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India Is Soon To Access A New QNet/Sharp Wellness Product

QNet is making a lot of news in India and around the world. Recently, the Hong Kong-based direct selling giant has teamed with the major Japanese technology/electronics corporation Sharp to release an incredibly intriguing new device. Dubbed the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the unit is slated to be sold through Qnet’s e-commerce site. The air purifier is intended to be another major product to be sold in India. India is quickly becoming one of QNet’s most lucrative markets.

In India, QNet has worked very hard to distinguish itself from the multilevel marketing industry. MLM has its fans, but the business model has drawn some controversy due to similarities to pyramid schemes. QNet is exclusively involved with direct selling, which is retail sales with a retail location. Entrepreneurs focus on selling items from the expansive QNet inventory. They are not looking to build up a massive downline. In order to be successful with direct selling, the products a company puts forth have to be of high value. QNet is always hard at work at developing new products and services. The new QNet/Sharp air purifier is a perfect example of the company’s constant attempts to continually come up with new items that the public will want.

India is a strong market for wellness products. The air purifier absolutely does fit the description of a wellness item. A buzz is sure to surround the new release thanks to the high-profile joint venture that delivered it. Perhaps the success of the product will yield more QNet/Sharp joint ventures in the future.