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George Soros Is Not Backing Down Despite Trump’s Shock Win

Just a week after the shock win of Donald Trump, top democrats in the United States were uniting again on to discuss their approach to tackle Trump. The most prominent of these gatherings is held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in Washington. This closed-door meeting is attended by major liberals groups, labor unions, left-wing activists and a number of active politicians. Known as the Democracy Alliance donor club, the club is the brainchild of billionaire George Soros, who actively seeks to fight any Republican leader who is a threat to freedom of speech, in America.

The club was formed in 2004 when George Soros felt that George Bush had nefarious agenda on Politico that would put Americans at risk. Therefore, he established DA Club by pouring millions of dollars in campaigns to support John Kerry as a president. When the bid failed, George and his associates decided to establish a functional society that would unite America’s top liberals on against the right-wing and extremist elements in the society. The main objective of the Democracy Alliance is to pull top American leaders towards the left in order to safeguard America’s notion of freedom and land of opportunity.

Years later, when Donald Trump became a Republican nominee, George Soros became active again by investing millions of dollars to support Hillary Clinton in her bid for presidency. While it is true that efforts from George Soros and other liberals have failed once more, the recent conference on suggests that George is not going to rest until he has propelled the DA club and similar organizations to form a cohesive defense against the onslaught of the right-wing agenda. The contribution and unrelenting commitment of George Soros seems justifiable because he and his family were victims of the holocaust and Nazism in the former communist states in Europe. Perhaps, George does not want to see any American experience what he underwent.

It is also true that some members of the prestigious DA Club want reassessment of the strategy. They point to the fact that focus on minorities and women in the recent campaign did not stop Donald Trump from winning. Besides, the exit polls also suggest that campaigns in support of climate change and role of money in the politics did not stop a Republican win. Therefore, the order of the day is to devise policies that will also attract the white working class.

In responding to the reassessment request, long-time friend of Soros and president of Democracy Alliance, Gara LaMarche made it clear that members are likely not to see a major shift in policies. However, he acknowledged that members do need to address important issues because Democrats lost an election that they were not supposed to lose. May be, it is time to channel funds to state legislative policy battles where Republicans won big time. Despite the eventual outcome of the DA Club meeting and future agenda, it is clear that the meeting can have a major impact on post-election era as it is attended by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.