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The Illustrious Career and Community Involvement of Reno’s Josh Smith

Recently, students at High Desert Montessori in Reno, Nevada were given a new greenhouse by Great Full Gardens Café and Josh Smith’s Modular Greenhouses. They were also given some money to purchase seeds, soil, and planters. They now have an opportunity to cultivate food and be able to care for their fitness and health. Great Full Gardens have grand plans for the future; they intend to be purchasing the food grown at the school, prepare it and then serve it to their customers.

Modular Greenhouses has been able to donate greenhouse to the local Boys and Girls Club in Reno, Nevada. Its CEO, Josh Smith has great plans for the company. They plan to equip every nonprofit or school in Washoe County with a greenhouse by 2020.

Josh Smith is a Reno-based entrepreneur and CEO of various businesses in the sustainable and wellness field primarily in Reno, Nevada. His drive to make a constructive impact on the lives of people has seen him establish successful companies across many industries. Smith always ensures that his businesses embrace technology. He brings a new era of leadership that embraces positive change. His corporations achieve these by providing solutions and products that regenerate the environment and thus have a direct positive impact on humans.

Josh Smith is also an inventor. After going through a lot to purchase a greenhouse for his home, he came up with a modular-hinge house suitable for a residential home greenhouse. This greenhouse will allow many communities and families garden efficiently at home and produce pounds of organic foods. Mr. Smith leads a visionary lifestyle that will enable him to always look for solutions and thus have direct entries to the market. His businesses are always aiming at improving the socio-economic activities of humans.

Josh Smith has been an entrepreneur for over two decades. His areas of expertise have been, regulatory approvals, compliance, global operations, manufacturing, multinational import and export logistics, and customs procedures. Over the years, he has committed his life to give and care for children in the world. He founded a charitable organization that takes garden programs and greenhouses to k-12 schools across the US.

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Greg’s Success in Forex Trade

Forex trade is the upcoming business that most investors have not been keen on, yet it is one of the most yielding in profit. Based on the differences in currency worth on a daily or even hourly basis, you can easily make money just by monitoring the changes in international monetary value. A click is all it takes to make profits and get your returns sometimes in a matter of hours. However, due to the minimum publicity, Forex trade has been left for the few who dare to get a glimpse of it. There are many entrepreneurs who have mastered the trade and as a result they have turned out to be very successful.

A Successful Forex Trade Investor

Greg Secker is one of the few investors in the world that have gone against the norm to explore this avenue. Clearly, His achievements today are evidence that forex trade is a viable business with a lot to offer. Secker is a very successful forex trader and his achievements are quite evident. He even preferred an early retirement in 2003 in order to pursue forex trade independently. Greg learned the art while working for a financial company and since then he has developed his own companies including Learn to Trade. With his background in forex trade systems, he was quite determined to develop his own entity and today he not only owns one but he is winning leadership awards all over.

Greg Secker the Philanthropist

Greg Secker lives in London where he has invested in forex trade and he is one of the highly sort mentors for young people. Being a philanthropist, Greg has a passion for humanity. This has inspired his desire to change people’s lives through long-term projects. In Philippines, he began a Build a House Build a Home initiative to help the poor in the country. As a philanthropist, Greg has invested in several projects all aimed at helping the community a belief he holds so dearly. He continues to inspire others through his success in the underemphasized forex trade