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An Auburn University Dropout Designs A Game-Changing Home Improvement App

Those seeking to add a home improvement to a property that they own now have more options than before. It used to be the case that they would have to go crawling to a bank to ask for the funds to do this kind of project if they did not have the money on hand themselves. They would have to prove to the bank that the improvement to their home would be worthwhile and that it would add significant value to the home. They also had to prove a very strong credit-worthiness. This is no longer the case.

GreenSky is a financial app unicorn that managed to raise around $800 million dollars when it launched its IPO earlier this year. GreenSky is the brainchild of a man named David Zalik who wanted to take his brilliant idea to the public. Zalik comes from an immigrant family from Israel who moved to the United States some time ago. He has a strong work ethic as a result and wanted to build up his American Dream.

Zalik is a very smart individual who was able to apply for and receive admission into Auburn University right out of eighth grade. He skipped right over high school, but he eventually dropped out of Auburn in order to pursue his business dreams. Things have worked out pretty for him on that front as GreenSky has continued to gain a lot of attention and revenues in the industry that it operates.

GreenSky has also looked into other types of lending to provide to its customers. Those who need funds for things such as medical procedures that are not medically necessary may require GreenSky to help them out. Since 2016 GreenSky has been partnering with its banks to make those funds available to new customers.

This is an easy to use app that allows you to get answers about what kind of funding you can receive for your home improvement or perhaps medical procedures in a short period of time. It makes life a little easier and helps you to power forward. Make sure to check them out to see how easy it can be to get funding today.

What’s Next For Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe is a 29-year-old entrepreneur with a net worth of $250 million. She is the co-founder of the dating app Tinder. That isn’t the only dating app she’s taken a role in creating; she is also the founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble. Bumble is different from other dating apps because the women have to send the first message so this helps avoid unwelcome messages. It is also different because it can be used for friendships, relationships, or even business relationships. In April Kris Jenner announced that she was going to be using Bumble to find an assistant. This helped the app tremendously by getting people to download and start using it. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

While Bumble is already extremely different from other websites, Whitney Wolfe has some big plans for 2019. The biggest thing coming up next year is that Bumble is launching a beauty line. They have spent quite a few months working with dermatologists and psychotherapists to create serums that will help to beautify the skin. The company also claims that it will help with emotional issues. These products have cute names, like Break Up With Bad, designed for “breakups and breakouts.”

Whitney Wolfe is not only launching a beauty line through Bumble, but she is also fighting back against misogyny. She is working very closely with legislators to make it illegal to send unsolicited “dick pics.” It is being compared to flashing in public. Wolfe is hoping to pass this law so that there will be consequences attached instead of letting men do just whatever they feel like. The conversations are still in the beginning stages, so it is too early to tell which legislators she is speaking with.

From co-founding Tinder to starting her own dating app; Whitney Wolfe has been a busy lady. With the beauty line planned to launch in mid to late 2019 and working closely with legislators to make a change, it doesn’t seem like she is slowing down anytime soon.

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How Ted Bauman is Helping People Create Safe Investment Plans

Adding an extra zero to one’s income is the wish of every individual. However, lack of knowledge on how to invest shuts down this cherishing dream. Ted Bauman, a renowned economic icon and editor, has developed models that provide advice through insightful articles and journals. He writes on how to invest in low-risk projects, international migration issues, asset protection and privacy. The scholar strides originated from the University of Cape Town where he did his undergraduate degree majoring in Economics and History. He was born in Washington, D.C. and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore area. During his formative years in South Africa, he served in several executive roles in the nonprofit sector. He mostly was a fund manager for various companies. One of his partnerships in low-cost housing projects assisted over 14 million slum dwellers in 35 different countries.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. He is very generous when it comes to passing knowledge through his writing and motivational talks. Bauman jots down some weekly newsletter on investments for both local and international journals. He has revealed how his dad was a congressman through writing a book. Through the publications of Banyan Hill Publications, Bauman has highlighted insightful ideas that people can utilise to accumulate and protect their wealth. He does this with simple language that is easily grasped by everyone. He is very versed in financial matters from his experience working as a consultant and researcher on economic issues.

