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Whitney Wolfe Changes What Social Media Looks Like

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is an app developer that is all about business. She knows if there is a small amount of women that are able to do what she does, and this is why she takes her job so seriously..Whitney is turning up the heat and providing people with different perspective on social media. More people are now seeing Whitney Wolfe as the innovator that is making her own world in social media apps.

She has proven herself to be a social media guru that knows a lot about different aspects of app development world. She may not be someone like Mark Zuckerberg that knows a lot about developing apps from the standpoint of a programmer, but she is in tune with what people want. This makes her even more valuable as a CEO for Bumble.

Wolfe has a clear cut idea of what is going on in the technology world. She is someone that has a ton of experience with marketing to potentially anyone that may be using her platform. She is clearly a people’s person.

The New Zealand Herald called her the $1 Billion Queen of the dating app world. She is the working on being the Queen of Social Media altogether. It is her goal to make more people take a look at what Bumble as more than a dating app. In fact, many people that find Bumble discover it largely because they were using Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz. It is the networking and friendship building app that also happens to connect singles. Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF and Bumble Dating.

The Bumble business has as many as 85% women for the staff. This makes it one of the biggest employees of women in the app development community. That is why so many people are checking out what Whitney Wolfe is talking about next. They know that she is doing something amazing when it comes to innovation. She even took to creating Bumble Bee Hives (rooms to Bumble singles) to let matches from Bumble meet up in a safe environment and connect.

Whitney Wolfe is someone that is not waiting for the world to lead her. She is leading the world. Her mindset is geared towards becoming someone that can totally transform the world of social media by changing user perspectives. More people look to her to create social media change with Bumble.

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Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Switches Things Up

Whitney Wolfe has always been ambitious, and leadership seems to be in her blood. This is all part of the total package that has put her on the Forbes list of the Top 30 under 30. She has proven herself time and time again to be a resilient entrepreneur that makes decisions propel companies into existence.

Whitney Wolfe is a visionary that has never stopped dreaming and looking at the bigger picture. People are impressed with the fact that Whitney Wolfe is so young and so much in control of what she is doing. She is not standing around with her hand out and she looking for direction from someone else. Whitney Wolfe has shown the world that she is clearly the one in the driver seat to learn more: click here.

She is the one that is calling the shots. She wants to bring the same mentality to women that are looking for a potential mate. With Bumble she wants women to be able to call the shots. Whitney Wolfe wants women to be able to have the chance to make the first move. These are all things that are somewhat unorthodox, but Whitney Wolfe has created an unorthodox life for herself as an entrepreneur in the dating app industry that is presently dominated by men.

Whitney Wolfe has shown men and women that she has what it takes to create a dating app successful. She is not holding back when it comes to the creation of a better dating app, but she also wants people to know that she is interested in building a platform for all aspects of social media. This is how she plans to grow in the future. Her company may have started as a dating app, but she is definitely showing entrepreneurs that she has a lot more to offer than this.

Whitney Wolfe has managed to become one of the leaders when it comes to better dating apps because she has proven that she can do something that many others may not have considered before. She has relieved men of the pressure of approaching women.