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Anthony Petrello’s journey to becoming a top CEO

Anthony Petrello is now the CEO of the biggest oil and drilling firm in the United States known as Nabors Industries. For him to get to this positions, it has taken years of hard work and growing step by step from one position to the other until he has finally became the CEO of Nabors. Anthony was born in a humbler family. His parents could not afford to take him to a good school as he would have wished; he attended a local public school. However, despite attending a public school, he did not lose momentum in his studies. He studied hard and performed very well in his exams. He showed brilliance that could not be matched even by students who attended private schools.

Anthony Petrello demonstrated exceptional skills in solving mathematical problems even in high schools. He was spotted by the Yale University who gave him a fully paid scholarship to study a degree in mathematics at the university. He was given an opportunity to study up to Ph.D. level. At the Yale University, Anthony Petrello would not stop showing impressive results. He performed way better than other student and was even invited by Professor Serge Lang to assist him in proving mathematical theories. Petrello was brilliant than any other student at the university during his undergraduate studies. He did not stop at the undergraduate level. He advanced and achieved a masters in mathematics still at the Yale University.

Something changes while after he finished his master’s degree; he lost passion for mathematics. He decided to take a new route and pursue law. He left Yale University and joined Harvard law school. When he switched to law studies, he did not lose the passion he had for excelling in education. He performed exemplary well and earned a Juris Doctor. After completing his post-graduate studies, Anthony Petrello married his Yale college friend, Cynthia. He then started his career practice by working for Baker &McKenzie law firm in New York. He worked a business lawyer for a few years after which he joined Nabors industries. He had worked at Nabors for about 20 years when he was appointed the CEO.Anthony Petrello is a true epitome of a person who does not believe in giving up. He has worked his way up from a very humble beginning to become a significant player in the economy of the United States. Today is one of the capable business leaders who make the United States shine as a hub of multinationals.

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Mike Baur Announces A New Executive To The Swiss Startup Factory’s Board Of Directors

The Swiss Startup Factory, an entrepreneur firm who connects investors with entrepreneurs and their startups and is one of the largest in Switzerland has just announced a new member to their executive board. Chairman Mike Baur and CEO Max Meister announced that Antonio Gasser would become the SSUF’s Chief Marketing Officer due to his resume in media and public relations. Gasser had recently founded and currently manages Swiss Startup Media GmbH, and as CMO of the SSUF will be in charge of its new marketing strategies, branding, partnerships and affiliations. Baur and Meister are delighted that he’s joined the team because he has great knowledge of companies that the SSUF looks to attract, and his work ethic and visions have aligned with what the SSUF’s mission is.


Mike Baur entered the startup accelerator world in 2014. Prior to that he was making a big paycheck in banking, but he decided it was time to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air in a changing Switzerland corporate landscape. Baur had actually gone into the banking career the way that aspiring young Swiss men did back when banks were seen as the ultimate pillars of Switzerland. As a 16-year old intern, he received not only extensive on the job training, but also was given a road map of what he would need to do from then until retirement. Baur progressed in banking right on schedule, and even when he was still only in his 20s he was already advising and manging the assets of some of the nation’s wealthiest. By 2009 he was doing so well as head of Clariden Leu Bank’s credit division it seemed all was going to lead to his planned retirement, but in the years after the 2008 recession Baur started noticing he could no longer help people the way he used to be able too and there was too many banking regulations. So he left Clariden Leu and delved completely into startup investing.


Mike Baur met up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and through partnerships with Goldback Group, Helvetia and Red Bull Media they’ve been able to fund their programs and show investors a working model. Investors know that they are funding startups that have undergone vetting and are taken through testing to get ready, and startups are given the mentoring and tools they need to get going. The SSUF basically runs a 3-month training program during which all attendees will undergo activities that will test their thinking limits and ascertain whether they can thrive in a world of competitors. Once they’ve completed the program, office space and a foundation to build their company on is provided.


Richard Mishaan Design’s Sought-After, Futuristic Luxury Spaces

Richard Mishaan is an exceptional architect, an award-winning interior designer and author. He is the man behind Richard Mishaan Design, a highly sought-after interior design firm based in New York. He scalled his exclusive and dazzling creations to a broader base. Richard Mishaan has spent over twenty-five years constructing stunning spaces for people to live and work. He serves as the lead designer at Mishaan Design.


He has a keen eye for converting average rooms into elegant, inspired spaces with a distinctive personality. Richard Mishaan graduated from Columbia University. He then proceeded to New York University. He worked briefly for an interior design firm before quickly branching out on his own and read full article.


