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Revolutionizing School Communication

In the recent Series B venture round, ClassDojo raised twenty-one million dollars for the funding of the technology that connects parents and students to educators for easy communication of the student’s social, behavioural and activity development in school.

Consistent communication throughout the school day and throughout the year leads to parents getting first-hand information on the experiences and behaviour of their kids. This reduces incidences in which parents are bombarded with surprise stories about the children during parent-teacher meetings.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the Chief Executive Officers and co-founders of the company, said that the funding venture round was closed in late 2015 and they are using the raised capital to increase their team of expertise and figure out the kind of features to include in their application for easier communication both on school days and holidays.

Chaudhary explained that the main idea behind this project is to make parents be able to guide conversations and offer support to their children as they develop and learn in institutions. Teachers are able to make schedules of the school activities in a platform where parents can also access. They can also take photos, audio clips and videos of kid’s accomplishments and send them to guardians and parents.

When the company was started in early 2011, they realised that there were a lot of education technology businesses creating digital curriculum, testing platforms and grade books. A platform where parents, students and teachers can easily communicate and monitor the progress of the students was however lacking. They then decided to create an application that will bridge the gap.

ClassDojo is facing competition from educational applications like Nearpod, Kickboard, Remind and FreshGrade. ClassDojo is leading the pack in that industry since it is used in more than eighty-five thousand schools across the United States. The schools range from largest public schools to private schools and also to all charter schools.

They are currently focusing on marketing the application so that they can conquer the remaining schools. The founders have assured the public that they will never trade the information in the application for revenue. They are deeply concerned with the privacy of student’s education.

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About Class Dojo – Class Dojo

Bringing teachers and parents together are what we do best. Since September 2015, we’ve been helping parents connect with their child’s classroom. Class Dojo is an innovative new application that allows schools to share special moments with parents and teachers alike. From school assemblies to holiday fiestas, you will never will never have to say you missed it!

Bring on the Happiness
One of the main reasons teachers, students and parents love Class Dojo is because of the positive environment it fosters. By encouraging students with positive reinforcement, students are delighted to show off their abilities and accomplishments via photos and videos.

Providing parents and students with both positive feedback and little reminders of what needs to be tweaked also score big points across the board. For example, instead of sending a note home, teachers are able to address the problem in a non-threatening manner.  That’s why the “Needs Work” category is so fantastic. It’s an easy way for teachers to get their message across in a way that is productive.

Staying connected with your child’s teacher as never been easier. Communication is the key to success. Class Dojo helps to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools across the USA. This revolutionary platform allows busy parents to stay in touch with teachers only further reinforcing a positive learning environment.

Digital technology is here to stay, ans as such, Class Dojo is dedicated to staying current with all of the latest updates. From funny icons to video-making capability, Class Dojo aims to please. Sharing moments via Class Dojo just got easier. All students need to do is update their current version. Then, they will see a camera and smiley face in the message area.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Class Dojo takes the fuss out of otherwise tricky situations. For example:

Forgot that signed permssion slip in the car? No problem! Parents are able take a picture and send it directly to the teacher.
Not able to go on the field trip? you’ll never miss a moment with Class Dojo. Teachers and students are able to make a video and upload instantly.

Keeping children engage and creating community unity is what Class Dojo is all about.  All you need to do is hit send.