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The Illustrious Career and Community Involvement of Reno’s Josh Smith

Recently, students at High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada were given a new greenhouse by Great Full Gardens Café and Josh Smith’s Modular Greenhouses. They were also given some money to purchase seeds, soil, and planters. They now have an opportunity to cultivate food and be able to care for their fitness and health. Great Full Gardens have grand plans for the future; they intend to be purchasing the food grown at the school, prepare it and then serve it to their customers.

Modular Greenhouses has been able to donate greenhouse to the local Boys and Girls Club in Reno, Nevada. Its CEO, Josh Smith has great plans for the company. They plan to equip every nonprofit or school in Washoe County with a greenhouse by 2020.

Josh Smith is a Reno-based entrepreneur and CEO of various businesses in the sustainable and wellness field primarily in Reno, Nevada. His drive to make a constructive impact on the lives of people has seen him establish successful companies across many industries. Smith always ensures that his businesses embrace technology. He brings a new era of leadership that embraces positive change. His corporations achieve these by providing solutions and products that regenerate the environment and thus have a direct positive impact on humans.

Josh Smith is also an inventor. After going through a lot to purchase a greenhouse for his home, he came up with a modular-hinge house suitable for a residential home greenhouse. This greenhouse will allow many communities and families garden efficiently at home and produce pounds of organic foods. Mr. Smith leads a visionary lifestyle that will enable him to always look for solutions and thus have direct entries to the market. His businesses are always aiming at improving the socio-economic activities of humans.

Josh Smith has been an entrepreneur for over two decades. His areas of expertise have been, regulatory approvals, compliance, global operations, manufacturing, multinational import and export logistics, and customs procedures. Over the years, he has committed his life to give and care for children in the world. He founded a charitable organization that takes garden programs and greenhouses to k-12 schools across the US.

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Adam Milstein and the Secrets of Success

Adam Milstein is well-known as a philanthropist, real estate broker and community leader. Originally from Israel, he came to the United States in 1981. He earned a business degree from University of Southern California and began his career in Community Real Estate in 1983.It was then that he opened his own business. Co-founder of National Chairman of Israeli- American Council, he also serves on the board of Israel on Campus. Milstein also serves as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm for private properties. Recently, he was interviewed by Ideamensch:

Milstein remembers that when he was working his MBA at Southern California, he felt the embarrassment of interviewers not liking his world view or experience. Milstein says that interviewers offered him the base pay that undergraduates received. However, instead of becoming discouraged, he struck out on his own and soon found success in his own company.

There is no typical day in the work world of Adam Milstein. He note that every day in the world of business comes with ups and downs and changes. As his success grew, he did become more secure in the organization of his company. Becoming involved in philanthropy is what gave meaning to his work.

Adam Milstein credits his perseverance and follow up for his climb to success in business. He states that you can’t let things fall in the cracks. Milstein always pushes himself to make ideas come to fruition and he doesn’t leave things to other people because he’d rather do it himself. When he was asked what the best $100 he has spent lately, he answered dinner with his children and wife. Nothing is better than that.

Adam Milstein admits to one mistake, and that is he tried to get all of his success quickly. In the beginning, he wanted to succeed at everything and attain his dreams. Success takes time and persistence. In the real estate business, where supply can be behind the demand side, for years, you must continue to push through. It is this refusal to give up and to pay attention to detail that has propelled Adam Milstein to success. At every step of the way, Milstein has used his good fortune to serve his community and to help others. He feels that doing things for others brings meaning to life and to work.


The Achievements of PodcastOne under Norman Pattiz

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of the brand lift studies of the network and its impact. The research was done by Edison Research which is a leading research group. Comprehensive result studies were done before and after the campaigns on 5 main consumer brands with different services and products. According to Norman Pattiz, the studies were done at the last half of 2016 whereby it showed very impressive results ( Over 60% of the listeners of PodcastOne could look for a certain grocery brand following the campaign, a 7% high from the period of pre-study.

There was an increase of 47% of the unaided product awareness of listeners at the time of the post-study period on the financial services product. For the automotive aftermarket product went up by 37% and the garden and lawn product by 24%. Over a third of the listeners gave a favorable opinion on the automobile aftermarket product after the campaign. This was an increase from the 18% at the pre-study period. The listeners also gave a very likely consideration about the garden and lawn product which was 22% compared to the 16% of the pre-study period.

There was an increase of 60% about a particular campaign message for the automobile aftermarket product following the campaign. A casual dining restaurant got an increase of 67% at the time of the pre-study period. It was confirmed by Edison Research that it has conducted three studies so as to arrive to the final result. The conclusion of the research was that the audience of PodcastOne was receptive to many different brand messages and was interested in considering the mentioned products. According to Norman Pattiz, the brand offers brand impact more than the traditional advertising formats.

With more than 40 years of experience, Norman Pattiz is a known figure in the mass media and radio broadcasting industry. He is the founder of Westwood One which is now the biggest radio network in the United States. Under his leadership, Westwood One has been able to distribute, manage and own numerous radio networks and programs which include CNN Radio, NBC Radio Networks, NFL Football, CBS News, March Madness, The Super Bowl, summer and Winter Olympics, The Mutual Broadcasting System and NCAA Basketball among others. Norman Pattiz is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Courtside Entertainment Group which creates and distributes quality programs.