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Expanding Educational Opportunity: Betsy DeVos Gives and Serves

The 21st century poses many challenges to structures once thought to be tried and true. In a world where the velocity of change continues to pick up speed, old structures, bureaucracies and institutions will fail unless they adapt to an ever-increasing tempo. Nowhere is this truer than in the education of the next generation. As industries evolve, streamline and—in some cases—die, today’s students face challenges from peers at home and competitors abroad. Guarantees of future security are no longer ironclad so thorough preparation of children and youth becomes much more urgent. Betsy DeVos was made for such a time as this.

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Confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education in February, 2017, Betsy DeVos brings a passion to her post born of long experience as a champion for children and their parents. She is the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and a public school teacher, and she reflects both of those callings in her own life’s work. Having served as chairman of the Windquest Group, an investment management company, she understands the meaning of stewardship and the importance of prudent decision-making. Yet it is her time with the Grand Rapids, Michigan public school system that may be her primary motivator. Serving as a on-site counselor for 15 years, Ms. DeVos saw firsthand the educational disparities imposed by a one-size-fits-all system that fails its at-risk students. Helping those struggling young people has occupied her time long before she assumed her current post. Through the family foundation she led with her husband, Dick, DeVos was instrumental in founding a high school with an emphasis on aviation; spearheading a national campaign for educational choice; inaugurating a competitive festival for young artists from all over the world; and boosting research in and treatment of pediatric cancers.

This philanthropy is not the result of random selection. In many communities, needy families are deprived the excellence, challenge, encouragement and safety found in other schools, both public and private. Betsy DeVos understands how vouchers for private schooling enhance not only a student’s future prospects but also competition among institutions and districts. Through charitable giving and political activism, Betsy DeVos has aided the cause of educational reform in Florida, Louisiana, Indiana and her home state of Michigan. At the core of all of this grassroots and legislative activity is the firm conviction that the present information age will leave 20th-century educational models behind. Technology gives greater impetus to alternatives like vouchers, charter schools and homeschooling. Now a cabinet officer with the power to make even more of a difference, she is poised to champion these promising options at a national level—and on a world stage. In my opinion, her political ascendancy is timed perfectly. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Keith Mann Offers Support To NYPD

Keith Mann, one of the successful entrepreneurs of New York has offered his support to the NYPD. There have been a lot of attacks and protests when it comes to the police force. A lot of controversy has been going around cops and how they are doing their job. However, Keith Mann is someone who looks at things from a more reasonable stance. For this reason, he is offering his support for the police officers. He does understand that the officers put their necks on the line. His own family is also in law enforcement. Keith Mann’s uncle works in Staten Island as a detective.

Keith Mann has dons a lot of things to show that he supports the PD. He has for instance sent some lunches to the cops. He has also made sure that he has sent more to the precinct so that these actions will go noticed. He does believe that the officers deserve their gratitude for their services. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of attacks on the policemen. Those who are in support of the police force have also been faced with attacks as well. These acts of violence have caught Keith’s attention. He is worried about the repercussions of going after the police department because of tense emotions.

Among the efforts in order to support the police, there have been rallies done in the favor of police. This has been done amidst all of the violence towards supporters of the police force. There are even more rallies being held for the police in response to the acts of violence towards the supporters. Keith Mann is one of the people that are looking for ways to support the police. Keith shows a lot of wisdom in the way that he supports the police. He knows that they have families and friends. For the most part, cops are just doing their job.

Sam Tabar’s Journey To Corporate Success

Sam Tabar is a lawyer and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He has been working in the law industry for some years, and he is also very good in financial management. He went to the best schools in the country, and he has a lot of experience in what he does.

Thumbtack shows how Sam Tabar travels from one country to the other, mostly due to employments. In some of the countries, he faces communication problems due to the fact that he is an English native, and the local community doesn’t understand it. Due to this fact, Sam was forced to learn several languages to cope. His recent activity was in Hong Kong, and he had to learn Japanese in order to survive in the new country.

Last year, Sam Tabar was given an opportunity to work as the Chief Operating Officer for a company known as FullCycle Energy Fund. While working at this position, Sam Tabar will be responsible for the institutions fund management strategy as PRNewsWire outlines. While he was joining the company to take up the new position, Sam said that he was very excited to take up the new role. He was also looking forward to meeting and partner with the top management of the company and together work hard to make sure that the world moves away from using high-cost gas, polluting fuels and then settle for the low cost and fuels that are friendly to the environment.

Although he is a qualified lawyer who has a lot of knowledge, Sam Tabar has spent most of his entire career overseeing budget strategies for the financial institutions. Before getting his new appointment, Tabar was the Head of Capital Strategy in Merrill Lynch, the company that was previous known as Bank of America. While working here, Sam Tabar was responsible for providing hedge fund managers with the required introductions to the investors. He had to consult on the operations department while he coordinated the back and front teams in the office.

This company is considered to be the biggest independent fund in the Asian Pacific. While holding this position, Sam Tabar was in charge of all the facets of the international marketing efforts. He worked hard and earned himself the respect he enjoyed today while holding major positions in big companies.  Check out Sam Tabar on GoFundMe for a better idea of his charitable side.

How Dick DeVos is Inspiring Lives Through his Philanthropy

There has been an emerging trend in recent times whereby those belonging to wealth families are funding charitable causes using huge amounts of money. They are doing this in different ways. The expansive Walton family for instance has founded one big foundation, through which they give their money. On the other hand, the Buffet and Koch families give their money through several foundations. The DeVos family from West Michigan has joined the trend and is playing an important role in enriching lives through the various generous causes that it funds. The family’s foundation for success was laid by its patriarch, Mr. Richard DeVos through the formation of Amway in 1959. With wealth generated from the corporation, he founded the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, which has helped transform the lives of many people in the state. 

Dick DeVos Philanthropy

He is the face of the family and its most prominent member. With his wife Betsy, they established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 to help kick start community projects. The foundation has special emphasis on communal health, capacities, community revitalizations and educational matters especially the improvement of school choices. In the past, it has granted endowments to initiatives such as Potter’s House, a Christian organization, which manages an elementary and secondary school in the state, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, which offers aviation programs. The foundation also heavily donates to the Education Freedom Fund, which supports children from low income families to join private schools.

Important Notes about Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard and Helen DeVos, born in October 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The serial entrepreneur has been involved in a number of ventures during his corporate career. He is acknowledged as being the most transformative president of consumer commodities supply firm Amway, which he headed for 10 years. From his tentative years, he had a penchant for commercial transactions and was involved in Amway’s activities from a tender age.

Besides Amway, Dick DeVos has been involved in other ventures. His family’s acquisition of Orlando Magic, which participates in the National Basketball Association, elevated him to the position of president and CEO of the franchise. DeVos also founded Windquest Group, which is a private venture administration company with diverse interests in technology and manufacturing among others. Besides that, DeVos is involved in the Republican Party’s affairs and also sails competitively.