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The Satisfied and Grateful Customers of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Corporation is known for its creation of technological solutions to aid the penitentiary market. Recently, it opened a forum on its website where clients could sit out their experiences in using the firm’s business solutions. Even though many though that the platform would be filled with several negative reviews and emails, this was not the case with Securus as it was pleased to announce that most clients are happy and satisfied with their services.


It even went ahead to publish some of these positive feedback that was received on the forum as emails and reviews. A larger percentage of the clientele at Securus includes officials responsible for preventing and solving criminalities. Securus left out some specific names of states, counties, and prisons for security purposes.


Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, clarified that the firm has experienced technologists and innovative thinkers that are persistently working to develop a new product that will help solve or prevent crimes every week. He further stated that the letters and emails received indicate that Securus was implementing change in the society. Additionally, Securus offered an invitation to its rivals to visit their technology center in Dallas for an exhibit of its products.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is an industry leader in the provision of technological products that aid prisons access top-notch varieties of technology. The corporation has its main offices situated in Dallas, Texas and serves over 3450 public safety, law enforcement, and correctional agencies as well as 1.2 million jailbirds across North America. Among services that Securus offers include incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response, inmate self-service, communication, information management as well as monitoring of products and services to make the world a haven. The company announced in July 2016 how it invested $600 million in various technologies, acquisitions, and patents since 2013.


Securus Technologies Stopping Drug Use in Prison

When the inmates in my prison are able to get their hands on drugs, everyone behind these walls is in serious danger. We are not just talking about the other inmates, we are talking about officers, jail staff, and even all the visitors. To make sure that every person inside this jail is safe, we have to be taking proactive measures each day to ensure that the entire facility is safe. Me and my fellow officers have a number of things we do each day to combat drugs getting into the jail.


The first thing we do each day is random cell inspections. These cell inspections allow us to catch certain inmates off guard and take into possession any contraband we discover. We then have a huge police presence inside the visitor center to deter people from bringing drugs to the inmates. We have to check each person carefully, watch the interaction between the two, and even search inmates after the meeting to make sure nothing is getting back to the cells.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the inmate call monitoring system we have inside our facility, allowing us yet another resource for stopping drug use in the prison. The company has a single objective all thousand employees of that company are committed to, and we appreciate their efforts to making the world safer. Once we plug into the LBS software that we are hunting for drugs, the system goes to work.


Each day we are amazed how the inmates basically lead us right to the drugs. We have listened to calls where the inmates are instructing family how to get the drugs to the jail, where these inmates will hide the drugs inside the cell, and who is selling drugs in the yard. This resource is by far one of the most effective for eliminating drugs in our crowded jail.


Securus Tech Now Preventing Crimes In Prisons

I could imagine that being a law enforcement officer can be one of the most frustrating things on planet earth. Imagine a situation in which you know an individual is planning a crime and you are powerless to stop it. Now, I love the Constitution, but it forces law enforcement officers to play by a certain set of rules that give criminals an unfair advantage at times.


Sometimes an investigation into a crime will and because there is no hard evidence. That is when a lifeline for that particular investigation is incredibly welcome. One tiny little bit of information can extend an investigation and even prevent a crime. That little bit of information can prevent a case from going cold.


That is why Securus Technologies takes the extra step of recording every single phone call made by every single prisoner that they service. The telecommunications company provides telecommunications services exclusively to jails. This company knows that there are all sorts of nuggets of information found in these telephone calls. These little bits of information can make the difference between a case going cold or a crime being prevented.


To make it easier on law enforcement, Securus Technologies has developed a proprietary software program that can make all of their recorded telephone calls searchable in an instant. All a law enforcement officer needs is a recording of a criminal’s voice. That recording is fed into the software where it is analyzed for its DNA. Each voice has particular pieces to it that make it unique much like a fingerprint.


The software program then digs deep into the database to pull out every example of this voice. Every single phone call is then displayed for law enforcement to analyze. This can give police officers the little nugget of information that they need in order to prevent a crime.


Prison Walls no longer separate families with the Securus Video Visitation

Taking children to a prison for any visit is never a good idea. Correction facilities are just not the best environments for children. Fortunately, there is a substitute to this through a video visitation program. Video visitation is made available through the use of video call. The video call enables a father to communicate with his child. Communication is achieved without having the child visit the correction facility. The visitation program is important to all family members. It gives people a chance to make full use of technology and enjoy all the benefits.


For children, I think that the technology is necessary because parents will not have to answer questions after the visit. Children are usually traumatized and never understand why their close relative may be in chains. The visitation program gives the family a chance to be together without raising too many concerns and issues. I recently watched a delightful story about a boy seeing his father in prison. The video was taken at the time of Christmas. The video was emotional as it brought out the beauty of family. Securus has strived to bring families together even when prison walls try to separate them.


Securus has made it possible for loved ones to see their families without much expense. The company has removed the cost of spending money on gas to travel and see a loved one. The video means a lot for people that live far away from the correction facilities. In most cases, the correction facility is usually located in another state. The video visitation program is a significant leap from the prior communication systems. Traditional communication systems were expensive, and the caller’s voice was never clear. It was always difficult to achieve effective communication through a voice call.


Securus Technologies is a company that is based in Dallas, Texas. It strives to better communication services, monitoring service and global technology applied in correction facilities. Securus has come up with highly innovative technology that people in correction facilities have loved. The firm is available in over 3400 correction facilities spread across the United States. It has helped connect 1,200,000 inmates nationwide. The company is located in different places such as Atlanta and Canada. The technology applied by the firm is a clear indication that Securus is a leader in the industry. Securus motto remains as Connecting What Matters. The company has stayed true to this motto and its other mission and vision.



Securus Technologies Is Committed To Providing The Latest Advancements In Inmate Communications

The fact that the penal system is badly damaged and almost too distorted to repair, isn’t a secret.  But lawmakers are trying to come up with solutions to reduce the inmate population, and to change some of the laws that put people behind bars that should be in treatment centers. It takes years to effect the kind of change that the correctional system needs, but in the meantime, Securus Technologies is providing communication and other services that are making life behind bars a little more tolerable.



The Securus ConnectUs technology is giving inmates and their families a chance to see and speak to each other without the hassle of using the regular prison telephone system. The Securus ConnectUs System also makes filing paperwork faster and easier. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application system is being used by correctional facilities all over the country, and the feedback has been excellent.



Securus Technologies services more than 3,400 law enforcement and corrections agencies all over the United States. More than 1,200,000 inmates benefit from the services and programs that Securus Technologies offers its corrections facilities. Some of those services are, incident management reporting, public investigations and information, biometric analysis, and communication and information management.



Securus also provides emergency response and inmate self-service, as well as monitoring products and services. But one of the best services offered by Securus is their visual visitation calls. Inmates are able to visit with their families just like people do when they use the FaceTime feature on their cell phone. Securus provides a local number for the inmate to call, and that number can be used for just a call or a visual call.