How Does The Trabuco Work?

Trabuco is arguably the most lethal weapon that was used in the ancient times during war. Trabuco was used to throw projectiles into the enemy’s territory. The projectiles would be aimed at bringing down walls or dispatching firewalls into an enemy’s territory. Trabuco was used to destroy masonry walls where enemies used to hide behind.

Trabuco had the capability to throw a huge weight at a very high speed directed to the target. Trabuco was also used in crusades in China. For the Europeans, they used it as a means of attacking enemies of Christian’s gatherings.


How does the Trabuco work?

According to Trabuco worked on the principle of transforming potential energy into kinetic energy. Potential energy from a counterweight is applied at the effort end of a lever. The effort applied is supposed to reflect on the load side of the lever. This will push the load off at very high speed. Although this system worked very well, it was never effective since the lever system did not have a 100% efficiency. Some of the input was lost in the level system. The speed with which the projectile (load) would leave the lever was directly proportional to the weight of the counterweight.

Trabuco was a modification of the contemporary catapult. However, unlike the catapult, Trabuco was designed to have the capabilities of throwing huge weights. In the lever setup, the load is tied far from the pivot while the counterweight is tied on a shorter distance from the pivot. To add to the effort applied by the counterweight.

There various variations of the Trabuco. The tensile Trabuco was the first version of the Trabuco. This first version was too big. It required about 250 people to be able to pull the lever so that it could generate enough energy to throw a weight a distance of 80m. The original Trabuco was hard to build according to Still, it was not effective and used to lack concentration. It is for this reason that a hybrid Trabuco was created. Its design was similar to that of the tensile Trabuco built with modifications. However, the hybrid Trabuco brought in better efficiencies.

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