Experience is the best teacher. Ted Bauman experience in the world of finance is now being utilised to make managerial decisions and other critical stock markets decisions. Through his publications, he has been able to influence people’s thinking capacity in their countries as well as globally. His views have made his readers criticise the authorities on various occasions. He has given investors the solutions to the setbacks they face in their daily routines. Ted Bauman has posted his views on matters finance in internationally read journals including Environment and Urbanization, The Journal of Microfinance, and Small Enterprise Development. He is happy with the impact he has on people and continues with his passion for informing the masses.

The Life of Ted Bauman


After being born in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman’s family moved to Maryland. When he became a young adult, he moved to South Africa where he enrolled at the University of Cape Town and did his Undergraduate degree in History and Economics. After the completion of his education in South Africa, he took part in some charitable activities as he worked for the nonprofit organizations.

One of his most outstanding projects was serving as a funder for low-cost housing for the slum dwellers in Africa as a whole. His plan termed, “Slum Dwellers International” has helped over fourteen million people in the world, and it has a presence in about thirty-five African Countries at the moment. Indeed, he is a hero who has aided in helping the oppressed by creating the resources they needed free from the greed of some corporations and the oversight of the government.


Ted Bauman spend two and a half decades as a financial consultant for the South African government, the United Nations and the World Bank as well. Ted Bauman had the privilege of traveling to close to seventy-five countries while working and this equipped him with firsthand information concerning the world market and their impact on investments. He returned in the nation in, and he was given the position of a director of international Housing programs with Habitat for Humanity.

Ted Bauman worked as the director for five years until 2013 when he decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor for the Business letter that he produces, “The Bauman Letter.” Additionally, he edits low-risk investment strategies, specializing in asset protection, Plan B Club, International Migration issues and Alpha Stock Alert.

As an expert with worldwide experience and finances, he has been of different views, and he warns that there is a danger on the portfolios of the investors from the decision made by President Donald Trump when he decided to pursue trade wars. The selloffs that have been initiated in the market by the claim to correct them warned against inflation in February. The trade wars have escalated, and this is likely to affect the entire market.

Stream Energy: The Generous Company

In August of 2017 residents of Houston, Texas were confronted by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane swept through the area bringing unimaginable levels of rainfall. The heavy rain caused many areas to become flooded. Many unfortunate people lost their lives and their homes. One of the first companies in the region that stepped up first to assist in funding for the rebuilding of the shattered community was Stream Energy. Corporate philanthropy is at the very core of the culture in the company. Employees and the executives of the company have all put an effort to give back to the community. Stream Energy has given back to the community for several years but they recently started a new charity called “Stream Cares”. The advantages for Stream are they can give back to the community and they will earn greater respect and recognition from the public and potential clients.

It is common that when a company does a charitable act, they make sure to broadcast it, so the public is fully aware. This can benefit a company in recessions, when revenues may drop, or they must lay off some of the staff. Many people have an image of greedy corporations who only care about profit margins. In truth, corporate America is very generous and corporations across the US gave over $19 billion in total to various charities in 2016.

Stream Energy has a very easy-to-follow business model. They pay their employees to build a network of satisfied and loyal clients and can offer a myriad of services and products. It is possible that associates that perform well in sales can earn commissions. It is often the associates who pick a charitable cause that they are passionate about. Among all the members of Stream Energy, they all feel strongly about homelessness. Every year Stream partners with Hope supply company and they feed over a thousand homeless children and take them to have a fun day at a water park. Supplies and money are also donated for the cause.

Impressionable Facts about Adam Milstein

A native of Israel, Adam Milstein has established an empire for himself through his works of philanthropy and investment. He is a leader that is fully committed to uniting the Israelites, and he believes that peace is a fundamental requirement for both economic and individual development in life. He moved to the United States together with his wife and children in 1981 and later enrolled for his masters from UCLA. He has established his career in the country, and he has always been dedicated to bringing out the best in all his ventures. He does not settle for less, and he is unstoppable when it comes to achieving his targets.

