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How Todd Lubar’s work experience shaped him to become a successful man.

Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TLD Global Ventures, LLC and still serves as the Senior VP at Legendary investments. His success has been attributed to his vast work experience and his firm education. As from 1977 to 1987, Lubar was a student in Washington DC at Sidwell Friends School. Later, he joined The Peddie School Hightstown for his high school studies and then joined Syracuse University where he was able to graduate with a degree in Speech Communication.

After graduating, Todd was confident that he was ready for the job market and he did not hesitate when he got his first job as from 1995. He was employed in Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He worked with the firm for nearly four years learning new things every day and sharpening his knowledge from the experience he had.

He later joined Legacy Financial group and while in Legacy, he assisted in growing the Maryland office to become a production unit. He continued gaining experience while in Legacy Financial group and in 2005, he accepted and moved forward to become the VP with Charter Funding Organization. The organization was located on the outskirts of Arizona, but this did not make Todd refuse the position.

He served as the company’s VP for two years before significant changes were experienced and this made him go back to his focus on obtaining money mortgage with Priority of Financial services.

Throughout Todd’s career, his focus was always on mortgage banking. When there were changes while he was working in Carter Funding organization, he decided to venture and get involved in other lines of businesses such as recycling industries, commercial demolition industry, and the real estate sector. While in the real estate industry, he was able to develop healthy relationships with individuals who had the experience in building trade.

With all these experiences from one business line to another, he was in a position of understanding what is needed for a business to run and how one could excel in any business environment. With this in mind, when he opened his firm, TDL global ventures, LLC, he had all the knowledge any business investor is expected to have. With his company, he has helped people who have been overlooked by other lending institutions.

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