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How White Shark Media Deals with Customer Complaints

Any company that is dealing with tens of thousands of clients is bound to get a certain amount of complaints throughout the lifespan of their company ( White Shark Media is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world, and with the number of clients they deal with on an annual basis some complaints are bound to arise. White Shark Media has been very proactive in their approach to fixing their most common complaints. They have now implemented new systems to prevent these types of complaints from happening again with future clients.

One of the main complaints that used to arise with clients was the fact that they felt as though they were losing touch with their campaign. In the past, many of the reporting systems that White Shark Media had set up were not adequate enough to show small business owners exactly what was going on with their Adwords campaigns.

Since these complaints, White Shark Media has created much more detailed reports that go out on a much more frequent basis. These reports allow small business owners the ability to see exactly how their advertising budgets are being spent on a regular basis. This knowledge is what gives small businesses an edge over their competitors.

Now there are regularly scheduled meetings that will allow clients to ask any questions or get the necessary information that they need. There are also direct lines now to each representative in the event that a client has a pressing issue that needs to be attended to urgently –

Some clients feel as though their old Adwords accounts were performing better than the new White Shark Media optimized accounts. One way that White Shark Media has combat against this is by hiring experienced supervisors to oversee every campaign. This is a great way to make sure that every campaign is performing leaps and bounds beyond an unmanaged campaign.

Clients have also felt as though they were matched up with a representative that was not in tune with their specific needs and goals. White Shark Media now has senior consultants who will help with pairing up the right representative for each client’s specific needs. These consultants can be reached at any time throughout the campaign in order to switch representitives if neccessary.