As an investor, Adam Milstein has shown people how they could acquire maximum profits in their ventures by bringing ideas to life and committing themselves towards making their firms the best. He is the current managing partner of Harger Pacific properties, and he has employed the use of the skills he gained in business administration to lead the firm towards achieving the best. Additionally, the renowned investor and philanthropist has established a great name for himself through the many achievements he has brought in the field of investment. He is a strong believer in the impact of hard work, and he strives to put the best effort towards meeting his targets. Through the perseverance, Adam Milstein has shown towards his career, he has seen a vast number of people strive to emulate him and follow his entrepreneurial and philanthropic steps.

In his philanthropic activities, Adam Milstein has not only contributed huge funds for the benefit of other people but also for the development of other people’s careers as well as for the upgrade of their living standards. He is a leader that has always striven to be a light to other people, and he believes that perseverance and forming partnerships can play a great role in fuelling growth in the economic status of a country. He has over the past years been actively involved in combatting anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activities in both universities and colleges as well as homesteads of the people of Israel origin.


Michael Hagele’s Career, and Mindset Toward Business

Michael Hagele is an entrepreneur and general adviser for businesses that operate in industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, and internet. He has also invested in the tourism and hospitality industry. His experience ranges from negotiating, licensing, and development agreements both at the domestic and international level. He also has extensive experience in various commercial contracts that are required by technology companies such as marketing and promotional arrangement, purchase and selling of intellectual property, and analysis of those property right to qualify for corporate financing. Visit their website:

Career life

Before he shifted to his current occupation, Michael Hagele worked as an adviser to various internet firms that are capital-backed. As the counselor, he was in charge of all legal matters including acquisition and business merging activities, issues relating to employment, governance, and intellectual assets policy. Michael also worked in the department of licensing at Fenwick & West LLP.

A day in the life of Michael

The idea of starting his ventures developed when he realized that minor practices could serve the customers well. This approach enabled him to provide affordable and high-quality legal service to his customer. Michael typically starts his day by reviewing his daily tasks. He kicks off his day by designing technology licensing agreements. In the afternoon, Michael relaxes his mind by riding a bike. Through this, he can develop his best ideas and come up with better solutions to problems. In the evening, he spends some time on the phone discussing strategies with his investment manager.

Michael believes that persistence is the driver to turning ideas in reality. He says that when a process involves repetition, handling challenges and applying new information, favorable outcomes are achieved. Michael is also fascinated by interesting trends such as artificial intelligence. He also feels that machine learning is also a topic of discussion. With these competencies, Analysts can find doubtful ties between sets of data.

His mindset toward business

Michael Hagele has formed a habit of placing customers first. He believes that the customer is the king, and advice every entrepreneur to do the same. If one can predict the outcome and what the client anticipate, it then becomes easier to serve them. Michael also believes that physical activity sharpens and recharges his mind. He is advising business persons to exercise since it has substantive benefit to their bodies. View Michael Hagele’s profile on linkedin.


Richard Dwayne Blair Financial Planning Advice

Few people feel comfortable with their financial plans for the coming years. Many people struggle with high debt and little income. Richard Blair is a financial planner who has had an excellent career in the industry. With remarkable education credentials, he can explain complicated investing strategies to clients.

Most people can drastically improve their finances by changing their lifestyle habits. Some people make enough money to invest each month, but they spend all of their money on unnecessary purchases.


Before giving any financial advice to clients, Richard sits down with each customer to discuss their financial goals. Some people have no financial goals for the future. Others have unrealistic expectations based on their current income or financial position.

Richard is unique because he does not spend time selling clients on various investment products. Many financial planners want to make a substantial commission with each client. Instead of taking this approach, Richard focuses on ways he can help his customers. This commitment to customer service is a huge reason that he is successful in his practice.

