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The Lovaganza Foundation Is Here

The Lovaganza Foundation is set to be released to the public in a very short while. The head of the organization of Lovaganza, the Gagnon’s, have two main dreams with this foundation: the first is for them to provide quality life to all individuals under the sun. Whether that be in the form of a scholarship or a grant, they are ready to help all humanity. Secondly, they want to promote all foundations through their foundation. They only ask that the foundation have the same mindset and goals. They believe this will help millions and millions of people in a short time period.

In addition to providing help in the education world, the Lovaganza Foundation is planning on teaming up with foundations all over the world to meet a number of goals. The main goal is to have clean drinking water for every child in the world from infancy to the age of 15. The second goal, similar to the first, is to make sure every child in the world has three meals a day.

The Lovaganza foundation believes education is truly important. However, education does no good for children with empty stomachs. These children need to eat healthy in order to learn healthy. Another goal they have is to make children safe all around the world. Their first attempt would be to remove children from the midst of daily war. Their second attempt is going to be to remove children under 18 years of age from marriages they do not want to be in.

This foundation hopes to meet all of their goals before the year 2040. At which time they plan to have headquarters in various places around the world. Information will soon be released revealing when the Lovaganza Foundation will be up and running and when people will be able to give donations. If the goals are met, critics have stated that this will be the most successful foundation in all of history. The representatives of this foundation hope this will become a reality.

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