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U.S Money Reserve’s Website Draws Positive Attention

U.S. Money Reserve rebuilt their website, and now it hosts new and more features. The site’s address is The new face of their website reflects their high status in the precious metals industry while the added new features depict the firm’s core values of commitment and trust to a superior customer service. Among the striking new designs is an impressive new photo gallery of the brand’s distinguished leaders, Philip N. Diehl who is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve, former U.S. Mint Director as well as a new coin picture gallery.

This new site came up as a result of educating the consumers on the advantages of owning a bullion and upgrading the experience of acquiring precious metals with gold coins.


The Vice President of Brand and Creative at U.S Money Reserve Ryan Buchanan said that they now have a fully-responsive site that allows them to generate quality content, interact with their clients, and offer the world’s best precious metals via their secure online platform. Mr. Buchanan led the full upgrade of the site including several new features aimed at educating their customers and making acquiring bullion easier.


Their online store offers competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion. They also sell PCGS certified coins for their precious metals buyers. Consumers can register for a free gold information kit or visit U.S Money Reserve’s Knowledge Center for more information on coin grading, purchasing, and minting.


With the new feature known as the Client-Connect Advantage, customers can easily communicate with the site’s team to inquire for more information on purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, and select offline releases. U.S. Money Reserve’s also hosts a Buyback Guarantee that is valid for a month for certified coin orders. U.S Money Reserve has also partnered with one of the fastest shipping mediums in the industry known as the Gold Standard IRA.


About U.S. Money Reserve

It’s one of United States biggest private distributors of government-issued bullions which include silver, platinum, and gold products. The firm was founded in 2001 and has grown into of the largest international private distributors of foreign and U.S government-issued platinum, silver, and gold legal tender products. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on U.S. Money Reserve to trade their assets with physical precious metals.


U.S. Money Reserve team of experts includes numismatic and coin research professionals who are trained to fetch for products that have the highest profit potential for precious metals purchasers. U.S. Money Reserve provides unmatched customer service with the intent of establishing a long-term relationship with their consumers. Austin, Texas is home to U.S. Money Reserve.

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US Money Reserve’s Creative Team Excels with Infomercials

As the Videographer Awards celebrated 20 years, it honored the US Money Reserve with four awards for their excellent work in creating infomercials. A 28 and a half minute infomercial titled “Testimonial Show” received acclaim as it won the Award of Excellence for TV/Commercials/Products and another for Creativity (TV)/Cinematography.

According to an article on PR Newswire, The CEO of USMR, Angela Koch said that it was an honor for the international recognition that the awards shone on their creative efforts. She said, “The talent of our media, marketing, and production teams is inspiring and excellent at bringing the core of our business to life through the participation of our incredibly loyal customers.”

Creativity all Through

The AMCP administers and judges the Videographer Awards with the Award for Excellence, which is the top one given to creative works. Such a win for the creative team at the US Money Reserve is a pat on the back that highlights the exceptional work put in the writing, producing, shooting, and editing of the shows. Another spot by the USMR titled, Pearl Harbor Show won in the two other distinctions, which are the Award of Distinction and the Honorable Mention.

The US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve is a reputable distributor of precious metals issued by the US government. Precious metals have been a safe investment choice for many people, and that has made the USMR a trusted partner for many investors.

Gold has been an attractive alternative when searching for a way to preserve wealth. However, deciding on the best way to invest precious metals requires expert knowledge, and that is what the USMR has been providing since its inception in 2001.

According to a company profile on Facebook, the US Money Reserve has put together a team of highly trained numismatic experts and coin research professionals that analyze the highest earning products for investment.

At present, the USMR is under the leadership of President Philip N. Diehl who is a former Director of the US Mint, meaning he brings his experience of working with US tender coins, a privilege that no other gold company in the world enjoys.