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Whitney Wolfe Changes What Social Media Looks Like

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is an app developer that is all about business. She knows if there is a small amount of women that are able to do what she does, and this is why she takes her job so seriously..Whitney is turning up the heat and providing people with different perspective on social media. More people are now seeing Whitney Wolfe as the innovator that is making her own world in social media apps.

She has proven herself to be a social media guru that knows a lot about different aspects of app development world. She may not be someone like Mark Zuckerberg that knows a lot about developing apps from the standpoint of a programmer, but she is in tune with what people want. This makes her even more valuable as a CEO for Bumble.

Wolfe has a clear cut idea of what is going on in the technology world. She is someone that has a ton of experience with marketing to potentially anyone that may be using her platform. She is clearly a people’s person.

The New Zealand Herald called her the $1 Billion Queen of the dating app world. She is the working on being the Queen of Social Media altogether. It is her goal to make more people take a look at what Bumble as more than a dating app. In fact, many people that find Bumble discover it largely because they were using Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz. It is the networking and friendship building app that also happens to connect singles. Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF and Bumble Dating.

The Bumble business has as many as 85% women for the staff. This makes it one of the biggest employees of women in the app development community. That is why so many people are checking out what Whitney Wolfe is talking about next. They know that she is doing something amazing when it comes to innovation. She even took to creating Bumble Bee Hives (rooms to Bumble singles) to let matches from Bumble meet up in a safe environment and connect.

Whitney Wolfe is someone that is not waiting for the world to lead her. She is leading the world. Her mindset is geared towards becoming someone that can totally transform the world of social media by changing user perspectives. More people look to her to create social media change with Bumble.

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Fabletics Athleisure Takes E-Commerce By Storm

Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics. Fabletics has been dubbed one of the leading athleisure style clothing brands on the market for women. Kate understood the need for a stylish and comfortable clothing line that would get busy women through the day. Whether a woman is running errands with children all day long, working around the house or going to the gym, a comfortable and price effective wardrobe is a necessity. Many stay at home mom’s desire comfortable athletic wear that is also versatile but there was a definite gap in the market. In 2013 Kate along with two other co-founders launched the Fabletics line.


Fabletics was introduced to the market place with a strong e-commerce centered business strategy. Most busy women do not always have the time to go to stores and shop. Being able to purchase high quality athletic wear online was the original main marketing strategy for Fabletics. Shoppers are encouraged to take the Lifestyle Quiz when shopping for Fabletics. This helps to tailor the shopping experience to their personal needs. Consumers can either buy pieces one by one as they wish or they can sign up to have a monthly shipment sent to their home that will be comprised of a complete outfit.


Some e-commerce centered businesses do not embrace the comments and opinions of their customers but Fabletics has a different view point. Allowing customers to openly display their shopping and customer service experience helps their staff to strive for excellence. Many online shoppers read product reviews prior to purchase. Reading positive reviews will often times help sway the online purchase decision. Just as a shopper may ask a close friend or relative for an opinion on a product, online shoppers seem to highly value the opinions of others when they are making purchasing decisions. Fabletics embraces this and welcomes comments from shoppers. Providing quality products as affordable prices is what has driven the popularity of fabletics since its launch in 2013.


Over the past five years Fabletics has seen exponential growth. Fabletics has expanded their product line and include pants, leggings, tank tops, long sleeved and short sleeved tops, sports bras, socks, shoes, accessories and even swim wear and dresses. With such a diverse product line Fabletics is becoming a one stop shop for busy women. In addition to the e-store, Fabletics has expanded to shopping malls all across the United States. Many customers who shop in Fabletics stores have already shopped online for the brand. Shoppers who are new to the brand often leave the Fabletics store as a new VIP member. VIP members will receive monthly outfit boxes for $49 each month. This complete outfit gets billed and shipped monthly. Most outfits would retail at roughly $100 per outfit if bought outside of the VIP membership. Memberships are not mandatory and can be cancelled at any time. With so many ways to shop there is no wonder why Fabletics has become an industry leader in athleisure wear for women.

