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“Aloha Construction – Building Towards The Future”

Recent storms in Northern Illinois that resulted in wind and hail damage, has brought in the experts at Aloha Construction, Inc. for another junction in restoring roofs and repairing siding.


This company serves the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area and has a new website, as a convenience tool to homeowners, so they can get assistance quickly.


Although they are a relatively new company, they have made great strides and plan on branching out into building homes of distinction, by offering their new Interior Restoration service to residence.


David Farbaky, the President/CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc, said in the year 2013 they had completed 7000 projects. This year that number has expanded to 20,000.


He is thrilled to be able to offer top-notch service to the people of Illinois through their Bloomington office.


Making life easier and making sure people feel safe in their homes, has always been the top priority of Mr. Farbaky for his Mid-West customers.


Although they have always provided remodeling services since they started in the year 2008, this new launch, through their new division called Aloha Builds Network, will concentrate fully on revamping various parts of homes.


This includes kitchen, basements, bathrooms as well as cleaning up natural disaster sites.


The Aloha Builds Network wills operation out of their Lake Zurich Headquarters.


Aloha Construction, Inc is a trusted family-owned, bonded and insured, who services covers the Mid-West.


They are professionals in roofing with their 9-step inspection, in which they can tell you how much time your roof will last before it needs maintenance.


When it comes to siding, their technicians are more than capable in repairing any type of material. In fact, they are required to become certified before they are placed on a project.


Our skilled workers can help you with your gutter and downspout fixtures. We can assist you in preventing your home from being ruined by a faulty drainage system.


For more details in how we can help you with every part of your home, feel free to visit us at our site.

Take a Step Forward with NuoDB

NuoDB will take you a step ahead. Their technology is designed for distributed deployment in the cloud, through a SQL-oriented transactional database management system. NuoDB is different from other database systems. This allows for the database to be expanded by using more servers, instead of just replacing hardware.
In regard to Application Migration to the Cloud, it will provide customers with a database foundation that is flexible and scalable. This is needed to keep pace with the demands of today’s business environment.
NuoDB will provide the perfect combination of NoSQL and traditional relational databases. There is a free developer version, a paid professional version, and an enterprise version.
If you are ready to take a step forward and get ahead, NuoDB will take you there. With premium technology, you will be kept a step ahead of customer requirements. It will help you to anticipate tomorrow’s needs today. It will lower costs because there is no need for complex architecture or additional components. It can also reduce your time to market and differentiate your application by delivering a better performance. Your database will be smart, your application logic will be simple, your costs easily manageable, and your infrastructure on demand.


Honey Birdette is in Expansion Mode in U.K and U.S. Markets

Honey Birdette, the Australian lingerie brand, has some aggressive growth plan for both U.K. and U.S. market. In a recent move, the firm has come up with an exclusive U.S. online store considering the huge demand for its products in the country. The U.K. bandwagon is going more retail stores in all the major cities in the country as it has planned to open ten more new stores in cities like Leeds, New Castle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford from the existing three stores. Also, it has laid out a plan to make the total count of the retail stores to 40 by the end of 2018.

The online store for U.S. was a longstanding demand from its customers from the United States. In the last 12 months, the brand experienced a 374% increase in its sales from U.S., and it thought to present an exclusive store for the loyal customers in U.S. The online store is expected to offer greater customer experience with easier returns, faster delivery, and diverse product range which are specifically customized for U.S. customers. The brand is founded in Brisbane by Eloise Monaghan, a fashion entrepreneur based in Australia, in 2006. It has 55 retail stores in Australia and has plans to expand the firm’s presence across the Europe.

The brand is considered to be providing high-quality lingerie products and bedroom accessories which are appealing a large number of value seeking customers. Though it predominantly sells women products, it also has men products started listing in the recent years. The brand sells a broad range of products such as various types of lingerie, toys, and other essentials. It has online stores for three demography namely Australia and New Zealand, U.K and Europe, and U.S. and Canada. The firm is known for bringing new and diverse products with style statement on a regular basis.

Two Big Deals for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Chris Piazzi lives on to serve and make a contribution in life, just one more day due to the success of a double transplant. The service he contributes, as the College of Lake County Foundation Board chair and Mundelein Community Bank president go much appreciated by his colleagues. To show this appreciation, the CLC Foundation Board makes the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic June 12 in honor of his good work.

On the subjects of the operation, the subsequent second lease on life and the gratuitous display of cheer from his peers, Chris Piazzi’s attitudes are brave, elegant and vulnerable. In retrospect, he states plainly that the operation was his only chance to live. He also admits that the experience itself is a huge learning experience on the on the impermanence of life. And, in the end, he finds a personal connection between the two and a new found commitment to a better understanding of both.

Past records show that this event benefits a good amount of students by connecting them with a rather substantial pool of cash. If current years resemble anything like the events success in the past, nearly 400 students are to share just under one million USD (United States Dollars).

The CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) have a hand in hosting the event by being just one of four sponcers. In their everyday service to the medical field at large, they do more than help others start a smart future. As the name suggests, they practice medical procedures in the treatment of cancer. And, their techniques are quite cutting edge.

For example, there is the TAPUR (Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry) study where the Cancer Treatment Centers of America leads a trial collecting data to understand the effectiveness of drugs on patient outcomes. The ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) is responsible for the actual data collection. The hope is that the data can shed some light on how to create more personalized treatment plans for patients.

InnovaCare Health Thrives Further Under The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

The healthcare industry has experienced a lot of transformation over the years and many of the changes people enjoy today are as a result of the great support the government has been offering. Programs like Medicare opened up new opportunities for private companies and allowed the government to work on uplifting the quality of the services it offers to its people. Managing the healthcare needs of many people is a process that takes a lot of planning and great ideas and that is what many of these private companies have been offering.

A good example is InnovaCare Health, which has been offering unique managed healthcare services to the residents of Puerto Rico and neighboring regions. InnovaCare Health has been in the business for over one decade and starting 2012, the company experienced many changes that led to the introduction of better ways of handling the several problems that are presented by clients.

They came up with better ways of managing the Medicare Advantage program and today, the company manages over 280, 000 users of the program. One of the factors that led to this great shift is having professionals who are experienced enough to handle the many challenges the company was facing initially. Almost every office was given a new person to manage affairs and with these changes, InnovaCare Health was able to rebrand and to come up with unique methods of serving customers in various categories. View the company profile in LinkedIn.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, is one of the individuals who joined the company in the period starting 2012, when many changes were happening in the various sections of the company. He is a clinical medicine expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years and with the experience he has gathered, he wrote several journals and articles addressing some of the issues that bar progress in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto worked with companies like MedPartners and Aveta Inc before he moved to join InnovaCare Health. His skills were also relied upon by the government during missions that were meant to offer solutions to the entire healthcare system in the country.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has been serving as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer, is also a professional whose presence at the company came as a benefit to its development. She boasts of over 20 years working with different companies and her ideas led to the re-design of the service delivery system of InnovaCare Health.