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60 Seconds with Sawyer Howitt

Twenty-three years ago, a young man helped his wife and her mother launch a tea latte line called Oregon Chai by investing in the business. Today, his son is working alongside him as the project manager, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs today.

Sawyer Howitt has been a meteoric rise. He always seems to know, even at his young age, which notes to hit in his business guided by his father. In an era of declining investments and lost profits, Howitt appeals to businesspeople and investors and financial advisors who seek to reach to his level while still in high school. Then, there is his image. In a welcome deviation of an all-too-familiar story of early success gone wrong, he has been successful in his endeavors by supporting educational funding and women’s rights.

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In addition to Howitt’s success, he also possesses an early admission to Columbia University with a degree in entrepreneurial finance. It’s quite apparent that apples do not fall far from the tree in this family. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) has made it his key mission to help other entrepreneurs become far more successful; potentially spreading his knowledge among other people. He has also dabbled in customer service work by working at Kure Juice bars.
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