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Kevin Seawright Spearheading An Employment Project For Newark Youth

Kevin Seawright has taken it upon himself to ensure that Newark Community Economic Development Corporation successfully creates sufficient jobs for the youths this coming summer. The employment project is being developed in collaboration with NewarkWorks, famous personalities and business and charity organizations in the city. The employment project is popularly known as the Summer Youth Employment Plan, and it will secure six weeks of job opportunities that will be payable in this year’s summer for the Newark local youth. This project also aims to equip student residents in Newark with necessary work experience. This project will also give participating students better graduation grades and make them easily flexible in the employment market as they graduate. This Kevin Seawright project will also come along with on-the-job training, youth empowerment lectures, financial management and literacy lessons, and life preparation programs.

Since the project is in its initiation year, those youths who want to benefit from the opportunities will have to apply online. According to Kevin Seawright, the online application will give more students the liberty to apply. This will give the project the success it is seeking to achieve by catering for students from all walks of life. Since the online application channels were opened on Monday, over 350 youth from all over the Newark area have been able to send in their applications. Kevin Seawright has his hopes high that they will be able to beat their applications target in less than the originally planned three weeks. The project targets to create over 3,500 employment opportunities for the Newark youths. Kevin Seawright says that as the program moved forward the number of employment opportunities offered to the youth will also be increased. He also extended his regards to their supporting partners Santander Bank and TD Bank, who have pledged to offer financial management and literacy services to the participants.

Kevin Seawright is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the organization that is driving the employment project, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright has a rich career, and he has been able to work in several influential positions in various firms and organizations. He has worked at Departments of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer in Maryland. This position gave his control over a $50 million worth of public funds.