They are a brilliant fusion of spectacular traditional elements with futuristic modern trends. He has mastered the art of taking the best of architecture, fashion, and interior design to create spaces that are ahead of their time.


He is the author of two titles; a 2009 publication called Modern Luxury as well as Artfully Modern, published in 2014. The guides, just like Mishaan Design, approach design in a lateral mode cutting across ages from medieval to modern, categories, geographic locations, and diverse materials. The company’s creations have been extensively featured in premium magazines such as Elle Décor and A Hotel Life among others and Richard’s lacrosse camp.


RM Design is the firm behind iconic masterpieces such as the Shelburne Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, the Marriot in South Beach and the now world-famous Trump World Towers. Richard Mishaan is dedicated to high-end design that transcends time and space. He believes art and design are versatile and dynamic. Everything has a proper place where it tells its story in a captivating style and Richard on Facebook.

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Why Adam Milstein is The Most Prominent Pro-Israel philanthropist in the U.S.

According to the article in NorCal News, with decades of experience specifically in the worlds of for-profit and non-profit, Adam Milstein has emerged as the most prominent pro-Israel philanthropist in America. Israel is in his blood, soul, and heart. Born as well as raised in Haifa, Adam Milstein joined the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and served in the 1973 Arab-Israeli.


Following his graduation from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, he moved to the united states in the year 1981 with his spouse plus a growing family pursue his post-secondary education at the business school of USC (University of Southern California). After he established himself as one of LA’S region’s premier managers in real estate investment, Milstein, and his spouse established the Adam and Gila MFF (Milstein Family Foundation).


According to, as an active Jewish community member, Adam Milstein realized that people living in the United States Israel lacked philanthropic organizations that were vibrant. In Israel, the state offers many amenities for free to the citizens and more information click here.


Because of that, it isn’t common for the Israelis to give donations to charities. That sparked an idea of building an organization that was going to inspire philanthropy, on strengthening the State of Israel, U. S. -Israel relationship, as well as the Jewish people and contact him.


That idea ultimately led Adam Milstein to form the Israeli-American Council. Milstein now serves Israeli-American Council as the chairman. Israeli-American Council is a non-profit based in the United States; it’s the country’s fastest-growing Jewish organization, serving over 500,000 Israeli-Americans and learn more about Adam Milstein.


Today, the vision of Adam Milstein is fulfilled as the Israeli-American Council is engaging Israeli-Americans in philanthropic tasks and has managed to help the Israeli-American community to come together and form an identity established in their lives in U.S. plus a solid connection to Israel, which is the Jewish People eternal homeland and Adam’s lacrosse camp.


Also, the IAC helps the Israeli-Americans’ next generation connect with their Jewish identity, their heritage, the Israel nation, and the Israeli language (Hebrew). Through extensive programming plus to engage people countywide, the Milstein Family Foundation and the IAC have played a major role to strengthen the relations between Israel and the U.S. and

Cameron Clokie Develops Bone Regeneration Therapies in Toronto, Canada

Cameron Clokie is an experienced oral surgeon. He is also a scientific researcher and successful entrepreneur.

Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics, a biotech firm based in Toronto. He offers handy tips to ensure your dental hygiene and oral health stays in tiptop condition during travel.

Plan your trip and pack in time. Ensure you throw a few extra toothbrushes and some bottles of water in the bag. Keep the toothbrush dry when not in use. This helps you avoid picking harmful bacteria from the brush. Pack a small oral hygiene bag with the essentials such as mouthwash, floss, and even toothpicks.

This should be portable and easy to get around. Find out where you can get replacements at short notice especially if you are on an extended vacation. You could also double pack the oral health bag.

In like manner, you can throw in a few oral treats. This includes sugar-free gum, sugarless candies as well as green tea. Use safe, clean water to brush your teeth. The water should be safe to drink. Strive to eat in clean and reputable places on the trip. This keeps bad bacteria at bay and maintains your oral health.

Crunchbase shows that Cameron Clokie is a Professor of Oral Surgery at the University of Toronto. He completed his dental surgery degree in 1985. He went on for specialty training which he completed in 1990. He then obtained a Ph.D. in bone regeneration from McGill University in 1992. The Professor is a highly sought after surgeon and trainer.

He is vocal about oral health. Cameron has authored numerous publications as well as given lectures on the subject of regenerative therapies around the world. He founded Induce Biologics in 2008 in Toronto, Canada. It is a biotechnology firm with a strong focus on bone regeneration therapies.

