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Norka Luque Is The Next Great Musical Diva According To Music Insiders

The appeal of Latino music continues to spread in non-Spanish speaking countries. The beat, rhythm, and addictiveness of salsa music is hard to ignore, and more musicians are picking up Latin qualities in their music arrangements. But the true Latino musicians can’t be imitated. They have the music built into their DNA, and it comes out through their pores when they perform. Their bodies move to the beat in a style that can’t be duplicated, but some people do try to be salsa type performers, but few succeed. Norka Luque is not one of those imitators. She is the real deal. Norka is a Caracas-born singer, and she sings with style and a voice that is one of a kind. Norka is one of the few performers in the Latino community that has crossed over into the mainstream music world, but she still has the same love she has always had for her country and for the family that sacrificed so she could sing.

Norka started singing when she was eight. She got a part in a Luis Miguel musical that highlighted the music of Shakira. Norka became a Shakira fan that year. Norka didn’t try to imitate Shakira’s singing style or tone, but she did watch Shakira’s career blossom, and she dreamed of living the small sort of life as her idol. Norka continued to study music and piano while she studied, and when the time came to graduate she decided to continue to study in France. France was where Norka fine-tuned her singing style. She joined a group called Bad Moon Rising, and she became the lead singer of the group. The French Dance clubs love her and the band, so her life in France was good. Studying and music were her passions, but she also wanted to move to the next step in her musical career. Norka decided to move to Miami after attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2006. That decision changed her life.

Emilio Estefan, the great music producer, heard Norka sing, and he decided to produce her first album. Estefan knew what Norka Luque needed, so he and composer Archie Pena worked on a unique sound with Norka. Norka released her first album in 2011, three years after she started working Estefan. It was a labor of love, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Norka was nominated for best female vocalist of the year in 2011 after her first single; I Can Do It, was released. The album is in demand, and Norka is on her way to being the next great musical diva.

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