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Slyce Makes A New Partner In Footwear

News In Slyce’s Newest Business Relations

In case you have not heard the latest news in Slyce’s business relationships with major retailers, this article will catch you up some. Recently, there was an article published on NASDAQ’s website that was written by Market Wired about the new developments that make Slyce more convenient for consumers to get their shopping done without conducting lengthy online searches. Online shopping is traditionally a more convenient way to find products that you want to purchase. However, the process of locating the exact items that you want to purchase can be a lengthy endeavor. Slyce has somewhat bridged the gap between retailers and consumers by developing one of the most reliable visual search platforms on the market.

Partnering With A Major Footwear Retailer

Shoe Carnival is a major footwear retailer, and they have decided to join in on the visual search experience by partnering with Slyce. The new relationship was announced in October of 2015, but they just officially started offering Shoe Carnival’s product line quite recently. Shoe Carnival has 400 locations around the United States that offer quality shoes at affordable prices. They offering all types of shoes, including dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes. They also cater to all demographics, including women, children and men. It is easy to see that this partnership will give Slyce’s users a much larger market place where they can find more products.

The most fascinating thing about visual search is how convenient it is making shopping for any product that you might want to buy. The catalogue of products that Slyce is offering to consumers is immense in its scope and size. Their catalogue offers everything from home improvement needs to clothing essentials. This allows Slyce to create value in the online shopping world with any demographic.

The application that Slyce has developed is incredibly easy to use. It is a free application that you can download on your smart phone. When you have Slyce in the palm of your hand, the world is your shopping mall.