Gooee’s Amazing Smart Lighting Systems

Gooee Smart lighting is the newest innovation in home convenience, and automation. This energy saving technology helps puts all the lights in your home under your central control. With a smart lighting system from Gooee installed in your home both indoor and outdoor lights will be routed to centralized control device that can be carried with you where ever you go.You can turn lights on or off at your discretion from any location in the home. That means if get in bed and then suddenly realize your porch lights are still on you can switch them off with just a tap. This means you can avoid annoying the neighbors without getting up and stumbling around in the dark looking for the right switch. This is just the most basic function however. Smart lights can do much more.

Smart lights break down into two categories, sensor integrated and non-sensor integrated. The former of these can be pre-programmed to sense and react to a wide variety of outside stimuli. This includes everything from changes in light to motion or human bodies. This means you can have front porch lights that automatically shut off when the sun rises, or a hallway lights that turn on as soon as you approach the stair case.


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