Online Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that online financial planning is an excellent opportunity for the industry in the coming years. Many young people are comfortable with receiving online financial advice. He is investing heavily in his website to make it easier to navigate. Although he has been in the business for years, he still tries to improve his products and services to help clients.

Other Advice

Richard is a firm believer in providing simple financial advice. He thinks that most financial planners make things too complicated for customers to understand. Although he could sell his business and retire, he enjoys interacting with customers each day. He plans to write a book about financial planning in the coming years.

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OSI Groups Marks a Century of Innovative Growth in the Food Processing Sector

When OSI International Australia recently announced a successful merger with the Australian Turi Foods Company, Turi Foods witnessed a landmark step that would transform the Australian Food Processing Sector in general. As a branch of the parental organization OSI Group, OSI International Australia has been making strides to dominate the Australian market as part of the company’s global growth mission. But the company has not only penetrated Australia – it has established global roots since its foundation in 1909, marking a century of innovative growth.

Foundation of OSI

The history of OSI Group is rooted in the immigrant roots of America. Its founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was part of the immigrant’s group from German in Chicago. Otto noted that the Chicago community was a center for America’s industry, and 1909 was ripe to establish a profitable butcher shop. His business sailed through the First World War, prompting him to expand his retail business into a wholesale business. In 1928, the company was branded Otto & Sons to appeal to its growing customer base. Henceforth, the family business witnessed dynamic changes that would later see it a leading food provider.

Ties with the McDonald’s

After the mid-20th century, McDonald’s was establishing a chain of restaurants countrywide. Thus, the company needed a competent fresh meat supply to the growing number of restaurants. Together with the century’s technological breakthrough, it was easy for McDonald’s and Otto & Sons to strike a deal that would see the latter supply fresh beef to McDonald’s outlets. With this deal, Otto & Sons improved its facilities through advanced tech machinery and established itself as a stable supplier. Besides, the then 66-years-old company rebranded to OSI Industries.

Improving Productions and Growing Globally

As McDonald’s was proliferating, and being the company’s supplier, it was necessary for the OSI Group to ramp up its production rate. This was possible through art-of-state facilities in Chicago and West Jordan. Also, the business needed to expand globally which promoted the establishment of structured leadership to negotiate global deals. This saw Lavin take the position of CEO of OSI Group, a position he holds to date. The company as well has David McDonald as the President and over 20,000 employees. This team has transformed the company into a broad international presence and industrial dominance.


Louis Chenert-Successful CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is a conglomerate business that has different companies under it. It is one of the biggest businesses in the country currently. All companies under it deal with production of technological related products. The biggest business under UTC is Pratt & Whitney, a jet engine manufacturing company. UTC has benefited from this company since it has been making profits consistently. Even when others are making losses, Pratt &Whitney is making profits due to the good management of the company under the presidency of Louis Chenevert. Before he was appointed the CEO, he was the president of Pratt & Whitney.


Louis Chenevert knew how technological innovations are crucial in the company. For a company that is involved in production of technological dependent products, it can only be wise that they invest in the latest technology. The reason the company has been doing well in recent years is because Chenevert invested in renovating the company and ensuring that it is coming up with technologically advanced projects. The Gearted Turbofan Engine has been the best selling product for UTC. It has been so important for the company in that it is able to offset losses that other business in the conglomerate may record.


The innovation of this engine was never easy. He invested $10 billion in its production. He even faced resistance from executives who thought the projects was not viable. However, Louis Chenevert believed in his abilities as a businessman and went ahead with production. He had initiated the project while working with Pratt &Whitney but finished it while he was the CEO of UTC.


Louis Chenevert is a top company in the world because of the leadership of great businesses men such as Louis Chenevert. In just six years that he was the CEO, the company tripled its share value. This was a huge increase and indicated how the company grew rapidly during his tenure. He also laid a good foundation that the company would ride on in years to come. So far, the company has been doing well following the impact that Louis Chenevert created.