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Handy’s executive services becomes a hot startup

Handy is a website and mobile app for booking home visits by handymen and cleaners. The company recently raised $50 million through a funding that was led by Fidelity Investments. The firm is basically known as Handy Technologies Inc. It is based in New York and had a record of 1 million bookings through its online platforms in 2015. The company boasts that users can get cleaning services in a time less than a minute. The company has raised a total of $110 million raised. It is spending a lot to raise its brand through ads and entry subway cars in New York City.

The company CEO Oisin Hanran stated in a recent press release that the company chose Fidelity to assist in raising of their funds since it needs all the help the company provides. The company has scaled its three year business due to excellence in its founders.

There are lots of reasons why has managed to beat its competition and stay ahead of other brands. When the company first started, it was able to fulfill a request in typically five days. The orders increased and the company had to scale up in terms of freelancers. Every city that the company entered, it made sure that it created a cool network of home-based service professions that would quickly respond to customer needs and queries. The company has managed to build a large network with a strong positive effect.

Handy’s CEO has frequently stated that building the strong networking effect is not as easy as it seems. All the marketplaces that Handy have entered have had a new set of problems. The company has however solved these problems by focusing on customer needs and satisfaction. Customers have joined the company due to the readily available services. The company has managed to stay at the top due to a consistent customer demand.

Handy is today the best and easiest way to keep your home in order. The company was initially founded as Handybook, it started as a practical solution to problems of finding effective professionals in common household services. Handy has connected to individuals and professionals with that offer top quality services. Professionals that work with Handy receive are first pre-screened before they start working with the company. The company has a seamless 60-booking process, a secure payment method and most of all 100% money back guarantee. Everything about Handy is easy, smooth and quick.


Handy’s Growth is Allowing for Expansion

Handy is a website that connects people who need a cleaner with people who want to clean houses for others. It is a convenience service that allows people to be able to have a different level of connection than what they had before in classified ads and even on the Internet. It is tailored specifically to people who are in the house cleaning business and to those who are looking for people who need to have someone in the house cleaning business. It is a novel idea that has allowed for a lot of success since they first started out.

In fact as revealed by randyreport.blogspot, Handy has been one of the most successful startups of its time. It has only been around for two years, but in that time it has made major waves in the way that things are done and in the way that it has allowed people to be a part of the different things in the house cleaning business. It has grown a lot in the last few years and this has been something that they are able to provide to people who are in the areas that they serve, which is everywhere because it is the Internet.

When people are looking for services, they are able to find what they need on Handy. The website takes a different approach because it offers only one service: the chance at a connection. This has been a blessing for people who were only able to look at listings in the past and who were not able to get what they needed from the places that they looked at. This was a major difference in the way that things were done and gave people the opportunity to do different things when it came to their house cleaning and house keeping needs.

When Handy first started out, they were only able to provide people with the chance to connect for cleaning services. They have grown a lot since that time and they have been able to provide even more services for people who are in different areas. Handy now offers even more services than what they had before. They offer people the chance to find a house cleaner, a handyman or even someone who can do major plumbing work for them in their house. They are a service that has grown from only a small place to something that is much larger on different levels.