According to Bloomberg, It looks to commercialize regenerative technology developed by Cameron Clokie through the University of Toronto and McGill University in Canada.

It is involved in the creation of recombinant growth proteins and other bone regeneration biomaterials. It also provides solutions to deliver the materials into the body safely to regenerate tissue. He has spent over thirty years practicing and teaching dentistry. He has over twenty-five patents to his name.

Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is an acknowledged loan provider in this line of action. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to develop high-end solutions that wok to get the better benefit of the people who are in dire need of these stock-based loans. The company has a reputation for their diverse lending opportunities in the world. Because they seek the best business intentions with their clients, they have come out as one of the best business entities in the United States. For over 14 years of professional experience, they have worked to get the better end or those who are in need of fast working capital. Equities First Holdings also provides clients with the better alternatives in finance and their solutions. For those who want to meet their financial needs during the harsh economic climate, they must seek the better solutions through Equities First Holdings and more information click here.

For all the years of professional experience in the line of stock-based loans, Equities First Holdings made its name known in all generations. When the company knew the international community cherished its services, they decided to increase their offices and presence in the diverse market. As a matter of fact, they have worked to meet special needs in the eyes of many. For his reason, they went on and developed offices in other parts of the world including offices in London, the United States, Indianapolis, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth and and learn more about Equities First Holding.

Equities First Holdings has its main offices located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in 2002 to become one of the world largest providers of alternative financial solutions in the line of stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, many people do not understand that there are marked differences between the stock-based loans and margin loans. For this reason, they end up working to meet their dire situations in a manner that does not depict market value and situation. Therefore, meeting with capital offenses is a major concern for Equities First Holdings. Equities First Holdings has more than $40 million in asset value. For this reason, they are leaders in the market and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

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The Success of Anthony Petrello Who Never Gave Up

Nabors Industries Ltd. is a company from Bermuda. Their headquarters are located in Houston, and they have set out to expand their business. When the deal goes through, the company will take over Tesco Corp. which is a business from Houston.

Expanding the Business

The talks started a while ago, and their ultimate conclusion will happen in the fourth quarter of this year. At the moment Tesco stock stands at 4.63 dollars per share, but the numbers might change. The premium of 19% of the closing value of the shares as well as thirty percent of the enterprise value. These figures were published after Tesco’s cash balance analysis in June.

Both companies are a good match since Nabors has the largest drilling fleet and Tesco works with technology. They research and create new solutions for the energy industry while Nabors also has offshore platform rigs, drilling services and performance tools.

The CEO overseeing Nabors side of the deal is Anthony Petrello. He is one of the most capable executives on the business stage in America at the moment. He is a self-made man who leads his company by example. Anthony Petrello knows how important it is to practice what you talk about, and he works very hard for success.

The Simple Man

Originally from Newark, Anthony Petrello comes from hard working family that instilled good work ethic and values in him. There were no silver spoons or A-list teachers on the day-to-day life. From a young age, Petrello knew that everything you achieve is yours to keep. His leadership style is born from human connection to one another. He takes the time to see his employees and build a stable relationship with suppliers for his company.

Anthony Petrello’s simple beginnings taught him to value education and knowledge. His work paid off when he received a scholarship to Yale University and was able to start creating a better future for himself and his parents who were working hard to make ends meet to learn more about us: click here.

He is known for his charity work as well, supporting people who are less fortunate but could be brilliant. His philanthropy is well-known, and he inspires people to give back to their communities as much as possible.

Equity First Holdings the Future of Investors

Equity First Holdings an investment company was established in 2012. They will provide investors with loans based on bonds, stocks, and also treasuries. The company will focus on small businesses, individuals, and even multinational companies. It is currently the leading in global shareholding finance. In order to increase its capital base, Equity First Holdings has partnered with big law firms, investment banks, and the world’s most reputed custodian banks.

The company, Equity First Holdings has grown tremendously for the last few years and has since opened branches in Australia, Asia, United States of America and Europe. The company has grown tremendously over the last years after the bold step of creating new branches. The company Equity First Holdings offers the best loans facilities to stock holders. They are not required to undergo the tedious process of loans applications and therefore making it simpler for people to access loans faster and simpler and more information click here.

