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The Development of OSI Group

Small business owners are tasked with a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running these businesses and ensuring that they offer the right services to clients. But, at times, these businesses can be overwhelming because of the volume of tasks supposed to be handled. Besides, small businesses can also grow into big companies. That is where global expansion comes in. Expanding a small business to provide its services to global clientele is more rewarding than running a small business. With that said, OSI Group is one such business that has expanded over the years, thanks to technology. OSI Group started out as a family business in Chicago. This was in 1909 when immigrants flocked the locality in search of greener pastures.

Today, one thing is clear: their dedication to clients. That is why many competitors across the world regard the company as the premier food provider/ OSI is trusted to consistently deliver top-notch food solutions through different developmental as well as processing needs. These solutions offer quality and value to clients. At the same time, they streamline processes within the community while optimizing their production costs. The history of OSI Group is appended to the immigrant roots of Americans. During the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany, settled in Chicago. Most of these immigrants made up a quarter of the population. The city was thriving at a fast pace. Otto was not left behind. In fact, he tagged his sons along in running the business.

Seeing that the population was vastly growing, he decided to start a business in the meat industry. This was after two years of settling in the community. He even expanded the small meat shop into the suburbs of Maywood. The next decade of operations was followed by a conventional storyline for a family-owned business. Otto and Sons was contacted to serve as the main food supplier for McDonald’s. For more than five years, the partnership thrived. This was until the city started experiencing some economic growth coupled with the suburb’s sprouting nature in the United States of America. Technology came in to rescue small businesses and OSI Group one of them.OSI Group is not just a food supplier but also an employer. The company has about 20,000 employees across 17 countries. It is its rise from modest beginnings to a corporate organization that has attracted major stakeholders, clients, and employees from different cities.

OSI Groups Marks a Century of Innovative Growth in the Food Processing Sector

When OSI International Australia recently announced a successful merger with the Australian Turi Foods Company, Turi Foods witnessed a landmark step that would transform the Australian Food Processing Sector in general. As a branch of the parental organization OSI Group, OSI International Australia has been making strides to dominate the Australian market as part of the company’s global growth mission. But the company has not only penetrated Australia – it has established global roots since its foundation in 1909, marking a century of innovative growth.

Foundation of OSI

The history of OSI Group is rooted in the immigrant roots of America. Its founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was part of the immigrant’s group from German in Chicago. Otto noted that the Chicago community was a center for America’s industry, and 1909 was ripe to establish a profitable butcher shop. His business sailed through the First World War, prompting him to expand his retail business into a wholesale business. In 1928, the company was branded Otto & Sons to appeal to its growing customer base. Henceforth, the family business witnessed dynamic changes that would later see it a leading food provider.

Ties with the McDonald’s

After the mid-20th century, McDonald’s was establishing a chain of restaurants countrywide. Thus, the company needed a competent fresh meat supply to the growing number of restaurants. Together with the century’s technological breakthrough, it was easy for McDonald’s and Otto & Sons to strike a deal that would see the latter supply fresh beef to McDonald’s outlets. With this deal, Otto & Sons improved its facilities through advanced tech machinery and established itself as a stable supplier. Besides, the then 66-years-old company rebranded to OSI Industries.

Improving Productions and Growing Globally

As McDonald’s was proliferating, and being the company’s supplier, it was necessary for the OSI Group to ramp up its production rate. This was possible through art-of-state facilities in Chicago and West Jordan. Also, the business needed to expand globally which promoted the establishment of structured leadership to negotiate global deals. This saw Lavin take the position of CEO of OSI Group, a position he holds to date. The company as well has David McDonald as the President and over 20,000 employees. This team has transformed the company into a broad international presence and industrial dominance.