interested in giving WEN by Chaz Dean a try, she recommended this Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, which can be found here.

Check out blogger Emily McClure is cursed with fine, frizzy, limp hair that struggles to hold a shine.

Emily’s not alone, because many of us fight these common hair problems daily. Finding the ideal shampoos, conditioners and conditioning treatments aren’t always easy. Most store-bought shampoos, for instance, contain big lathers produced by sulfates, those harsh detergents. Instead of strengthening our strands, we are weakening them.

Popular LA star stylist Chaz Dean created a more natural and healthy way to wash hair. WEN by Chaz is a one-bottle dynamo that thoroughly cleanses the hair, moisturizes it, conditions and treats it without the lather-shampoo formula.

His special cleansing conditioners are like no other hair care experience, and you can ask his celebrity clientele. He sells hos products on Sephora. Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his star friends since 1993.

If you’re looking for high gloss, bounce and strong hair, then choosing the WEN way is the answer. So, Bustle blogger Emily McClure began a 7-day challenge with WEN. She chose the Amazon sold sweet almond mint formula for extra moisture and kept a hair log with hair selfies to bring the reader along her hair journey.

Emily used WEN in the shower and immediately observed how her strands swelled in thickness. After she blow-dried and styled her shoulder-length locks, she was impressed. The true test came from her friends who noticed Emily’s new, soft and ultra-shiny hair. Looking at her hair selfies will give you hair-envy. Emily looked pretty.

Because of her hectic work schedule and hair laziness, Emily veered away from daily AM Wen washes, once trying the product at night and another time, skipping the hair wash. During both instances, Emily’s hair went flat and greasy.

Emily concluded that for gorgeous results, you must follow the morning WEN washes with blow-drying and styling.

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