Kate Hudson Riding on Reverse Showrooming to Drive Success of Fabletics

The fashion market is ever dynamic because customer choices and preferences keep on changing. Additionally, the dominance by established stores like Amazon in the fashion e-commerce market makes it even harder for young entrants to navigate in the industry. However, despite of many hurdles in the fashion business, Fabletics has managed to take this market by storm. Less than three years since its inception, it has achieved astronomical growth to become a business valued at over $ 250 million with huge potential of growing further in the coming years. The success of Fabletics is largely driven by its ability to embrace latest business technology coupled with the formulation of cutting-edge strategies like subscription method of selling its active wear products. The athleisure retailer operates over 18 physical stores and commands over 21 million followers on.


Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, is the pivotal face behind the success of the firm. Her focus is offering trendy sports bra, bottoms and tops that are personalized to meet each customer needs and lifestyle at a cost of half price of what the rivals are offering. To determine a perfect outfit a customer only needs to take a quick lifestyle quiz. With its unique model of reverse showrooming, Fabletics has succeed to net of 1.2million monthly members spread across eight nations.


Kate Hudson has extensively used reverse showrooming to put Fabletics ahead of its competitors. This Technique works by looking at the items that customers are actively searching offline and then they end up buying the products from stores that sale them cheaply. After gathering information on the most browsed brands by consumer, Fabletics goes ahead and stocks its physical stores with these items. The combination of reverse showrooming strategy and online stores has greatly boosted the sales of the company.


Fabletics has also mastered the use of online data relevant to a specific location to stock both its physical and online stores with products that match the consumer’s preferences and lifestyle. The growth of the Fabletics is further strengthened by its commitment to reach more people with products that are reflective of their culture.


The contribution Kate Hudson towards the growth of Fabletics can never be underestimated. Kate has been pivotal in formulating e-commerce strategies that have put Fabletics on the fashion map. Kate attributes her success to her strong ability to pinpoint market opportunities and staying focused. Precise use of big data for decision-making and mentorship are among Kate’s recipes for success.

Shea Butter – A Tradition of Natural Skincare

Beauty products that promise skin care solutions abound. New ones seem to crop up every year on the market. One of the oldest and most effective skin care products is shea butter, a seed oil harvested from the nut of the shea tree. Going back to the ancient world and Cleopatra, shea butter was used in cosmetics as a healing ointment and a protectant against harsh climate. Seed oils possess both moisturizing properties and healing properties. Shea butter is unique in that its healing properties are high. It is particularly rich in vitamins A and E, so it is not only well-regarded for its effectiveness as a natural moisturizer, but also as a soothing ointment for skin conditions such as eczema and frost bite. A multitasker, shea butter is also used in foods.

Eu’Genia Shea recognizes this long heritage of shea butter, and is proud to make its raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter available to you. Eugenia Shea is a family-owned business. Its roots can be traced back to the family matriarch Comfort, a midwife who found shea butter’s natural healing qualities a great aid in reducing stretch marks and scarring. Comfort’s daughter Eugenia Akuete went on to develop the company’s products and pass on the secrets of skin care with shea butter. Today her daughter Naa-Sakle Akuete works with her to bring the company’s natural skin care products to you. Eu’Genia offers its customers shea butters to fill skin care needs during pregnancy, in products for daily use and even in products to help treat dermatological issues.

In Greek, Eu’Genia means the organ of goodness. The company takes this name very seriously. Its shea butter is ethically-produced and comes from all-female cooperatives in northern Ghana. In addition, over 15 percent of its profits go back to its workers, who receive job training and above average pay. This heritage and company values are what sets Eu’Genia Shea apart from the competition.

New Designers Join The Athleisure Crowd

The designers that are jumping into athleisure are coming up every day. Fabletics and Kate Hudson started the trend, and she made sure that all women had comfortable clothes to wear anywhere they wanted to go. Women are about town every day trying to get things done, and they also want to get to the gym before or after they get their kids at school. Fabletics is extremely important that all women have better clothes to wear, and that is why athleisure is so important.

