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Todd Luber And His Lucrative Business Interests

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC and the Senior Vice President of traditional investments. Everything that he touches turns into gold, and this is thanks to two things – hard work and raw dedication in whatever he chooses to focus on. For instance, Mr. Lubar helped turn Maryland legacy financial office into a force to be reckoned with.

The production unit managed over 100 million dollars’ worth of loan volume under his watch.

And since it was clear as day that his leadership abilities were incredible, Todd Lubar has also managed to lead charter funding as a senior vice president and just like it is the norm, the firm prospered without a doubt. Todd Lubar began his success as a leader in the business world as soon as he graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A. in Speech Communication.

Before that, he attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC and then the Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. Apart from his primary focus which is mortgage banking, Todd Lubar also owns some interests including the nightclub industry, the demolition industry. He also has benefits in the real estate development industry as well as the recycling industry.

Thanks to his vast experience in several industries, Todd Lubar has developed a knack for maneuvering through harsh environments and making any business work. Which is the whole reason as to why many companies are seeking his counsel either as a Senior Vice President or as President. For more details visit Inspirery.

Todd Lubar is always willing to share his wealth of expertise especially in the mortgage and real estate sectors for one reason – he wants everyone to succeed. Following him on social media pages is usually a good thing since more often than not, he drops dimes on the tricks on how to be successful in any industry.

Just recently, Todd Lubar gave his two cents on the Baltimore real estate industry and how one can make a killing since it is one of the hottest destinations for millennials. This is because it has a lower living cost compared to Washington, D.C. Check out his website


Samuel Strauch: Choosing A Reliable Real Estate Advisor

Samuel Strauch is a highly reputable real estate investor and successful entrepreneur. Samuel Strauch has helped numerous clients achieve tremendous success in this lucrative field of real estate.

Real estate investors enter into various types of deals involving residential or commercial property, with an aim toward earning a significant return on their investment. Having a good understanding of the industry is crucial if you truly want to join the ranks of those who amass a fortune in this fabulous industry.

When it comes to getting advice or guidance on business or investment matters, it is imperative to find a trusted source. There are many real estate resources and coaches out there but you need to keep in mind that not all advisors and coaches are created equal. If you choose the right professional you will certainly have a greater chance of reaching your goal.

In the real estate investing arena, both newbies and veteran investors turn to Samuel Strauch for top notch advice. Samuel Strauch has great expertise in this field and is well qualified to guide you to success.

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Samuel Strauch is well versed in the real estate market in Miami Beach, FL, and comes highly recommended in the industry. Whether you are buying properly, selling property or just want to learn how the industry works and how to get started, Samuel Strauch is the right professional to talk to you.

As an experienced professional and caring person, Samuel Strauch is always available and willing to render his help and ensure that you understand what it takes to achieve success in the real estate investing field.

Samuel Strauch has a wealth of knowledge to share with those who are ambitious and ready to work hard in order to become financially successful.

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Services Offered by the Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital joins the illustrious list of finalists for this year’s Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Following information from, the winner will be announced at the New York Athletic Club at this years M&A Advisor Awards Gala. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm which is based in Chicago. In the financial industry, this award is seen as the epitome of success. It is given to the companies, which make the best deals, the most contributions and have the most achievements in the industry. The award can be given to individuals as well as firms.

Since it was founded in 1998, the M&A Advisor offers information and advice on mergers and acquisitions. The aim is to encourage other firms and professionals in the industry. Over the eighteen years of operations, it now awards the top achievers in the industry.

The firm is also a nominee of the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year under two categories; the International and the Industrious Deal of the Year. Madison Street Capital acquisitions of Acuna and Associados S.A qualified the firm for the industrious deal of the year. Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director, led the transaction. Charles Botchway, the CEO and founder of Madison Street Capital, said that they were happy with the acquisition. Speaking on behalf of the firm, he said the nominations honored them.

According to Charles, the firm seeks to create partnerships between emerging businesses and their clients. Investment banking requires a lot of knowledge and expertise, and Madison Street Capital has these and more. Following the complexity of the acquisition of Acuna and Associados, Karl D’Cunha said that they were pleased with the recognition.

Madison Street Capital is dedicated to providing the best services to its clients through organized expert delivery systems. The whole team is focused on leadership, service delivery and offering advice to the benefit of the clients. The financial experts in the firm ensure that their clients benefit from their investments and partnerships. The firm also offers advice on how to raise capital for start-up businesses and also for the existing ones. The upcoming markets are seen as the future of the global business sector. Such markets encourage innovations based on their needs. The Madison Street Capital has clients from various parts of the world.

At Madison Street Capital, the issues presented by clients are dealt with quickly by professionals. This is to ensure that the clients do not miss the chance to make a good investment or make a non-beneficial investment based on inadequate information. The advice offered to clients is beneficial in the short and long term. The main aim of the firm is to help the clients in achieving their goals.

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A Look at the World of Investment Banking

Investment banking deals with huge investments in the financial and capital markets. It involves the creation of capital for individuals, governments and companies. It allows people to save and invest their money in profitable projects. This earns such investors a chance to generate more capital.

Investment bankers help clients to manage their investment portfolios. These refer to securities that one has invested in indirectly. They offer well informed advice to all clients including the best options for investing their money. They assist corporate clients to acquire properties and make good decisions concerning mergers and acquisitions. Many top banks have been in operation for years and hence have acquired enough experience in this industry.

How Investment Banks Operate

Investment banks assist clients in their corporate restructuring strategies aimed at increasing their value and improving operational efficiency. Investment banking is a tough and tricky field to penetrate. This is because there is a lot of cut-throat competition in the industry. With time, many banks collapse and only the highly efficient and innovative ones survive.

To ensure survival, it is vital to hire the right human resource for the job. They need to be highly skilled, educated and efficient. They should also be quick decision makers and have the required market and industry experience to stay on top of their game. Other helpful skills include research, observation and great interpersonal skills.

Many investment banks research about different trading activities, equity and sales. They are able to match sellers with potential buyers.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a proficient investment banker working and residing in Miami, Florida. Currently in his fifty’s, Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking industry for many years. He founded his own company called Lustgarten, Martin and serves as its CEO. He loves vintage items and collecting beautiful things that please him. He is also a good juggler and trades in vintage watches.

Lustgarten has vast experience in the field of investment banking. He advises people who intend to enter this highly competitive market to follow many different companies on social media sites. Personally, Lustgarten follows market cycles closely and is careful with the risks he takes. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with news and other events.