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The Initiatives Nexbank is taking for Community Development

Many people are of the idea that banking institutions do not do as much as they should to give back to the communities which they serve. Well, one bank in Dallas, Texas is changing the manner in which they run their business and getting connected with the society. Nexbank has been operating in the state for close to a century now, and they have a proven track record in the provision of commercial, mortgage, institutional and personal banking solutions.

One of the most recent initiatives that the country has been part of is the capital raise initiative that they started last year. The aim was to get at least $20million which would go towards general and corporate purposes of the bank. The CEO of the bank, John Holt announced the completion of the project and stated that he was pleased by the level of support they had received from their shareholders. He added that this was the type of support which had been fueling the success of the bank for the past decade.

In the first half of 2016, the company had posted a net profit of more than $38 million. Their total deposits averaged more than $2.6 billion, which was a 49 percent increase from the data taken at the same time the previous year. The increased profits have been attributed to the increased participation in community banking based initiative and excellent leadership.

About Nexbank

There are three core areas of business that Nexbank deals with, these are commercial, institutional and mortgage banking. They provide customized business solutions to all their clients depending on their needs. This is one bank where customers can be assured of the safety of their assets and the right advice and guidance when making investment choices. According to the banks CEO, the bank has strategies in place to make their service delivery even better than it already is.