Equity First Holdings is the best alternative for loans provision because it targets every investor. Many investors feel safe investing with them because of the kind of services they offer before the loan is released. As opposed to banks, Equity First Holding will grant the loan as far as the stock invested in stock markets is enough security for the item. The company has so far done more than 7000 transactions and therefore they keep on growing every day and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The companies top management keeps on designing ways in which they can help improve the lives of their customers. They are always there to offer the best services for their investments. So far the company has remitted more than $1 billion to its customers. This is an indication that the company’s worth is not shaky and it has a certain going concern. The company that touches individual investors is, therefore, the future of small investors and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

Sam Boraie is Making a Positive Impact on People’s Lives

New Brunswick boasts of several people who have made significant contributions within the American economic, social and political circles. One of these individuals is Sam Boraie, the vice president and managing director of Boraie Development LLC.

Sam is the son of Omar Boraie, a real estate mogul from News Brunswick. He has followed in the footsteps of his father to become one of the most respected individuals in the real estate industry. He is behind a wide range of developments in New Brunswick, Atlantic City and many parts of New Jersey.

Through his company, Boraie Development LLC, Sam has expanded his business portfolio to construction, real estate management and property leasing. The company, which was started by his Egyptian father, has cemented itself as a hub for talent and excellent customer service in New Brunswick. It played a key role in transforming New Brunswick into a modern metropolitan with world-class commercial spaces and residential apartments.

Boraie Development LLC is behind the construction of a series of buildings in New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Milltown. It is currently overseeing the construction of a magnificent building that will host 238 residential units when completed. The building, which is known as “The Aspire,” is located near the New Brunswick Train Station. The building also features a state of the art fitness center, rooftop sundecks and a 24/7 doorman lobby. The company is also managing the Albany Street Plaza.

Sam Boraie and his associates are currently doing a major project in Atlantic City. According to Bloomberg, the project features a residential building that will have 250 units, luxury finishes and outdoor pools. It will provide a serene environment with a good view of the ocean. The company is also redeveloping a townhome in Milltown and a 169-unit residential building in Newark.

Apart from real estate, Sam Boraie loves charity. He is a board member and a stakeholder of several non-profit organizations in New Jersey. He is on the Board of Trustees for the State Theatre, a non-profit organization that gives individuals from all walks of life an opportunity to showcase their talents and bring joy to others. The State Theatre organizes a wide range of events throughout the year. Some of upcoming events include The Sleeping Beauty, The Classic Rock Show and Dennis De Young. All these events are sponsored by individuals who want to create a positive impact on other people’s lives. Sam Boraie sponsors a large number of children who perform in the theatre throughout the year.

Sam Boraie is also on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise. This organization was formed by people who saw the need for residents to gang up together and support each other in times of need. The foundation organizes cooking events in New Jersey. Many people from different parts of New Jersey come together, to celebrate their diversity through cooking. The organization prepares thousands of delicious and nutritious meals and servers to everyone, regardless of their race or financial status. Boraie ensures that Elijah’s Promise runs as expected. He is also a prolific contributor to the organization.


A Healthy Snack Choice

As the new year comes and goes many sit back and reflect on the year that has passed and wonder what they can do to improve on it. In setting those New Year resolutions, most immediately look on themselves as an easy target or fix, and decide it’s time to get healthy. Exercise and eating right are at the forefront of the resolution. However, as most of us know, starting that diet is tough, especially when we crave snacks.

Instead of indulging in salty, fatty or sugary snacks that will only set you back on that goal to get fit, why not make the switch to a new healthy choice. Hippeas Chickpeas are not just a healthy alternative, this new line of puff snack food is a whole new choice, especially when keeping a health conscious diet.

The unique new brand is not healthy because it comes from chickpeas alone. Hippeas are healthy because they are organic, gluten free, vegan friendly and contain fiber and protein. In fact, Hippeas motto is a call to arms sort-of-speak, with a hashtag “#GivePeasAChance and try the “new better you” snack food.” That’s the challenge itself, to prove that you can still enjoy your snack foods and have a healthy diet.

Hippeas founder and creator Livio Bisterzo helped create the healthy snack line through his company Green Park Holdings. Bisterzo does not intend to have Hippeas Chickpeas as the only healthy snack through Green Park Holdings, they plan to launch other healthy foods to make them a recognizable household name.

Livio is from Italy and has become an entrepreneur through multiple endeavors including his first event planning business that he started right after college. Livio Bisterzo attended the University of the Arts in London where he graduated in 2003. Because of his marketing background, he has the education and skills to really make Green Park Holdings products successful.

Recently Bisterzo helped line up a deal to partner with Starbucks and sell Hippeas Chickpeas six different flavors in Starbucks stores. With so many coffee drinkers in the world, Hippeas is sure to be a success.