John Goullet The IT Developer

John Goullet is a 54-year-old man specialized in Information Technology and Services. He resides in the Great New York City having graduated from Ursinus College in 1983.He serves as the Principal and Chairman of DIVERSANT, LLC.

John founded Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994 where he served as its Chief Executive Officer. Before founding his IT staffing company in 1994, He worked as a computer consultant than as an IT Staffing Account Executive. He focused his Info Technologies on understanding the corporate climate as well as the IT staffing needs of his Matching personality and work.

The scenario made it possible for it to grow to $30million in five years earning it the number eight spot on Inc., Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing private firms in the US. In 2010 together with Gene, they merged Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC. John is currently DIVERSANTS’s Principal where he is continuing his passion for developing new ways of meeting challenges facing the evolving IT market.

DIVERSANT is currently the largest African-American-owned IT staffing and solutions firm in the US. It specializes in providing IT talent on a contract, contingent, and permanent basis to meet the needs of the Fortune 500 and the mid-market clients in the industries.

DIVERSANT is a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise provider which is dedicated to the promotion of diversity in the supply chain and throughout the workplace. It is made possible through respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior and professional development.

DIVERSANT is showing direction other Minority-owned Business Enterprises where they share their experiences and best practices so that they also prosper. These professional affiliations help the other companies to climb as they climb. They also carry out giving back to society programs like the great Program for Acceleration in Careers for Engineering Monmouth. It involves the professionals giving out their time to work with local minority high school students to help prepare them for technical careers. There are also other programs like Harlem Business Alliance and many others.

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