The athleisure that people use will help them get ready for the day every day without any real fuss at all. A woman can throw on her sports bra, and she can toss on tights that will work with all the things they want to wear. The new designer Olivier Rousteing is making his own athleisure clothes, and he is joining the crowd to help women be casual and still wear his clothes. The basis of his new line is something that is very sleek and simple. He wants women to wear his clothes everywhere, and he wants them to feel like they have picked the perfect clothes for all occasions.
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The women who wear athleisure every day need to change in and out of their clothes easily, and they need something they can wear to the gym. Athleisure clothes will work well at the gym, but they also work on the street. Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she had to get her kids to school and head right to the gym. She was too busy to mess around with her clothes, and she started her own clothing line, Fabletics based on how she would have gotten dressed every morning.

The athleisure clothes of Fabletics that women wear will help them look amazing because they always fit well, and they also can wear these clothes with simple accessories that look really sexy. There are some fun ways for women to look and feel great when they wear athleisure, and they will feel like they have gotten out of the clothes that are far too complicated for them to wear daily. Source:

Bending the Rules With Doe Deere

Is it right that women have to follow a set of “rules” that defines the way they look and dress? In the past, women often felt hemmed in by fashion dictates that came from magazines and fashion houses. Today, however, women are much more free to do as they please, yet some of the old rules still hover around.

Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a rule breaker who likes to create her own style dictates. In her view, women should be able to make their own style choices without worrying about the rules. With her colorful style, she’s a rule breaker without parallel. Here are a few of the rules she likes to toy with.

1. Don’t Combine Patterns.
This is an unusual look, and the danger is in looking a little too wild and crazy with too many patterns going on. For Deere, coordination is the key.

2. Don’t Play Up Both The Eyes and Lips With Color.
The key here is to use color with finesses. Deere likes to use subtle shades of blue and grey together in the eye shadow, and then play up the lips with a bold red or burgundy matte lipstick. Done carefully, this can be a beautiful look.

3. Don’t Wear Too Many Colors Together.
With Deere’s eye for color, there’s no question she loves to put a lot of wild colors together. Again, her key is in coordinating the tones, so they aren’t just a wild mismatch. Done artfully, a splendid Unicorn-ish combination of colors can be wonderfully fun.

Hard and fast rules don’t work in today’s world, which is why fashion pioneers like Doe Deere need to have a say.

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Amazon Is Launching Its Own Fashion Clothing Lines Under In-House Brands

Amazon has taken over the world, or at least they say they have. Thanks to Amazon and the toy company that makes LEGO building blocks the face of retail has changed dramatically. Amazon is considered the largest online retailer in the world, and the company isn’t satisfied with that title. The executives at Amazon want to take over the fashion business and they aren’t wasting anytime doing that. Expansion is the key word in Amazon headquarters, and company executives believe in-house fashion brands will fuel that expansion. The online giant has developed an in-house clothing and shoe line. Amazon has more than 1,800 different fashion products online that have been branded with names amazon trademarked.

Some of the brands that Amazon is using include Franklin & Freeman, James &Erin, Society New York, North Eleven, Lark & Ro and Scout + Ro. Those names are used on women’s clothing and bags, children’s clothing and men’s tailored wear.

Amazon has been dabbling in the fashion clothing business for the last ten years, but the response hasn’t been great, according to a recent post by Amazon blames their partnerships with other brands for the slow sales, and that is the main reason the company is developing its own styles and brand names. But companies like the online fashion house, JustFab on youtube, isn’t bothered by Amazon’s attempt to capture the fashion market. JustFab has developed a consumer following that enjoys having a personal shopper help them pick the fashion that suits them.

The Los Angeles-based JustFab asks consumers to fill out a brief survey about their fashion preferences on Instagram and then the company offers them unique clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags that fit those preferences. JustFab works directly with the manufacturers, so there are no middlemen involved in JustFab transactions. Even though Amazon is offering their own brands, there is still an off-the-rack mentality that doesn’t fit today’s online shoppers. JustFab offers timely fashions that are designed for each consumer, and that makes the company stand-out in the crazy world of fashion.