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Bruce Levenson: The Business Man and NBA Team Owner

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and philanthropist. He grew up in Chevy Case, Maryland and attended college at Washington University, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. After college, Levenson attended college at American University. He started a career in journalism during his time in law school and worked for the Washington Star.

Levenson became the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers in 2004. He also acquired the operating rights to the Philips Arena Of Time Warner Cable the same year. In 2010, Levenson and his partner sold the Atlanta Thrashers. The team name was changed to the Winnipeg Jets, and the team has been located in Winnipeg, Canada ever since 2011.

Levenson chairs the Board Of Managers that operates underneath the Atlanta Hawks. He is also a member of NBA Board Of Directors. The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA during the 2014 to 2015 season. In fact, the Atlanta Hawks were the only team from the Eastern Conference to make it to the playoffs for seven seasons.

Not only is Levenson an extremely successful businessman, but he is also a philanthropist. In fact, he has been involved in charity work for the past 40 years. He has a passion for helping disadvantaged youth. He has been involved in the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation. Levenson has also been the president of the Washington chapter of I Have A Dream. The purpose of I Have A Dream is to help students who come from a low-income family get the education they deserve. He has been featured in many magazines such as Forbes, Business Week, Time and many more.

Levenson started the Center For Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management At the University of Maryland. The goal of The Center is to provide students with the tools that they need to become leaders of their own non-profit organization. FOr more information, refer to Levenson’s Wikipedia page.