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John Goullet Has Put DIVERSANT on a Growth Trajectory

John Goullet is one of the well-known IT tech staffing experts. The entrepreneur has extensive insights on the broad IT industry. This is because he has worked as both an IT staffing professional and IT consulting specialist. John ventured into IT staffing in 1994. By virtue of his understanding of the emerging trends in the IT industry, John was able to establish Info Technologies. His firm offered IT staffing solutions to various companies across the United States. The company’s clients comprised of Fortune 500 companies. Through his transformative leadership, the company was able to make remarkable achievements. During John Goullet tenure, the value of Info Technologies soared to $ 30 million. The corporation became one of the fastest growing privately held firms in the United States.

John envisioned that he and his company could grow further by collaborating with other firms. He merged his company with Diversant Inc to form a new company known as DIVERSANT LLC. John was appointed to serve as the principal of the firm. At DIVERSANT, John’s focus is on creating strategies that enable the company to remain successful in the IT industry. He also ensures that appropriate services are provided to select mid-market clients and Fortune 500 companies. Under his leadership and that of other top executives, DIVERSANT has become an industry leader. Over the years, the company has attracted, recruited and retained premier talents. With a demonstrated expertise, John Goullet has steered the company to a growth trajectory even during challenging economic times.

As an enthusiastic IT expert, Goullet motivates his staff to uphold respect, discipline, and ethical behavior. He also encourages them to be creative thinkers. Goullet has also helped the employees of DIVERSANT to embrace teamwork. Presently, the corporation is regarded as the leading African-American owned firm in the U.S.

As an entrepreneur, John Goullet is driven by his zeal of being productive and successful. The idea of staying ahead of competitors motivates him to keep the design innovative strategies that will result in improved services and client base. Goullet contends that for one to be successful, he or she should know how to provide clients with products and services that satisfy their utility. Entrepreneurs should emulate best practices in their respective industries. John Goullet is an alumnus of the esteemed Urisnus College. He graduated in 1983 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science.