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Is The Quincy Safe?

The Quincy is a set of luxury apartments in New Brunswick, New Jersey. If one is a pizza delivery driver, however, there does not appear to be anything luxurious about the suburb.

It appears that, several times in the past, there have been pizza delivery drivers who have been robbed and/or shot on the premises of the apartment complex. It seems that there is a small group of people who are apparently calling for pizza delivery, and then robbing and shooting the delivery men when they appear to deliver the pizza. On October 7, 2015, there was a shooting at the apartments, and then again, over a year later, on November 22, 2016, someone in the apartment complex ordered a pizza and shot and robbed the delivery man. However, there was a robbery of a pizza delivery man as early as October 30, 2012, four years before the recent robbery and shooting. But, a spokesman says that the two are not related incidences, since the earlier, 2012 shooting, did not take place at the luxury Quincy Apartments, but at another place with the same name.

The actual number of shootings is unclear, and the purpose behind the other shooting, not involving the pizza driver, is not known at this time. A representative of the Quincy Apartments states that the 2012 robbery took place elsewhere, not on the grounds of the Quincy Apartments, but does not mention the other two incidences at all.

Several arrests of those who have robbed pizza delivery drivers have been made in relation to the robbery at the Quincy Apartments, so, it is clear that at some point, a pizza driver was shot and robbed at the aforementioned Quincy Apartments. Whether these arrests address the issue of the other shooting, and the robbery that allegedly took place at another Quincy address,is not known at this time.

Indeed, a spokesperson for The Quincy Apartments states that the Quincy is safe, and that there have been no incidences at the Quincy Apartments.

As convoluted and confusing as this scenario appears to be, one wonders whether it is safe to drive and deliver pizza anywhere near any place named the Quincy in New Brunswick, New Jersey.