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EOS Lip Balm And Their Humble Beginnings

EOS Lip Balm is a lip balm brand that continues to revolutionize the way we all witness and see the world of this market. The best part about EOS Lip Balm is that they are providing their work to giving clients around the globe the best glistening lips with the best ingredients out there. EOS Lip Balm had humble beginnings where they started out as just another company that was getting their start in this industry.

In a report by Fast Company, it all began when three product creators who have worked for PepsiCo and other startups wanted t dominate the women’s beauty section with a new product. Stumped on what kind of market to tackle, they weren’t so sure which way to head until they realized that the world of chapstick wasn’t getting the recognition it needed with the brands that were in it. They weren’t pushing themselves. With the help if the right third party company and the right designers, they came up with the Evolution of Smooth and built a corporation from scratch using just their knowledge and the resources that they had. They built a product that wasn’t going to be just a fad. They wanted something that was going to last ages and give their clients everything that they have always wanted in a lip balm.

Their humble beginning started when they realized no store wanted what they had to offer because the product was just way too different. Men found it to be odd to have something new take over this market line. They decided that this product wasn’t fit for what their stores wanted, but then Walgreens, Racked and Target picked it up. With the right meetings and the right people, EOS Lip Balm was able to grow and achieve the chance to be in stores and reach new people on the market.

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