The Global Constitutional Analyst, Sujit Choudhry

At a workshop held in Kiev on July 20th, Ukraine’s best analyzers of the constitution and researchers came together to talk about the leadership of their country. The poor governance noted was due to poor electing process, disunity among the top leaders, unreliable parties, and irresponsibility. The panel constituted Sujit and many other great people of influence in Ukraine. With reference to case studies and topical articles, he noted that the decisions made by the transitional democracies were key and therefore ought to collect options from policies with evidence to support the reforming process of the constitution.

Choudhry holds a degree in law from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He served as a law clerk to Canada’s Supreme Court under Antonio. Sujit Choudhry is the Heyman professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley law school where he serves as the dean. He was previously the Goetz Professor of law at New York University and the Chairperson of Scholl at Toronto University. Sujit’s capacity to overlook constitutions for over 20 years has given him an international platform to practice his skills and to help countries come up with reliable constitutions. He played a big role in giving guidelines on how to make the constitution in various countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, South Africa and Sri Lanka. He has spoken to over 24 countries. He is also a member of UN in the mediation sector and consultancy to the World Bank. Check this for a related article.

Helping Countries Through His Center for Constitutional Transitions.

The “Center for constitution Transitions” is directed by Sujit. It has worked with over fifty experts of over 25 countries in conjunction with NGO’s, Think Tanks and a network of global organizations. They compile information collected from the constitution and other sources such as from a network of well-known researchers who give reliant information from a certain topic with clear evidence and instances to those needing it. Professor Choudhry’s research mainly consists of politics and the constitution which he uses the design to control the shift from conflict to peaceful politics. More on  He has written over ninety articles, book chapters, reports and working papers. He is currently leading three collaborative global research project.  For his social media page, follow him on his page.

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